July 14, 2017


Believe that it will work. Always believe that it will work in the end.. that is how to make your shit work. And of course you have to pair it with hardwork, you have to work relentlessly, you have to abuse yourself through work.

What else you got? you're already suffering, you're already losing. You have no choice but to believe in your own shit or else you will keep failing. Do whatever it takes, stop listening to the silent voices in your head that is telling you to give up and you won't make it. Of course there will be doubts, of course there will be fears, but if you can overcome those things then you will thrive, you will become successful in the end. It's all about taming the ideas that you will never make it, it's all about conquering your weaknesses. It's all about defeating the weak and unhelpful thoughts.

If you don't believe in yourself no one else will believe in you, no one else will listen to you. Success will not even bother to look at you.

It is easy to believe, all you have to do is get rid of the negative thoughts that are killing your confidence. Just focus on the right thoughts that are making your strong and that's it. Nevermind the suffering, never mind the long hustle that you need to undergo before you become successful. Your time will come in just a matter of time.

Doubting will only make the process slow, doubting will only derail your victory so don't ever doubt yourself. Don't ever go to the side of fear, always choose the thoughts that are making you brave, as simple as that.


1. Work hard like an animal. If you are working super hard.. doubts will go away like magic. It is simply because you are very busy working, and if you are working a lot... your hopes will go high. You will have no time entertaining fears and negative emotions. You will have a strong momentum and you will become super confident that you're going to win.

2. FOCUS. Focus on your work, focus on the things that you want to happen. Never focus on what you don't want, never ever think about the worse things that may happen. You have to outwork fears and just simply do the things that will bring your closer to your dreams. Focus 24 hours a day, what you think is what you will become.

3. Never stop. Doubts will enter your system if you are stopping. If you don't want to feel it anymore then don't ever stop working and believing. Push yourself to the limits. Be relentless in attacking your dreams, have no fear because if you are moving then you're winning.

It will work if you are trying to make it work. It may take longer than you expected but for sure it will work.Kill the doubts because it is useless, always move forward and never stop until you win.

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