July 13, 2017


If you have a trouble mind right now all you need to do is take action, take positive action, anything that will give you progress, any small step that will simply give you some momentum. Because action will remove the worries inside of your head, you will be entertained, you will be at peace.

Look at those people who got crazy.. they think a lot, they worry a lot, there are lot of information on their heads but they can't process all of those information, they can't even make a single step... and that is what makes them crazy.

Start now and you will feel better, you will be relieved, you will feel stronger, you will feel more free. Because inaction will jail you, it will make you stuck, it will make you useless and powerless. Just do it, do it bitch! It doesn't matter if you are slow or fast, what matters is you beat procrastination and you are not hesitating. Hesitation will give you an illusion that you can take action but the only thing you will get is depression. If you find yourself hesitating... move right away, force yourself, make yourself a slave to action.

Because if you will keep on procrastinating, planning or worrying... nothing will happen to you. You will become crazy, you will have a weak and poor feeling, do you like that?

If you want a clear and healthy mind... be busy, take massive actions, don't be scared of getting tired. Once you feel like doing something... do it, don't think about it, don't think about how you're going to do it... just do it. It's not about being perfect, a perfect start doesn't matter, what you need to do is avoid hesitating and start producing.

Thinking all day is more tiring than working all day. Everything is in the mind, if your mind is tired your body becomes tired too even if you're not doing anything. Action will refresh your mind, it will make your mind healthy and far from stress.

Forget about finishing focus on moving. If you will always think about the finish line then you will have a hard time moving, you will worry again, just enjoy the ride and you will arrive at the finish line in a while

So replace thinking with moving, thinking is just a waste of time, it is eating a lot of time that could have been used for some other things. You could have been a millionaire now if you didn't waste thousands of hours dreaming about your dreams. You could have been successful now if you don't spend most of your time worrying on how to do things.

Just move and you will be fine, if you keep on moving then there is nothing else to worry about. You will be able to attract results if you are moving, you will find a lot of good opportunities if you're taking action. Acton will answer every question that is inside of your head, action is they key to free yourself from mental slavery. You don't need a self development coach or something, just take actions and you will feel good.

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