July 01, 2017


Being in a rat race is really tiring. You get the results over and over again and you feel like your life s not going to change forever. But you can break it, you can break a bad cycle and make a dramatic change to your life. It's all in the mind, it's all in the habits. You can change your life now if you really want it granted that you are willing to face discomfort and stress that will never last for so long once you build the right habits.

1. You need to do what you are suppose to do now. You must do it fast, you must do it right away without any form of hesitation. Start it and finish it, the problem with people is they are having a hard time starting, they are so worried about the difficulty of the task. The truth is... no task is difficult if you are willing to finish it without complaining. Cut all the bullshit excuses and do what is necessary. You will never regret the moment you decide to do it because it will give you good feelings and satisfaction afterwards.

2.  Produce more numbers. Sometimes  your effort is not enough that is why you can't escape a bad cycle. Work harder than yesterday, beat your own records. Produce numbers that you thought were not possible. If you called 10 potential customers yesterday call 11-15 today.

3. Do something a little bit different. Be a little bit creative, do something a little different than your normal routine. Sometimes being too repetitive is bad especially if you are not seeing any progress. You have to do something different if you want to achieve different results. Stay with the core process but do something different to somehow change the atmosphere in your journey.

4. Cut off a bad habit. I know you're just a person and I know there are some bad habits that you cannot remove in your life but I am also pretty sure that you can cut off a bad habit in your life, just choose a single bad habit that you think will make your life easier if you cut it. Choose one and eliminate it, it will make a large impact to you progress. Once you cut it, never let it enter your system again.

5. Think differently. Your thoughts play a major impact in your life, it is the one controlling your destiny. If you can make your thoughts more positive, if you can filter it and remove the thoughts that are not helping you... you can break a bad cycle and turn your life around. Watch the behavior of your brain and think of some ways to make it more behave positively.

6. Put pressure on yourself. You're too comfortable with your situation that is why you can't force yourself to break a bad cycle. Scare yourself and pressure yourself that if you don't to the right thing then you will have a miserable life. Create a thought pattern that will build the sense of urgency in your system

7. Go all out. Be mad, go all out, never try half heartedly. Give your best effort even if it means pain. Give your 100 and ten percent and you will see that you can go further.

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