July 13, 2017


Because you can only get wrong if you back out, if you go back, if you refuse to make a stand. In life, all of your decisions are correct if you will make a stand for it, if you believe it and you never shy away from adversities that was caused by your decision.

Decision becomes wrong if you regret it, if you tell yourself that you should have done some other things, that is what makes it wrong. You think that you're wrong because the results are not coming yet, it is normal to worry, it is normal to get scared, it is normal to think that you've made a mistake. But the most important thing here is to make yourself believe again that you're right, make yourself believe again that it will all work out in the end. You just got overwhelmed that is why you think you're wrong, some people just told you that you are wrong and that is playing inside of your head a little bit.

It's all about taking actions, it's all about pushing and using your will power to make results. Success may take longer than expected but if you will stick with the process until you become successful then you will become successful, as simple as that.

Once you decide for something... never change it, don't get influenced by people who thinks they're better than you. No one is better than you, it is your journey, if you fail then it means you didn't do everything you can to become successful. It is not that your decision is wrong, it's just that your effort is not enough, your self belief is very weak and you're not focused.

Make a stand, man up, don't be like other people who were just good in talking. Just talk if you were already successful. Once you decide that you're going to do it, once you decide that you're going to pursue it... be relentless and show them that you're right. You only have one option and that is to win. Give yourself no other option, it is either you win or you win only. Losing is not an option.

Success is not a matter of who is right or wrong, it is a matter of who will stick with the process until the end, it is a matter of who is the toughest one and will never give up until he win. It is the most persevering that will win and not the one who has the right decisions.

Because you can decide right, you can make the right choices in life but if you will not stick with it and work for it then that decision is still useless.

So what is the latest decision that you made? are you still doubting if it is right? do you still feel guilty? you shouldn't be because you still have a long way to go, you have plenty of time to make it right, you have what it takes to make your dream a reality and prove people that your decision is right.

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