July 01, 2017


No matter how reasonable your excuse is, no matter how rightful you look... your excuses are still useless because it never make any progress into your life. It never made a big contribution to your improvement. Then why are there still a lot of people who make excuses? why are they still buying that idea and thinking that they can get away from anything through excuses? the answer is simple.. they are lazy and they love procrastinating. They don't want to get tired, they hate discomfort. But pain, sacrifice and discomfort are the only bridges to success. You will never level up if you are not willing to feel bad.

If you find yourself always making a lot of unreasonable excuses... you better be alarmed because your life will be in danger, you will not be able to experience the real life. You will always fall short, you will always disappoint your love ones and even yourself, your life will be full of frustrations and regrets. If you are making excuses you already lost, you already submit your power to the difficulty of the situation.

Excuses are the most useless thing on earth so don't ever use it. You are only making yourself look weak, you are only making yourself very lazy and incapable of doing something. You will look like dumb to other people, they will see that you are not reliable and cannot be trusted.

Excuses will never bring you to the top, it will make your status in life worse. The moment you need to do something important and you find yourself making an excuse... destroy that excuse immediately, work right away and never look back.


1. Never care about your emotion. Even if you are feeling bad, do it right away, take actions right away. The first step is the mot difficult but one you execute the first step... everything will become easier. So draw the first blood even if your tooth is aching a little bit or you have a slight fever.

2. Stop overthinking. Thinking too much will make you paralyze. Thinking is useless if you will not take actions. Stop thinking about things and making the situation complicated, just do it and do it now. Don't do it later, don't do it tomorrow, extending the time for doing it will make you create excuses even more.

3. Don't think about what may happen next. Just ride with it, if it happens then it happens. Just live with the moment and let things happen naturally. Your time will not be wasted once you make an effort.

4. Remember that you will feel bad even more if you make excuses. Excuses will only serve you on the first few hours but it will give you regrets in the end. It will make you wonder what could have happen if you move and do what is necessary. If you don't want to feel sorry for yourself, stop making excuses and take actions.

5. Think about what you can achieve. You can get something if you take actions so if you want to make your position better... think about what you can achieve so you will be forced to take actions.

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