July 18, 2017


1. You wish for someone's presence. You want a strong teammate or someone that will carry you, you are so scared if no strong individual is on your side. You want someone to protect you, to guide you or someone that will also make you look strong. You can't do it on your own, you're so afraid to carry your own life and forge success with your own hands.

2. You wish for someone's absence. You don't want a strong opponent around, you want someone that makes you uncomfortable evaporate. You don't want to be around with someone that intimidates you or overpower you.

3. You always ask for help. Even if you can do it, even if you think that you can do it somehow... you still ask for help. You want an easy life, you want things to be handed to you. In other words you don't want to sweat, you want an easy life that is why you attract difficult things.

4. You easily get bothered by something. Just a little sound of a barking dog easily bothers you, you get mad when random things surprised you especially when you are caught off guard. A very simple sound or thing annoys you when you don't like it.

5. When things gets hard you wanted to go to another place. Once you feel pressure, outclassed or out of place... you want to go to a different place that will make you comfortable. You hate looking weak, the truth is... mentally strong people doesn't even bother if they look weak or outclassed, they will stay with the moment no matter how uncomfortable it is.

6. You are refusing to accept pain even if it is the path to success. Any painful process that leads to success... you hate it, even if you know that it is the only thing that will make you grow... you hate it. You cherry pick things, you want situations that are very easy and will make you look like a winner even if you don't sweat for it.

7. You always think about the past. You wish you could change your past because you already knew what to do this time, but that thing won't happen anymore. Thinking about past is just a waste of time. You want to change past because you want to correct your decisions, you want to change past because you feel that you can't do anything about your present.

8. You think that everything is difficult. Even if it is very easy... you still think that it is difficult, you don't want to stick with the process for a long time. You want shortcuts, you want to become successful very fast.

9. You hate to get embarrassed. You want to be flawless, you want a perfect record, you can't accept losing, you can't accept that someone is better than you. Even if someone cracks a joke on you... you easily get offended. You can't control your emotions, you easily get carried with your emotions and that makes you make wrong decisions.

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