July 16, 2017


1. Don't be too loud. If you have a goal, if you want to achieve something... keep quiet. Shut your mouth, it is better to become arrogant once you prove something else already. If you're just talking and talking then people will attack you, they will laugh at you and mock you. Some people will pretend that they like you and they support your dreams but deep inside they want you to fail. It is better to keep quiet and work hard secretly so you will not be disturbed and you will remain focus to your goals. You will feel confident and powerful if you are so focused on your goals and not forcing other people to believe that you can do it. Be secretive, even if you're making progress.... keep quiet still and never stop until you really become successful. Being arrogant even you haven't attained success yet will only stop you from working hard, it will destroy your focus because your concentration will go to the opinions of people.

2. Treat celebrities like shits. First of all... following a lot of celebrities and well known personalities will only waste your time, there is no money in there. Treat them like nothing because the truth is... they are only eating your time, they are moving you away from the bigger opportunities because all of your attention is focused towards them. Instead of focusing on your dreams and really living your life... what are you doing? you are supporting someone who will not even support you at all. If you want to become powerful, you should not even bother following other people. Don't follow them, make them follow you.

3. Learn to entertain yourself anytime you need to.  You will get boring if you need to do something for a long time in order to become successful. Great things needs a lot of time and if you can entertain yourself while pursuing a great thing... you will get it. People quit because they got bored, they can't take the situation anymore especially if they are not seeing any progress. if you can entertain yourself everytime you get bored... you are one of a kind, you will be able to achieve great things in life. The reason why there are only few people who are successful is because only few can stay with their work for a long time, only few are willing to become bored just to become successful. This applies in any areas of life, if you can entertain yourself then you don't have to worry anymore, you will become more patient. Life will be easier for you. Entertain yourself while you are at the grocery line, entertain yourself while you are waiting for your turn, entertain yourself while you are waiting for the business opportunity, entertain yourself while you are at the traffic.

It is very easy, people who lacks patience are the people who are broke, unhappy and always angry. You have the power if you can entertain yourself while you're in a bad position.

4. Be addicted with your own work. You're so addicted with the work of others that is why you can't see your worth. You are so hooked with the work of others that is why you feel so weak and can't be proud of yourself. Be addicted with your own creation, that is how to feel powerful more than ever. You will see how good you are, you will see all the shades of greatness in yourself. You will love yourself and keep growing everyday.

5. Ignore the weak people. Don't hang out with people who are full of shits and dramas, they are weak, they are complainers, they can't do anything with their life. Weakness is contagious, if you want to feel a lot of power... associate yourself with powerful people who keeps on moving and succeeding.

6. Master perseverance. The moment you wanted to quit, the moment you wanted to stop... keep pushing, keep extending, keep moving. Victory belongs to the most persevering. Powerful people are the ones who keep on fighting until the end, they never quit, they never give up. Perseverance is all about not stopping, it is very simple, just do what you can do even if you feel so weak and slow. The more you persevere... the more you develop some power that you can use in the future.

7. Don't get jealous. Powerful people are the ones who celebrate the success of others, if you can't be happy with someone's success then just shut up. Don't feel bad because you can't do it. The ones who always got jealous are the weak people, they want to pull someone down because they knew that's all they can do, they feel successful with someone's failure, it is a very weak character right?

 8. Learn to adapt. Adaptation is the most important skill that you must possess. If you can adapt then nothing will faze you. Strong opponent, big challenges, tough situations... if you can adapt then none of those things matter. You will still move and do your best. Some people... if they feel that they can't do it... they will never even try, they don't know how to adapt that is why they are always failing.

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