July 08, 2017


Do you ever wonder why motivation isn't working for you? You've been watching a lot of motivational videos and listening to motivational gurus but why is it that your life is not changing yet? why are you still the same person as yesterday? is it because motivation is not true? if there a possibility that ll motivation is fraud? I don't think so, all motivation is true, everything is possible. Things are not working for you because you're not working.

You can only make motivation work if you start doing something right away after listening to it. Motivation will only give you good feelings for a few minutes so you must work right away and execute your idea while the good feeling is still there. If you will not take actions fast... the motivation will go away, you will never feel it again. That is why it is so addictive... you want to feel it over and over again but it doesn't stay for so long in your system. That is why there are lot of people who were so addicted to it... they already knew what to do but they can't make a move because they don't take actions right away while the feeling is still there.

And the truth is... motivation will never give you a perfect feeling to start, it will just spark you a little bit, it doesn't have the power to make you move. It only opens your eyes a little bit and give you some inspiration but the power is still in your hands, the decision is still yours if you will follow that motivation that you just recently learned.

To make motivation work... you need to work, apply what you have learned. Start now while you're still hot, motivated and pumped up. Because in a while... you will go back to that old feeling of yours, that old feeling of laziness, uninspired and loser's feeling. Take the opportunity to move your feet, hands and brain and do what is needed.

You may feel a little hesitant but it's ok, accept that you will never really feel good before you take actions. There is no such thing as a perfect feeling, all you can do is adapt to how you feel and move despite of feeling scared, lazy or hesitant.


If it didn't work it only means one thing... you don't need it anymore, it is time for you to create your own feelings, create the emotion you needed, you can do it, just pretend in the beginning that you're motivated, fake it till you make it.

Motivation is just a small ingredient to success, action is the main ingredient here. Don't rely on motivation too much because you will be in a rat race with it forever if you will not force yourself to take actions once you feel good after listening to it.

If motivation is not giving you any good feeling anymore... leave it and simply take actions, you will feel motivated again once you're in the middle of your journey... you will feel motivated once you are working hard.

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