July 10, 2017


Being bored is a big problem why are you failing, a lot of people are bored, they are not enjoying their lives. The reason for this is because they are always looking for something to enjoy. They want a very easy, luxury and smooth life. They want to live like a king. The truth is... you can still become bored even if you're on a vacation. You can still become really bored even if you have a lot of good stuffs going on. Example is celebrities and rich people destroying their own lives, you may think that they have everything in life but why are they still destroying their own lives? it is because they are bored, they are looking for some kind of emotion that they don't know?


1. What you're doing is not challenging. You're doing an easy stuff, your life is too easy. It is boring if you know that you can do it without sweating. You must look for a challenge if you want to enjoy it even more. Example is discovering a hack in a video game, all the stages and levels will become very easy, you will not have a hard time anymore. Even if the video game is cool and nice... the fun isn't there anymore because you knew you can finish it easily. There is no more challenge, the game will look dull.

2. You are not pushing yourself. If you're not pushing yourself you will become really bored, you knew you can achieve something great but because you don't want to experience pain.. you settle for something easier. Look at the people who are working for an easy job... they get bored everyday, they are sleeping on their work, they are not pushing themselves that is why they are disgusted with themselves.

3. You take every second for granted. It is your duty to look for the fun with every single moment that is happening with your life. If you're just letting the day pass by without having fun... you just wasted it. You need to work in order to have fun, you need to exert some effort. Look at those people who are watching TV for long hours... they were so bored even if they don't admit it.

4. You're too slow and soft. You can do better, you can work harder but you choose a slow and soft pace instead. You're too fragile and weak, you have the option to become strong but you're not doing it. That is why you are so boring, that is why you don't look interesting. If you want to have a more fun life, a more challenging life... try to become fast, try to work super hard, try to build a pace that cannot be matched by anyone.

5. You're stagnant. You're not active, your just jailing yourself in your comfort zone. You are not looking for improvement, you accept your weak and passive personality. If you want to have a lot of fun... be active, be expressive, always try to improve everyday and always keep moving.

6. You don't want to try something new. At least try something new if you have an opportunity. It will add a different dimension to your life. Try some new food, new clothes, new style, new techniques, new process. Try some a little bit different so your life will never be the same everyday.

7. You're afraid to take risks. If you will not take risks that has rewards... you will keep on getting the same results every now and then. Take risks so that you can alter the result of your life, take risks even if the rate of failure is very high. Taking risks will give excitement to your life, you may get disappointed but the joy of trying is really priceless. You can become happy even if you fail because you wil be proud of yourself because you try and not a lot of people can try.

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