July 01, 2017


Don't feel bad for yourself if you are not productive today, don't blame yourself for being slow, don't be hard on yourself.

Laziness is part of the process. There will be times when you will feel so lazy and your body is so heavy. Laziness will always visit you because you're just a human but it is your duty to beat that laziness, it is your duty to find the motivation and bring back your energy. You can feel lazy but you can still move despite of being so slow. There is nothing wrong with feeling lazy but you still need to take actions so that you will never get lost. You need to keep that momentum rolling even if your pace today is slow.

The reality is... you can never become motivated the whole year, there will be times of frustration, there will be times when you wanted to give up or just rest. But if you really wanted to become successful, you must find a way how to move even if you feel so lazy. It's all about taking the first step and then taking the next one and the next one. Forget about your speed, just keep going and you will feel better in a while.

Some people when attacked by laziness will enjoy that feeling of laziness, they will not move, they will let laziness control them. What separates successful people and failures is the ability to move despite of feeling bad. If you can still do what is necessary despite of not feeling well then you will become successful one day. Accept that you feel lazy but do your best to fight it and work hard again. Be ok with feeling lazy because it is normal, you didn't lose your momentum or drive, it is just another challenge that you must beat.

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