July 10, 2017


1. Embrace pain and happiness. If you want to live in the moment, you should never try to escape anything that you feel, you should embrace every feeling that you have. If you are feeling pain, embrace it, be happy with it, never try to curse your situation or feel bad, don't ever have any self pity. Because anything that you feel will go away in a while, if you will try to escape any emotion that you have.. you will not be able to see the good things behind it, you will not be aware of what is going on around you. Same as if you are happy, you should embrace it to the fullest too. Don't just let it pass, try to feel every second of the moment while you are still happy.

2. Don't look at the clock. Don't look at the clock, just feel, just work, just keep going. Looking at the clock will make you bored or rushing. It will only make you worried or stress. If you want to live with the moment... never try to fast forward time or make it slow, just let the time pass by. What will happen will happen, just try to enjoy every second that you are breathing... that is how to live life.

3. Don't wish to become successful, work to become successful. If you're always wishing for success... you will waste a lot of time thinking about it, you will miss the opportunities around you, sometimes all of the opportunities were there but you are not paying them any attention, you are so focused on daydreaming and wanting to become successful fast. If you are working and you are enjoying it... you are living with the moment, you are not getting frustrated, you are loving every second of your life. Wishing to become successful and not working for it will only make you wanted to escape your present and just dream about the things that you want, you are not using all the resources available around you, you are not appreciating what is infront of you.

4. Appreciate every sound, every sighting. Appreciate everything you hear and see, even if it is not pleasant to your eyes and ears... if you can appreciate what you hear and see then you will be able to celebrate life even more, you will feel how lucky you are because you're still alive and and you have the chance to become happier each day. Appreciate the people around you, appreciate your home, the barking of the dogs outside your house, your shoes, the floor of your kitchen etc. If you can appreciate everything in your life then you will know how lucky you are, you will learn that there is no need to worry about anything else.

5. Be thankful. Just be thankful for everything in your life. Life is all about living, even if you don't have a lot of things or money... if you are thankful that you are still living and being able to do the things that you wanted to do... then life will be easier for you. There are millions of things that you can be thankful about, you can be thankful for the smallest things yet you are not doing it. Being thankful means you are living life, you don't wanna rush because you knew that simply living it is already a blessing.

6. Just breathe, slow down. Focusing on breathing and feeling it with your heart is priceless, you are so much stressed and so much worried that is why you are having a hard time with your life. Learn to breathe consciously, slow things down if you are feeling too much pressure.

7. Just smile and laugh. Just simply smiling and laughing will make you feel better, it is a very simple technique to make yourself feel good and secured. Life is all about emotions, if you can fake an emotion that you're feeling good then you will really feel good. Smile even if you are in pain, smile even if you don't like what is going on, it will make you live with the moment. It will make you stop being needy that you need something else to make you happier. Just smile to look invincible, it is a very strong weapon to enjoy the baddest moments of life.

8. Look for what you can savor. You can simply appreciate the ballpen on your desk, you can simply savor the food that you are eating. You can simply savor the water that you are drinking. Smallest things will remind you that life is to be enjoyed and not the be taken for granted. If you can enjoy the smallest things then it will be very easy for you to enjoy life and stop being needy for something that is not in your life. It will be very easy for you to live with the moment if you treat every small things in your life as a blessing because you will not wish for what you don't have anymore.

9. Don't think about the past. Put your mind the in the present and stop thinking about the past. Present is more beautiful than past. Past will just slow you down, it will make you physically present but mentally absent. If you always think about the past it means you want to get away with the present moment and go back to a place where you can't go back anymore. Past is nonsense, thinking about it is just a waste of time. Don't miss the beautiful thing that is happening now because of dwelling to much with the past.

10. Forget about the mistakes you did. If you will always think about the mistakes that you did... you will not be able to perform at the highest level, you will not be able to entertain the right thoughts that will help you to succeed and win in life. Living with the moment means you forgive yourself for the mistake that you did and you are still willing to take risks even if there is a possibility that you will make the same mistake again. Forget all of your mistakes and be open to any possibility.

11. Trust yourself. Trust yourself that you can do it, take it one step at a time. If you believe in yourself then you will always stay calm, you will never panic, you will feel every pressure and not shy away from it, you will find ways how to get things done and you will make every difficulty look easy.

12. Learn to adapt. You can live with the moment easily if you will learn to adapt, just be ok not being ok, be comfortable being uncomfortable. Don't complain, stop crying like a bitch. Adapt with any adversity in life and find ways how to make your situation better. If you feel bad, overwhelmed, shy, anxious, heavy or scared... just adapt with that feeling, don't fight it, don't try to escape it. Learn to adapt with any kind of feeling and you will see that it is not really that bad.

13. Give yourself the authority. Learn to let go, learn to feel free. Feel free to do anything, feel free to express yourself. Say what you wanted to say, do what you wanted to do. Just have fun and give yourself every right in the world to get what you want and be who you wanted to be.

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