July 06, 2017


Sometimes you are thinking too much what is wrong with your life, you are blaming people, you are blaming the government, different circumstances, you are finding a lot of excuse why there is something wrong in your life. Or may is it just because there is something wrong with your mind? look at your thoughts, study what you are thinking everyday, if you believe that your thoughts molds your life then you already have the answer.

Fix your mind, stop thinking about negativity, stop thinking that you can't do it, stop the blaming, stop the cursing. Just think about the solutions and the best thing you can do at the moment. What is the best thing you can do? is it blaming? is it pointing fingers to someone? or is it simply changing your perspectives and taking some positive actions?

Admit that there is something wrong with your mind, maybe it is too cluttered with negativity and dealing with problems that are not in your vicinity. Focus on solving your own problems and stop thinking about the problems of other people, you have your own problems so stop wasting time getting interested with other problems that you can't even solve.

Once you fix your mind, you will be able to fix your life. You need to make your thoughts very simple, you don't need to complicate the process. Just entertain the thoughts that are working for you. Never engage with thoughts that are not helpful and will not put you on another level.

It is that simple, lean to control your thoughts, if you can't control it then just focus on the more positive thoughts. You can choose what thoughts to feed, is it the more helpful one? or the more destructive one?

Because your reality was shaped by your mind, your actions, words comes from your thoughts. It all starts in the brain, you have to focus on bettering your mind first before you better the people or things around you.

Your mind is very powerful if you will use it the right way, feed it with the right thoughts that will improve your life. Treat it like a garden, don't let the weeds of negativity grow on it.

1. Avoid negativity
2. Avoid gossips
3. Focus on improvement, don't think about other people, don't get interested with what other people are doing.
4. Stop watching news because it will pollute your mind, it will feed you the information that will make you a negative person.
5. Meditate. Learn to relax you mind every now and then, make your mind breathe, practice meditation, it will remove the toxic thoughts from your brain.
6. Think about winning and not losing, stop complaining.
7. Stop associating yourself with dramatic people. They will pull you down, misery loves company so don't get interested with the dramas of other people, let them whine but don't ever listen to their stupid problems.
8. Focus on what you can control, never deal with circumstances that is out of your control. You can control your emotions, actions and thoughts... those are the only things that you should be focusing.

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