July 12, 2017


Confidence has nothing to do with looks. A lot of people were not confident because they were not good looking. Some people have pretty decent looks but not confident at all. So if you're not a good looking guy... don't ever let your ugly looks destroy your confidence, you must be willing to become confident because that is the only choice you have to win in life. Confidence is a must on your part because you don't have any good attributes at all. Confidence is a choice, whether you look good or bad... you must choose confidence because if you're not confident and good looking... what else can you have? what's nice about confidence is.. it is a choice, you can have it if you want it, you just need to choose it, you just need to work for it. Practice it and it will be yours.

Confidence was not inborn. There is no such thing as a baby born with confidence, the truth is their parents just trained them to become one or maybe they have a nice environment that molds a person to become confident. If you are not confident at all... it means your environment is not a good factor to your confidence. It means your environment and support system is weak. But don't worry because once you know that you can develop your confidence... you can change your confidence level right away. Just do the proper techniques, train yourself. It is your duty to make yourself confident, you can achieve it through enough experience and knowing what makes your confidence strong or weak.

Confidence are not for winners only. You can become confident even if you are losing. What separates a man from a boy is... a man can still become very confident even if he is losing. A boy is only confident when he is winning but when the going gets tough, when a big challenge is dominating him... he doesn't even know what to do, he can't even move. So if you are losing in life.. never ever lose your confidence because it is the only thing that can make you win.
You can still succeed even if you're not confident. You can still make it even if you're not confident in the beginning because once you learn to adapt with the situation and you are ok feeling the fear... you will become confident gradually and you can win in the end. You can build your confidence while the struggle is going on, it's just a matter of taking actions and forcing things to happen. You can still make it even if you're not confident, just show up and do your best, you will become confident in just a matter of time. So don't worry if you feel bad in the beginning, just learn to adapt and remain calm while confidence is not yet on your side.

It's not hard to become confident even if you don't have anything in life. Literally, confidence has nothing to do with support system, things, money etc.While those things can help and make life easier for you... confidence can be build through hardwork and dedication. If you keep growing everyday, if you are putting in the work... you will become confident one day. The more you work hard the more confident you will become.

Rejection and embarrassment can give you a lot of confidence. If you've been rejected a lot of times, if you've been embarrass a lot of times... you will become confident because the negative feelings that you get from those situations will not affect you anymore especially if you experienced it a lot of times, you will become numb with fear, sometimes you don't even care anymore if you get embarrassed because it is nothing new to you. The result is you will become more loose, you will be yourself in any kind of situation. It feels like nothing is holding you back.

Your confidence can go down anytime. It is your duty to feed yourself with thoughts that will make you confident again because your confidence can go down anytime especially if you are losing. Even if you're already great... you can still feel not confident because of several reasons so you must be aware if your confidence is going down and you must do something to make it strong again.

You can fake it. You can fake confidence, just try to remain calm, just take actions if needed, just be ready to take the blame, be ready to lose. Pretend that you know everything, pretend that you can win in life. Once you fake it a lot of times... your confidence will become real. And also, it is better to have a fake confidence than to have no confidence at all.

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