July 04, 2017


1. Don't buy stupid stuffs. There are lot of garbage in your home because your buying too much stuffs that you don't need. You buy all the sale items at the mall that you will only love for three days or even less. You only need to buy things that is really important or you will use forever.

2. Don't eat outside if you can eat at home. If you're hungry and it's only an hour to get home... just endure your hunger, eating outside is too expensive plus the foods are not healthy. If you will just eat at home you will be surprised at how much money you can save.

3. Never attend an unimportant occasion. Don't try to feel close to everyone, you only have few true friends and you know that. A lot of people who are broke loves parties, they want social events or occasions, they attend a lot of parties even though they don't have the budget for it. The result is... they spend most of their money for gifts, new clothes (so they will look rich), travel allowance etc. They destroy their budget (if they have) just to attend parties and impress people.

4. Buy not sop popular clothes. If you want to look good, you must develop confidence. You can buy all the expensive clothes in town but if your confidence is so low... you will still look cheap. There are people who look so elegant even though they are not using branded things because they feel good about themselves and they have a lot of confidence on how they look. Buy not so expensive clothes but looks good to you. It is not the brand that will carry you, it is how you carry yourself regardless of what brand you wear. It is even challenging to rock some clothes or shoes that are not branded but can make you look astonishing. The key here is to have a lot of patience looking for clothes that are cheap but look so elegant. You can find what is best for you, just take time, you can save a lot of money if you will patronize unbranded clothes. The important thing here is know your style and know the clothes that makes you feel good the most, never look at what other people is wearing and mimicking their style, you have your own style and you have to use it, unfollow the crowd and build your own brand.

5. Don't be lazy. Work double or triple jobs if you really want to earn money, don't be afraid to get tired. You can even waste your time doing nothing, if you can only use those dead times for work then you will be able to earn more and live like a king one day. Remember that it's not about fatigue, it;s about time. Working and doing nothing is the same, your time is running and you cannot get it back so what will you choose? productive activity or useless activity? Working hard and being simple is the answer to your broke life, just work and forget about anything else. Kill your ego, do any work even if it is just a blue collar job, there is nothing wrong with that for as long as you're earning clean money.

Becoming rich is not that hard, you don't need a degree or become great just to get rich. All you need is time, save money as much as you can and also be smart in making decisions. You can make the money roll, you can create your own process. Be patient, you really need time and a lot of discipline. Abstain from spending a lot. You need to keep more money, if you have enough it will be easier for you to make your money grow.

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