July 06, 2017


Don't be afraid to lose your joy because you can find it again some other time, it will come again some other time. Don't be afraid to lose it now so you can have a better life tomorrow.

It is what it is, you need to sacrifice now to give yourself a better chance of becoming happier. You need to stop the TV now so that you can do the things that will put you on a better position, you have to stop gossiping now so that you can fix your life and do your household chores, you have to stop drinking now so you will have a healthier body, you have to stop smoking now so you can live longer. You have to lose your joy now so you can have a lot of joy later. Don't be afraid to lose the happiness now, don't be afraid to feel bad now because of stopping something that gives you temporary pleasure. Whatever you can stop now that will give you more happiness in the future... stop it, you will never regret doing it.

Because whatever you are feeling now maybe a fake feeling, you thought it is giving you happiness but all you will have is misery in the future. Don't be afraid to lose something that will not give you benefits in the future, lose it now and you will become happier.

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