July 18, 2017


1. To make you fit
2. To make you very healthy and strong
3. To make your brain faster, quicker and more effective
4. To make you calmer
5. To lessen the stress
6. To increase self confidence
7. To look younger
8. To have a radiant skin
9. To eliminate the toxins in your body
10. To eliminate the unwanted fats in your body
11. To become more competitive
12. To feel good about yourself
13. To feel more accomplished than others
14. To have a better sex life
15. To become happier and more cheerful
16. To have a strong stamina
17. To have a stronger endurance
18. To put your mental toughness to another level
19. To live longer
20. To avoid different kinds of sickness
21. To have stronger bones and knees
22. To stay away from vices
23. To entertain yourself in a more productive way
24. To be able to wear the clothes that you wanted to wear
25. To become a good role model to your kids about healthy living
26. To feel guilty if you are eating a lot of junk foods
27. It builds your willpower
28. It builds makes you feel unique because lesser people are exercising
29. It makes you stay longer with any task
30. It makes you feel confident that you can do more and live longer.
31. You will begin to appreciate the simplicity of life, a simple exercise can make you happy.
32. It builds excitement in your system so you will feel lesser fear.
33. You will become more energetic.
34. You will have the ability to push through no matter what.
35. It builds muscles and abs that will make you feel proud about your body.
36. It will make you an achiever
37. You will master consistency that will help you in your career
Any exercise is an effective exercise for as long as you're sweating, having a hard time a little bit and most of all... it shouldn't injure you. Find an exercise that has some resistance but you will love doing everyday... that will give you the fastest results, that will change your life.

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