July 17, 2017


You need to execute and take actions while you still feel something. You need to make a move right away while you still have a little appetite for working, while the little urge to move is still there because if not... you will never move anymore, you will just be satisfied entertaining a thought that you will just do it tomorrow.

If you feel a little something about it, if there is something on your brain that is telling you to do it then do it, follow your instincts, it is the rightest thing on earth. Your instincts to do the right thing is the right thing.

The time will come when you don't want to do anything about it anymore, the feeling will die and it will be harder for you to move. It will be harder to convince yourself that you need to do it even if you really need to do it.

So if you are a little motivated... do it, if you feel a little guilty for not moving... move and take actions. Use a little feeling to make yourself move. If you feel angry because you are getting poor results... use that anger to work harder, get mad... go all out, that anger will only subside if you're already successful or making a little results.

You can use any emotion to move... a little guilt for not working, being bad for not progressing, being excited because you have an idea, being inspired because of the good people around you, being motivated because you see other people succeeding, you can use that little emotion to make you move and become closer to success. Execute while the feeling is still alive because that emotion can change anytime soon.

Life is all about emotions, a lot of people were not aware of it that is why they cannot control their life. A little negative emotion is bothering them and treating it as a big deal that is why they cannot make good decisions and take positive actions. What they don't know is that emotions is always changing, you will feel bad now then you will feel good later. Regardless of whether you feel good or bad... move and do something.

The truth is.. you don't need any emotion to move, yeah emotions is a very good ingredient to spark you up and do something but you don't need it if your will is strong enough. Just think about what you wanted to achieve in life and do everything in your power to get it.

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