July 14, 2017


You've been following a lot of celebrities, sports stars, facebook personalities etc. You're following a lot of hype on the internet, why don't you build a hype for yourself? you only have one life and it is not ideal to follow somebody else's life without doing something for your own life. Build your own hype train, write your own story. It's ok if you're not popular but what matters is you are really living your life and you can only do that by focusing on your own growth. You will have followers in just a matter of time, you just need to prove your worth and be someone that is interesting.

I know you want to become popular too but it doesn't matter if you are popular or not, what matters is you are living your life and you are doing it your way.

Build your own brand, execute your own idea, build your own hype train. You can create something great from your ideas. Just pick one and focus on it. Never stop until you find the joy from it, never stop until you become successful.

You can make something big if you are willing to work for it. Is it going to be easy? of course not. It's hard bit it's worth it, it's hard but you will discover your true purpose, you will discover who you really are.

Whatever you have in mind.. expose it now, share it to the world, don't be shy, don't think about perfection think about execution. Your hype train will continue run if you will not stop. Success depends on you, it is in your hands. It depends on how you work hard. You don't need to work smart, just work super hard, you will know how to work smarter as you progress on your journey.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming, there is nothing wrong in building your own followers. You have the right to claim what you think is rightfully yours, you have the right to claim your dream and build your own hype train.

If they believe you... good, if not then just keep moving forward. There will be fans, there will be admirers. Some people will be loyal to you and follow your journey.

If they can do it so as you, hardwork is your capital. Just do what others can't do and you will be successful.

The key here is to just enjoy progressing everyday, enjoy working hard everyday. Your hype train will become successful and become big one day. Never mind if they are laughing at you in the beginning. They will regret it once you become successful.

You don't need to prove yourself, the most important thing here is you try, you don't need to gain millions of followers, what matters is you create your own journey and you choose to become a leader of your own campaign, not just a follower of someone else's success. Keep dreaming and keep believing, keep running your own hype train.

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