July 31, 2017


A lot of people think they have something to lose, a lot of people were so scared that they might lose their house, their money, their job if they didn't make the right decisions in life. This sounds funny because the truth is you don't have anything to lose. You were born with nothing on your hands, you really don't possess anything permanently because the moment you die... you will lose everything. You will not be able to bring with you everything you have and that is a very sad fact.

So don't get too attached with the materials you possess, they are only things, it has no real value no matter how expensive they are. The day will come and you will not be able to hold those things anymore. All of your hardwork, sacrifice and pain will be meaningless in the end. I am not saying that be a happy go lucky guy and never work hard. Of course you need to work hard, the point here is... don't put too much pressure on yourself to become very successful. It's ok to pursue success but don't feel bad if you can't get it, always give your best but don't expect too much to avoid disappointments and pain.

You will not lose anything so feel free to take risks, feel free to dream and try a lot of things. Don't be scared to fail because failing or winning doesn't matter, what matters is you try and you you give yourself a chance to succeed. Don't be scared to lose your friends, possessions, loved ones, accomplishments or even reputation because you cannot bring any of them when you die. You don't possess anything so you will never lose anything, all you can do is experience it, you cannot keep it forever.

Focus yourself on experience, taking risks and conquering your fears because that will make you feel alive even more. Focus on what you can gain or hold at the moment but don't be scared to lose it too. Your goal in life should be finding ways how to feel good everyday and doing what you thought you can't do. Have fun with life and take your chances because you will not lose anything, you can only experience such things.

July 31, 2017


We all have weakness, time will come and you will feel weak, you will feel that you are not doing anything good in your life, you will feel that nothing right is happening in your life and you can't do something about it.

It is normal, don't feel ashamed if you feel weak, don't feel sorry for yourself if you can't pull the trigger and all you can do is watch. Once you realized that you are weak then that is the birth of a new strength.

There will be down times in your life, there will be times when you feel unmotivated, worthless and weak. It is normal because you're just a human being. All you need to do is keep going, don't stay with that grid for so long. Do your best to change your mindset and start taking steps that will put you on the right track again.

Even successful people feel weak, even lions got sick. It is normal to lose that grip but you must do everything you can to become strong again and mentally stable again.


1. Take actions, push yourself. You will only feel better if you are moving, if you will keep on making dramas and excuses then you will never be able to create a little momentum. It doesn't matter what kind of action for as long as it is positive and contributing something to your progress.

2. Focus. Focus on yourself, focus on how you feel, study what you need to do, see and hear so that you will find the strength to dominate again. Focus on the positive side, focus on what you can do to change your situation.

3. Reflect on yourself. Study why you become weak, is it some kind of a bad happening? is it because your partner dumps you or you simply don't feel well? if you can find the root of your weakness then you will find the solution how to become strong again.

4. Accept that you're feeling weak. Accept that emotion, stop pretending that you are strong all the time because all of us experience the feeling of weakness. Accept that feeling, be ok with it and push yourself back to the top again, push yourself gradually.

July 31, 2017


Even you haven't compete for a long time or fight for a long time because of injury or any personal matters... don't be afraid to compete again because ring rust is not real, it is not real especially if you're still training at the highest level and practicing your craft everyday. Ring rust is only in the mind, people who doesn't compete build that illusion.

It also applies to any areas of life... if you're in a hiatus for a long time, if you're not doing what you usually do for a long time then that is the time when you will become weak, you will lose some of your knowledge, you will lose some of your movements but don't worry because you can make all of those things come back if you will work super hard again.

Rustiness was built through laziness. You will only experience that thing called rust if you are lazy and taking time for granted. But if you're working hard everyday and always preparing yourself mentally then that rust will never exist.

Preparation and hardwork will put you in shape, it will make you forever competitive and sharp. There is no such thing as ring rust to people who are dedicated and passionate.

Sometimes that "ring rust" thing was only use as an excuse by people who can't make it or struggling, they will use it as an excuse to why they are performing poorly. It is their fault if they are not performing well because it only means they become lazy and they didn't utilize their time wisely.

So if you don't want to have a hard time performing at your highest level... practice everyday, work hard everyday and never let your momentum go out. Do something to push yourself, practice and prepare even if you feel lazy.

Again, rustiness will only exist if you are bumming around and not doing something good with your life.

July 31, 2017


If you want to look strong, unshakable and invincible... pretend that you're not affected. If someone criticized you or said something not nice to you.. pretend that you're not affected, don't speak, don't retaliate... just keep doing what you're doing and let the smoke clears out, as simple as that.

You will look so strong if you're so still and calm. Other people will be impressed at you if you can maintain your composure no matter what happens to your surrounding.

If you can pretend that you're not affected then your confidence will go high, you will be able to make the right decisions and think the right way during pressure times. It's like feeling invincible and nothing can hurt you emotionally and physically.

The key here it is to always stay calm and never put yourself in a panic mode or beast mode. Don't get angry, just enjoy blocking the negativity that is trying to enter your system. If you can avoid being emotional then you're always in control. It's like having an invisible force field protecting you and they can't touch you no matter what.

The good thing about this style is... in the long run you will not pretend that you're not affected anymore, you will be able to master it and you will really not be affected anymore, nothing can make you feel bad anymore, your mental toughness has elevated and your emotions were always in check.

Because the truth is... no one can hurt you if you are mentally tough, no one can affect you if you're focus on how you feel. If you have a thick skin... even if people were so harsh at you... all they can do is shut up in the long run because they will see that you're so strong and you are not giving them any attention at all.

You should only be affected by the things that really matters, not with those stupid things that will not even contribute to your growth.

July 31, 2017


You must be good in detecting a distraction if you want to become successful. There are lot of distraction around you and sometimes you've been entertained by those distractions without knowing it, it is eating a lot of your time, you are not being productive, you are being hypnotized by those distractions and it is veering you off from your dreams.

You need to have a laser focus if you want to succeed, you must be single minded and become bullet proof from distractions. You must have the ability to become aware if you are being distracted or not. Our world is full of distractions that are not healthy, it will corrupt your mind, it will slow down your progress.

Things like social media, email notification, texts from unimportant people, noise outside of your house, news etc. I know you've been entertaining these things for a very long time, I know you easily get distracted from these things, maybe you know it too but you're not doing something about it. There is nothing wrong in entertaining those things but you should be aware if it is eating a lot of your time.

Your time is the most precious thing on earth if you want to become successful, you must check your habits and actions, you should know if you are getting distracted and move away from the distractions as fast as you can. It's like putting an alarm on your system and having a strong guard that will protect your focus.

Once you detect a distraction... leave it as fast as you can and go back to your work. I know it's hard to stay away from temporary pleasures but if you were able to deprive yourself from those useless things then success will come to your life faster than expected.

July 31, 2017


If you're really a fighter then you will never think about losing, you will just fight, do your best and give everything you've got. You don't care how big or strong your opponent is, you don't care if your teammates are weak, you simply trust your knowledge and keep fighting until the end.

A lot of people were only brave if they have strong support on their back, they will never try fighting a stronger opponent once they learned that they don't have the numbers.

Winning is not all about winning, you can still feel like winner if you fight and give your best. Just like in life, you're a real fighter in life if you don't shy away from any challenges and responsibilities.

If you're a fighter then you will face your problems, you will never make excuses. If there is a challenge in front of you, you will face it like a grown man and you will never see what is lacking in your life or skills. You will simply fight, do your best and never settle for a mediocre effort.

A real fighter is not afraid of losing, he doesn't mind being humiliated or embarrassed. He will use all of his strength, he will show his character and put himself in the best position to win. He will do whatever it takes, he will find a way to win.

Even if he is exhausted.. he will still move and do his best. Even if he is down or looks like going to lose... he doesn't care at all, he will keep working until it's over.

A real fighter is someone who is not afraid to try and give it a shot, he is there to fight for the victory no matter how difficult the challenge is.

July 31, 2017


People won't agree with you because they haven't tried your process yet, all they do is talk and judge, they don't know anything about hardwork and dedication.

If you have an idea, most people will not agree with you, they will even mock you, criticize you or bash you. It is your business to never mind their business, just focus on your thing and try to make your idea as big as it can get.

They will not agree with you because they haven't experienced what you've experienced. They don't know the deepest information of your idea, they don't know what it is all about, they don't know what you are all about.

You don't need to please them or make theme believe in you. It is your duty to believe in yourself and work as hard as you can to make your idea work.

Why bother listening to them? they don't know how strong your passion is, they don't know how high your hopes are. You're the only one who know yourself, you're the only one who can make your idea work. They haven't tried your idea, they don't know what it is really all about so just ignore them and be the best that you can be.

But it is what it is, never argue with the, because it's just a waste of time. Keep working on your project and never stop until you become successful.

If you really believe in your idea then it will never stop, you will keep on growing it, nurturing it and do everything you can to make it successful.

July 31, 2017


1. You don't hear what people say anymore. You don't hear your coach, you don't hear the critics, you don't hear the crowd, you don't hear the public's opinions, basically you only hear what your heart is saying and you don't mind if they tell you that you're wrong. You know in yourself that you're right, you're starting to become a single minded individual and you don't mind getting embarrassed.

2. You are pushing yourself to the limits. You don't care if you are tired, fatigue doesn't matter to you. You are simply doing what you can do at the moment. You will just rest for a few seconds and then you will push again. You're like a machine, sometimes you are getting slow but in your mind... you are getting faster. You are very happy pushing yourself because you feel that it is an achievement. Anything that you can think of to become successful... you are doing it.

3. You are not reserving an energy. You're all out every second, you don't know pacing, you are using all of your energy and you don't mind if you get over fatigued later because you know you have the willpower to summon that energy again and go back working again. You are not scared of being tired, you knew you have the mental power to keep moving forward even if the going gets tough.

4. You don't care about the time. You don't care if it is already late, you will still work until you get the job done. You don't care if it is 3 am or 4 am, you will just do what you need to do. You don't even care if it is lunch time or dinner, you will keep on working. Your mind turns the switch on easily, you don't even hesitate to do the process, you feel like you have a lot of time but your always on a sense of urgency.

5. You are not looking to finish fast. You are just enjoying the process, you don't care if it will take a very long time to become successful, you are doing it little by little, you are so patient because you know success will just come one day.

July 31, 2017


Always checking how far did you go, always checking how much money did you make, always checking your status in life, always checking the work remaining to become successful... those are completely waste of time. You need to work and work and never stop until you're done. Always checking how much success you've created will only make you slow, you will even get frustrated once you don't see big progress.

Life is really a journey because even if you become successful at some areas of life... you still need to do something else, you have to keep moving in order to maintain success. Having a better life is a forever process, you can't become lazy, you can't become complacent. All you have to do is keep the motions going, enjoy the different happenings, enjoy the challenges and never look back.

If you are pursuing something.... never check your progress, once you're moving... you're almost there. You don't need to worry how long will it take to win, you don't need to check how much effort you still need to exert. Just go with the flow, never look for the outcome, never care about it, just care about your actions and success will just surprise you one day. You will even cry once you see it. Because if you can't see yourself succeeding... you will only get depressed, you might even quit if you can't take it anymore.

Keep losing, keep grinding, keep performing... that is the key to success.  Never mind if you're at the bottom, never mind if you still need years to become successful. Remember that it is a journey, forget about making it... just do what you do best and enjoy processing the process.

Sometimes you almost waste a lot of your time wondering why you are not getting the results, you spend all of your time being angry because you're not making any progress. Those time that you've wasted could have been used to make you one step closer to success.

July 31, 2017


Another way to enjoy life even more is to test your limits and never accept it. Pick something... do it and try to elevate it to the highest level, see how far can you go, push yourself and once you see your limits... never accept it, try to break it, try to break your own records.

You can always increase your performance if you don't believe that you have limits. You can always add one push up, one meter of running, one minute of jogging, one hour of discipline, one day of focus... one more, you can always add one more. You're better than what you think of yourself, you can always achieve a little more if you will push yourself a little bit.

Forget the pain and control your brain. If your brain is telling you to quit.. tell it to shut up, if your brain is telling you that you're tired... ignore it. You can always control your brain, you have the power to control your entire system physically and mentally. All you need to do is use your willpower, stay relax if the going gets tough and never stop.... that's it.

Once you reach your so called "limit" ignore it because it is not true, being unable continue doesn't mean you're done. You just need a little rest and you can try again later or tomorrow. If you don't believe your limits, it will never exist.

A lot of people can do more but they refuse to try again, they accept what they have for the moment because they are so scared to see how big they can become. It's not that you're not capable, you're just afraid of success. Success is really scary because you have to push past your limits, you need to ignore discomfort and give your very best.

Don't let your life be wasted without knowing how far can you go and how big can you become. You only have one life, are you going to let fear stop you from not trying? fate favors the brave, luck loves a tryer. You should try and always give your best shot.

You will even be amazed that you can do something that you don't know you can do. You will be shocked how good you are and sometimes you can't even believe that you are succeeding. That is the power of testing your limits, it will show you the best possible opportunities in life, it will show you how strong you are.

July 30, 2017


If you are taking a lot of action then you will become very happy that is why busy people are happier than lazy people. Busy people are so active, energetic and their life has a direction. Unlike a lazy person... he is depressed, lost and sometimes wanted to even take away his life because he feel so heavy and stressed. If you are not doing anything you will become tired even more, you will become sick because you are always thinking about the things that you wanted to do and achieve but you can't even take the first step. 

Did it happened to you where after eating you immediately wash the dishes? how do you feel after washing it right away? you feel great right? you feel like you are so disciplined and fulfilled. Unlike if you will keep on saying to yourself that you will do it later... the feeling is so heavy right, you feel that there is something wrong with you, you wanted to take actions but you keep on postponing it and the war inside of your head keeps on getting worse. You are so stressed and you just wanted to sleep or do it tomorrow but part of you is saying that you must do it. And that makes you super stressed. 

You will never be happy if you will not take actions, if there is something you must do and you're putting it into a pending status... you will have a miserable life. You will feel weak, your confidence will go down and you will feel like you've wasted a lot of time. You will never respect yourself because you are so lazy. You are stuck into that heavy feeling and you don't know how to escape from it. 

But if you are taking a lot of actions... your confidence will soar. You will become very happy, you will feel good about yourself. Even if you are getting tired... you will not mind it because you know you are progressing and you know you're getting better each day. 

So instead of doing nothing... do something, it will give excitement to your life, it will make you a better person and put you on a better position. 

July 30, 2017


We're all trapped into something. Something is controlling you, something is stopping you, something is making you move forward. It all depends on where you are trapped, it can be a good trap or a bad trap.

For the last five years I was tapped into fear and worries. I worry about a lot of things, I worry about problems that wasn't even there yet. It makes me frustrated, it makes me unable to enjoy the beauty of life. Good thing I was able to recover from it, I was able to manage my emotions and thoughts. I am not 100 percent perfect yet, I still experience a lot of worries but the difference is... I know now I will be alright, I know now that everything is ok if I stay calm and be in the moment.

Some people are trapped with their business that is why they have a lot of money, they were so addicted on their business and they can't leave it. The bad thing is they don't have time for their family anymore. While other people are trapped with excuses, they always find the reason why they can't do such things. It's so funny because they know that they can do it but they prefer to choose their excuses and be lazy.

Some people are trapped from their past, they can't move on, they keep on remembering the ugly things that happened in their life, they always think about the sad and bad experiences that is why they miss what is infront of them.

Some people are trapped with their passion that is why they are so good, they only do the things that they want, they keep on getting better everyday. Little by little they are becoming geniuses because they are so focused and dedicated.

How about you? where are you allowing yourself to be trapped? If you know that you are trapped then you can escape that trap if it is not serving you.

Allow yourself to be trapped on things that will make you a better person and will give you benefits in the future. Don't be trapped with things that will slow you down and will only give misery to your life.

July 30, 2017


They say that repeating the same process over and over again but expecting different results is insanity, this is not true... you need to repeat the same process but just make it a little bit better than yesterday. For example, if you are practicing to become a shooter in basketball, of course you need to practice over and over again to become one. But what if you still can't see any results, what will you do? You just need to make the process a little bit better, shoot more, shoot faster, shoot longer. Don't change the entire process, just make it a little bit better.

You can't get the results that you want most of the time because you're always changing the process, you're too impatient and you don't believe in what you're doing. It's time to believe yourself now, believe that it will work. Just work harder, move faster and work for longer hours. If you do those things... for sure you will get a different result.

Because if you will always change your process then you will always go back to start, you will be confused about what is working and what is not. Make a stand and go all in for the process that you choose, never change it, just make it a little bit better and do it forever.

The truth is... the more you repeat something, the more you will get results. If you are not getting results that you are expecting it means your repetition is not enough, it means you are not serious in your work.

Don't get too technical, simplicity is the name of the game, the more basic you are... the more better you will become, only if you are repeating your process over and over again until you become great.

Execution and consistency is the most important thing. You don't need to make a research or ask an expert how to become successful. Just simply work hard and grind till you see a transformation in your life.

Hold on to your vision and move towards it little by little, never change the process... that is the secret to success.

July 30, 2017


Bravery is simply facing the problems, task or any challenge in front of you. It has nothing to do with killing, bragging or bullying someone. It has nothing to do with tattoos, piercings or guns you possess. Bravery is simple dealing with pressure, discomfort and moving despite of those negative feelings. Bravery is staying calm on storm, it is knowing inside of yourself that you can make the right decisions and thrive in the end.

A lot of people were trying to look tough but, they are bragging, they are feeling proud, the are trying to look tough but when it comes to doing the right things in life... they don't know what to do. When it comes to feeding their family... they don't know what to do, when it comes to improving their life... they always make excuses why they can't make it.

Bravery has nothing to do with looks, level of loudness or acting fierce. It is on the inside and not on the outside. You can look so brave and intimidating but if you can't do the right thing and handle your emotions... you're nothing dude, you're just a pretender, you're just a sheep in wolf's clothing.

Being brave means being responsible, being able to face any challenges in life. A lot of bullies and macho men out there were just brave when things are going well but the moment they face a big problem... they were acting like babies, they will complain, they will blame other people.

Being brave means being able to carry yourself, friends and family. It means you are reliable, you do what you say and people can count on you. It means you are not scared of any challenges in life such as impregnating a woman, looking for a job, beating recession, providing food for your family, handling a stress, doing a simple and easy task without hesitating.

Basically being brave means doing the right thing and facing all what scares you that has some benefits. It is making your life better everyday without getting tired of the process.

Being brave also is admitting that you have weaknesses and you are not afraid to get exposed. Being brave means being strong despite of not having the right cards on your hands.

July 29, 2017


If you want to become a millionaire... all you have to do is try, try every possibility, never stop giving your best every single day, always follow your intuition to move and never hold yourself back when an idea is running inside of your head, execute fast, there is no harm in trying, you can try as much as you can and that is the beauty of success... it will give you a million tries and it will never get tired of waiting.

If you want to become a star... all you have to do is try, never be scared to try, never be scared to fight for your dreams. Because if you really want it... you will never care about what people say. You will never care if you disappoint someone or step on someone accidentally. Remember that it is your dream and you don't need to feel sensitive about how someone feel because if you care too much... you will get distracted, you will never be able to focus on your own timing and energy.

Trying is free, try with all your might and confidence. And even if you are not confident at all... you still need to try, you still need to take matters into your own hands because life is so short homie, you will not stay in this world forever, don't think that you have a lot of time to wait, don't wait for the right feeling before you try. Try now, move now and expect for the best.

Don't be scared of embarrassment, don't be scared of raising eyebrows, everyone is entitled of their own opinion and your business is to mind only your own business, never mind about other people's business and comments, if they truly know what is right then why can't they create success on their own?

Try even if you are scared, give it a shot, express yourself and use all of your time and energy to attain something.

Try asking your crush for a date, try applying for a better job, try building your own brand and business, try everything you can to become successful. It is so good to dream about things but it is better if you will try to get all of them.

Just try a million times, try until you are breathing. You never know, your next try might be the one you are waiting for, it might be the break you are waiting for. Keep trying and never stop believing.


1. It will make you a better person. You will stop procrastinating, you will start doing things on your own. Hesitation will start to fade because you will fall in love with trying little by little, you will see the beauty of trying, you will treat life like a game and you will feel blessed that you have the ability to try unlike other people who keep on doubting themselves.

2. It will build your confidence. The embarrassment you get for trying, the rejection and humiliation... it will harden you, it will give you confidence because you are no longer afraid of those negative feelings, you already know how it feels to fail so it is nothing new anymore, you are not scared to try every opportunities because you know that you might get lucky one day because of hardwork.

3. It will give you experiences that you need to become successful. The more you try, the more you become experienced and the more you will get better. You will become skilled, your knowledge will become bigger. You know what to do next time, you know how to react next time, you will become a veteran who knows how to handle pressure and different situations.

July 29, 2017


You have to treat your training or preparation as a lifestyle, don't ever think that it is a punishment nor a sacrifice. Because if you are thinking that you are suffering then you will never be able to stick with the process for a very long time. You will quit eventually especially id you are not seeing any results. But if you will treat it as a lifestyle then there will be no pressure on you, even if you are not seeing any progress... you will never feel bad because you already treat it as a lifestyle, it is already part of your life no matter what.

For example, if you are running because you are fat... don't think that you need to run in order to become healthy. Treat running as your lifestyle, don't look for the results. Don't treat running as a punishment because you're fat. Make it a daily routine and never remove it in your system, make it as an important part of your life. Once you treat it as a lifestyle... results will come fast, it will come naturally, you don't need to force it nor beg for it.

Another example is a man working for his family... everyday he thinks that he is being punished because he needs to work hard in order to feed his family. This is a wrong kind of thinking. If you think that you are being punished then you will not love what you're doing, you will worn out fast, you will become hot headed and you will curse your work. But if you will think that working hard is just part of who you are then you will never feel bad, you will never get tired fast, you will even enjoy every part of your work, you will work longer because you already accepted that you're a hardworker.

If you are preparing for a competition... you need to treat your practice as a lifestyle, don't feel that you're obligated to do it because you want to win. You will enjoy more your preparation if you will think that it is nothing, if you will think that you need to practice everyday even if there is no competition.

Just like in making money, if you're a hustler or a self employed man... don't think that hustling is so hard, think that it is a lifestyle and it is normal to your everyday life. It will be easier to make money if you will accept that hustling and struggling is part of your system.

July 29, 2017


You can become more powerful, enduring and you can solve any problems if you are using the power of now. Just focus on what is going on, never think about the future, never think about what is going to happen, never think about your next move, stop thinking about winning or losing and succeeding or failing. Just focus on your sensations, be aware of your surroundings, feel any emotions that you have and simply breathe in and breathe out.

Don't think about the next moment or the next sequence, be totally engage on what you're doing and never think about anything else. You can finish task faster and better if you are focusing on the power of now. Endurance athletes were able to do impossible things because they are using the power of now. The are living with the moment and they never look to finish fast, they never wish to fast forward the time because that will only make them weak. They are simply enduring the pain little by little and looking for the joy on it. They never try to escape the situation, they are so relaxed and still.

It's all in the mind, things get difficult because you are thinking about shortcuts, you are thinking about finishing fast and getting comfortable. If you want to become successful, you have to take it step by step, you have to endure discomfort and be totally present with the moment. Don't let your thoughts fly, just feel what is going on and try to stay relax as much as possible.

Because time will fly anyway, you don't need to rush it because by doing that... you are only making it slower and slower.

You have no choice but to enjoy what is going on with your life, even if it is bad... you still have to enjoy it because it is still part of your life. Life is simply about living and doing your best, it is simply trying to have fun as much as you can and lessening the regrets. If you really want to enjoy life... just live with the moment, you will become stronger and mentally tough if you will do it because it means you are ok with what is going on, it means you are not wishing for a more comfortable situation because you can adapt to any situation.

July 29, 2017

July 28, 2017

July 28, 2017


Whatever work you have, whether you're a garbage collector or a stock broker or just a simple clerk in the office... it's a serious business and you should take it seriously. You should appreciate it because it's giving you money and if you will not take care of it... it will leave you, the blessing will be blocked. Most people treat their work as joke, they are not nurturing it that is why they can't see any progress. There is a progress in any single job, all you have to do is look for it and devour any opportunity presented.

Your work is the stepping stone of your success, if you were able to find the opportunities around it that will give you bigger success then life will become pretty amazing. You must love your work and protect it like a sacred garden, never let weeds grow on it. Weeds like laziness, vices, black propaganda, being unappreciative etc.

Always remember that it's a serious business, you can find growth on it if you are looking for it. There are chances that you may not be promoted but you can still grow personally, you can still grow mentally, you can improve your work ethic, you can find the right habits that will make your future brighter.

Be a professional, always be on time, have fun and always find ways how to revive the passion while working. Because if you will not take your work seriously.. you're in big trouble, you will have a miserable life, you will go down slowly or even quickly. You will be left behind and someone might take your place, do you want it?

Instead of complaining and crying like a bitch because you have a low salary..always do your best until you become very good, until you know a lot of things and they can't let you go anymore, be very good at your work until you have the confidence to look for a greater work.

July 28, 2017


Find the right number of minutes on a treadmill to make you healthy, it can be 30 minutes or 50 minutes, whatever number that makes you feel good, whatever number that pushes you a little bit... it is right. Find the right number of push ups to make you stronger, it can be 50 or 100 or any bigger number that makes you stronger than yesterday... it is the right number. It is all about finding the right number, any number will work, any number will give you results for as long as it is not a cheap number.

What is the right number of blog posts that you need to become successful? Me, personally I do more than 5 posts a day and that gives me a little success, I think I need to increase it more so that I will be able to double the results.

What is the right number of minutes of practice for developing a particular skill? it can be an hour, 2 hours or even whole day. You know in yourself if you are progressing, you know if you are getting better, you can't fool yourself. You can feel it if you are gaining a little bit of progress, you can feel somehow successful if your numbers are right.

What is the right number of business transactions for you to land a perfect contract? what is the right number of job applications for you to get the job that you want? You can find the right number, always remember that if you're not getting any results yet then your numbers are not enough, it means you need to increase it, double it or even triple it.

Once you find that right number... stay with it until it's giving you success that you want, if you're not satisfied with what's going on anymore... it is time for you to increase your numbers.

July 28, 2017


You are right for leaving, if something doesn't make you happy anymore... leave, if someone is not treating you right... leave. You have the power to leave, you have the power to walk away. You have the choice, the decision is yours. It's you life and no one has the right to abuse you or make you feel worthless. If you think that there is a better place for you then go and chase it.

A lot of people were being abused by their partner, boss or friend because they don't have the confidence to leave, they think that they are worthless. They think that there is no better place for them.

You are right for leaving because at least you make a stand, at least you show them that you can find happiness on other place, you know you have a lot of options and you are willing to get those.

Every path is the right path for as long as you are willing to make a stand and pursuit happiness on your terms. No one has the right to hold you back, no one has the right to stop you. You can be anything and have anything. It depends on how bad do you want it and how hard are you willing to work for it. It's all in your hands, always remember that, if you are willing to use all of your energy to live the life you want then you will get it, you will become successful. It's just a matter of focusing on what you want and stop focusing on what you don't want.

You must leave now or else you won't be able to leave tomorrow, make a decision if you will leave or not. Don't hesitate, just do it and endure all the challenges along the way. It will not be easy but it's worth it.

Because there is always a better place and better people waiting for you. You don't deserve less in this world, you deserve more. More happiness, abundance and right treatment... you can have all of those things if you will show them that you are deserving. Increase your value, work super hard and make them not wanting to lose you.

The key here is to increase your confidence and improve your work ethic, you must keep on improving everyday, you must have something that people will get interested. Because if you're just a lazy bum who can offer nothing... you don't have the right to leave, you don't deserve anything in this world.

July 28, 2017


I know you're confused on what to do at the moment, I know you can't choose because you want to do a lot of things. But you can only choose one, you can't serve two masters at the same time. But you have to choose fast because your time is running, you have to move now or else you will procrastinate forever.

1. What will give you progress. Choose what will give you progress, choose what will make your position better. That is the right choice. For example if you were to choose between washing the dishes and doing your assignment... do your assignment first because it will give you progress in your life, you will learn something and you will get a good grade. You can wash the dishes after doing your assignment, your mom will even wash it if she see you studying well. Always choose progress over a task that has lesser benefits.

2. What is hard but will make you feel better after doing it. The hard path is always the right path. If you have to choose cooking over buying some ready to eat foods, choose cooking. It is healthier and will train you to be a hard worker.  You will be trained to take actions instead of taking shortcuts. You may think that it has no connection in life but it has. Every action that you take will sum up, it will help you build a strong character.

3.What will decrease your fear. Choose what will decrease your fear, for example, if your mama told you to sweep the floor and it must be done before she arrive... you must do it because you know that she will get mad at you if you didn't do it. Even if she will arrive late do it because once you forgot it... prepare your ears for a brutal sermon. Another example, you have a project that is urgent, of course you are scared that you might miss the deadline so you have to finish it first before watching your favorite show. Because if you will not do it right away... your fear will become bigger and bigger. You might be doing something else but that fear will never leave you, it will only go away once you start doing the task that is urgent.

July 28, 2017


You still need to do it even if it is not working because you don't have anything else to do. You're completely committed to what you've been working on. You have no choice but to keep pushing because it's the only option you have, you can quit but where will it take you? once you quit then your journey is over, you can start something else but when the going gets tough again... I am sure you will quit again. Once you quit, you will quit again for sure because you already built a habit of quitting. 

It may not work now, it may look useless now but keep working for so long and I am sure you will see a progress from what you're doing. Do it even if it is not working, it will work in the long run. You need to be patient, you need to take your time and don't rush things. Your time will come if you persevere. 

A lot of people will work only for 5 months, 7 months or even a year and when they saw that they are not progressing... they will quit. The truth is... once you're consistent at something, you are already progressing. You just can't see it because your expectations were too high, you want to become a huge success right away. 

If you want to achieve great things in life... you have to die for it, you have to give your life for it. I know frustrations are really devastating but what can you do? you already started it so you have to see if it will work, you have to do it until the end. There is no more turning back because you're just wasting your efforts from the past once you quit. 

Just push a little harder, work a little longer, have more enthusiasm and summon the passion that died yesterday. You're just frustrated that is why you think it is not working. It will work if you are trying to make it work. There is a sliver lining at the end of the tunnel, you just need to keep moving forward until you become successful. 

July 27, 2017


Pain ends, popularity ends, life ends, power ends, everything has an ending. So while you are experiencing joy now, while you are successful now... enjoy it because everything has an ending.

Even the strongest player retires, even the most famous celebrity dies. No one is immune from ending. All you can do is enjoy the moment until it last. So be good and do the right thing because everything has an ending. It maybe on your hands now but there is a possibility that it's gone tomorrow. It is not about being negative, it is just a reminder that you must appreciate everything you have now because no one is immortal, nothing will stay forever.

Even your pain ends, even your illness ends. So don't ever feel hopeless if you are feeling bad at the moment because it will end in just a matter of time.

So if you can sustain your glory, sustain it and try to make it long as much as you can because time will come and you will not hold the power anymore. You can still feel happy, you can still feel successful but time will come and you're not the one who is in charge anymore. Someone will replace you, another person who is much stronger and capable will take your place.

Everything ends, that is the saddest part of life so never take any second for granted, embrace everything including sorrow and pain because everything has an ending.

July 27, 2017


So you want to do something huh? you can do it, you are allowed to do it, just make sure that you can escape the consequences after doing it because if not... you will only have regrets, your life will be destroyed.

A lot of people thinks they are powerful, they are abusing the freedom that they have but when trouble is already there... they don't know what to do anymore, they look innocent and kind but before they do their mistakes... they were so confident and arrogant, they feel like nobody can touch them.

So if you will do a stupidity... make sure you can get away with it, make sure you will stand for it because you're just wasting your time if you will look like a loser in the end.

Stop being a pretender, stop pretending that you are brave and you fear nothing if you will only fold in the end. Think a lot of times before doing a stupid thing that has no benefits. Don't call your mom, don't call your dad or don't call anyone if you're in trouble because you are the only one to blame for the chaos that you did in your life.

July 27, 2017


All you've got is one life so don't bother with regrets, regrets are for losers. Don't ever feel sad if you have regrets because it is normal, you're just a human being. Just let regrets sink in for a couple of minutes hours or days but don't let it stay in your system forever because if you do... you will lose your sanity, you will become unproductive, you will miss the beauty of life. Accept that you're not perfect and you will make some mistakes, accept that you will become scared sometimes and you will not take the opportunity presented. Of course you will feel bad because you didn't take actions but the most important thing here is you learned a lesson. Allow yourself to become regretful for just a short time but don't let it eat you. Remember that you're not perfect and you will never be.

Signs that you have regrets:

1. You're not moving anymore. You're stuck, you are wasting your time staring at the wall, you're not progressing, you are simply satisfied with what happened and you don't have any intention to try again or just make yourself a little bit better. Your laundry is full, the grass in your garden is very tall, you are not paying your bills, you just want to watch tv the whole day.

2. You're full of dramas and shits, you're full of excuses. Your drama is out of this world, a lot of people is hating you because you're full of excuses, you'e not a right thinking individual anymore. You can do something but you can always find an excuse for not doing it.

3. You're always talking about the past and how close you are of making it. Even if your friend is so sick and tired of your story... you will still talk about it just to make yourself a little bit better. You will talk about how close you are but you're simply unlucky. You already talked about it a hundred times but you never get tired of your ugly story.

July 27, 2017


1. Burn all the pictures of your ex-lover. You need to forget his face, you need to forget everything about him. Delete all his pictures in your facebook or instagram account, unfollow and unfriend him, block him, just totally forget him. Don't ever get tempted to look at his profile or know what he is doing. Remember that he hurt you so force your brain to move on and look at some other things. Just totally remove him in your life, heart and mind. I know it is hard but not looking at anything that has connections with him will make you forget easily.

2. Buy a dog. The dog will make you happy, it will absorb all of your anger and hatred. It will serve as a reminder that a dog is more loyal and loving than him. The dog will entertain you, at least you will have another lover. A love is still love even if it comes from animals.

3. Flirt with someone. Look for a rebound, it is ok, remember that you need to heal your heart and whatever it takes... try it. If someone can make you forget then try it. But make sure that you will not fall in love easily, just find someone who will at least make you forget easily. You never know, that person can be your true love.

4. Try using your pain for arts. It is painful and pain is a good emotion to create a poem, painting, song or anything that has connection with arts. Your time will fly because you will enjoy doing arts while feeling that pain in your chest. You will become very creative, you will have a lot of fun, you can create a masterpiece.

5. Just try to make money as much as you can. Money can give you a lot of things that will make you forget, become super rich so that you will be entertained in many ways. If you are in pain... you can become a super workaholic and if you can channel that pain to your work.. you can become very successful.

July 27, 2017


A lot of people were so scared to admit that they are scared. Their ego is eating them. There is nothing wrong in being scared, once you tell everyone that you are scared... they will understand you, they will even applaud you for being honest. They will admire your courage and honesty to admit that you're scared because not a lot of people can do that.

Being scared is ok, everyone got scared, even the champions, even the greatest ones... they feel fear because only inhuman can't feel fear, only aliens can't feel fear. You are not super natural, you must admit to yourself that you're scared and make yourself believe that it is ok. It is ok to take actions even if you are scared, fear will go away once you are moving. It will never go away before you start.

Because if you are pretending that you're not scared... you will be scared even more because you are trying to escape your fear. Once you admit to yourself that you're scared... it means you are embracing it, it means you are ok with it.

Just try to stay calm as much as possible. Breathe during pressure situations, never think about other people, just focus on your movement and progression and that's it... you will be able to do what you want. Always remember that you have a lot of time, people can't rush you if you don't let them to. Even if they are telling you a lot of bad things... just stay calm because they can't do anything to you.

If you are so scared to take actions... be aware that you are scared, admit to yourself that you are scared and then take actions anyway, never hold yourself back.

It's not about being fearless, it is being aware that you are scared and taking actions anyway, it is about embracing the fear and taking your chances. It is about thinking right despite of fear.

Never let fear control your mind and actions, always remember that you are still in control despite of being scared. Don't panic, take it slow, take your time and enjoy fear as much as you can.

July 27, 2017


If you are pursuing something, if you have a goal and you don't know where to start.. trust the numbers because huge numbers will make anything work. Huge numbers will give momentum, it will give you progress. It will take you to another level especially if you were able to produce staggering numbers.

If you just started a business and it is not doing well... go to the large numbers. Make your business operate 24 hours a day, make it the most active and has the most number of hours of operation for one month and let's see if you can't see any result. For sure it will produce results because you have a number that is one of a kind. That is the power of numbers, it can make anything work. It will attract people, money and opportunities.

If your product is not selling, all you have to do is go to the large numbers again. Try cold calling for hundred times a day to different people and let's see if you still can't sell.

If you're an MMA fighter and they are criticizing you because you don't have knockout a power... try punching a punching bag for 1000 times everyday and let's see if your knock out power hasn't still improve.

If you're a slow learner try studying your lesson over and over again and let's see if you can't become the number one in your class. It's all about repetition, it's all about who's the one who is willing to repeat a boring repetition. If you can do boring things over and over again, you will have fun with it, it will become very enjoyable to you because you are seeing progress.

Just like in building a muscle... you don't need a lot of protein shake that will make your body dependent from it, you don't need a program that will just get your money, you don't need steroids that will destroy your brain and body... just do a lot of push up everyday and you will see improvement to your body.

This applies to any skills that you want to develop, go to huge numbers, go to insane numbers of repetition and for sure you will become very successful.

July 27, 2017


I know there are times that your mind is so crowded that you can't think the right way anymore. I know fear is bugging you, worries is all over the place and you can't make the right decision in life. It's ok, it's normal, you're not crazy yet, you're still sane. There is no need to panic, no need to fall apart, just leave your brain like that because it will become quiet in a while.

Don't think if you can't think right, just be still, breathe and let the thoughts come and go. Because if you will fight your thoughts... you will become frustrated even more. You can feel better by not thinking. It doesn't mean that your mind will be completely blank, you are just putting your brain in a relax mode and lessening the thoughts as much as possible.

You can do it, it's easy to do. Just breathe deeply in and out. Forget about the people and things that are bothering you, forget about the next moment. Be completely present and everything will be fine.

Because if you will worry, if you will continue to entertain a lot of negative thoughts then you will feel bad, you will go crazy, you will not be able to do the right thing. Don't think, just focus on your breathing and everything will be alright. It's like detaching yourself from what is going on and completely entering the relax mode.

No once can touch you if you are relaxed, no one can bother you if you are still. You will be able to create your own world, it is a meditative, quiet world that no one can bother.

Having a peace of mind is very simple... forget about the future, forget about what people say and be completely in the moment. Just block the thoughts that are negative, don't replace it, don't harbor it, once you find yourself thinking about negative thoughts... don't think at all. Don't try to amplify it, just don't think and you will be fine.

Good thoughts will come later especially when you are relaxed and not thinking about other people and other things. Forget your problems and start doing things that will make your position better.

July 27, 2017


You should lose your mind, you should feel the pain. It is what it is, stop reading this shit and do what you need to do. Slap your face and start doing it now, if you're still reading this then you're a little too scared but you have to fight that fear. Once you take the first action the you're free.

Stop researching, stop hesitating. Forget about how you look, forget about being perfect, forget the knowledge that you have... just do something now. That is the only way to end laziness and procrastination.

Forget the next move, forget if you are doing right or wrong. Just focus on the present step and never think about anything else.

Yeah you will feel bad. Yes, you will feel so heavy and it feels like your mind is going to explode but if you want to separate yourself from others and experience a different level of success... you must learn how to force yourself to do things that you don't like. You only don't like it in the beginning because you think that it is hard but once you get familiar with it, once you have the momentum... you will enjoy it, you will have fun with it.

So stop the useless activity now and do a more productive activity. If you want to exercise just walk, if you want to start a business just do the first step, whether it is about calling a friend, looking for a place for your business, cold calling some potential customers or simply baking a cake that you can sell to have a capital... do it. It's all about starting, it's all about pulling the trigger. I know you have a bright idea, all you have to do is execute it.

If you will wait until you feel good before you start... you will never start and that's the truth. Never wait for the right emotions because it will never come. Once you have that little urge to start.... start and never stop.

It's very easy to beat laziness and procrastination... just don't look for the outcome, never focus on the results, just focus on the process and find a way how to enjoy it. People are becoming more lazy because they want shortcuts, they want the fastest route and when they can't see it... they don't want to try anymore, they will quit and make excuses.

Forget your position, forget your status in life, forget how you look... just start and never stop.

If you need to stop watching your favorite show... do it, if you need to leave your lazy friends... do it. You must stop something in order to start something. It's all about thinking the right way, forget about how long it takes to change your life and how long it takes to become successful, you must put yourself in a position where you are in the right path, you must build the right habits little by little. Always remember that there is no harm in starting.

July 27, 2017


Life is really full of randomness, life is tough, it is hard. But if you have a goal, if you want to be someone, if you want to become rich or just simply reach a certain level of success... you have to embrace the shits and still be focused on your dreams.

There will be times when you will got sick, your mom might ask you to do something, your wife might get mad at you for whatever reason, you might forget something that causes chaos, you might even get stuck on a traffic. There are lot of obstacles that might show on your way and you have to be ready for those things. Your schedule will be destroyed but you still have to make time for your dreams. You can't just let frustration and stress take over, you have to manage your emotions and force yourself to get back on the right track.

There are lot of shits that will disturb you, you might not even notice that you're already surfing the web for hours and your important task is waiting for you. But you have to forgive yourself fast, you have to work as fast as you can and gain a little bit of momentum. You have to put your mind on the right position and make it operate at the highest level. Life is full of shits and disturbances. There are lot of distractions but that doesn't mean you can't be focused. You can deal with those shits but you have to think about doing something for your goal, you should not let a day pass by without forcing to produce a little progress.

Some successful people were so disorganized but they still manage to become successful because they never let a day be over without doing something impactful for their goal. They will make time for their goal, they will never squander a day, they will force themselves and force situations just to make a little progress.

So if you are dealing with a lot of shit in your life... that doesn't mean that you can never do something for your goal. It is just a matter of weathering the storm, deal with the disturbance and go back to your journey again.

July 27, 2017


You didn't tell them that you're the best, you didn't tell them that you can do it, you didn't give them expectations so there is nothing to worry about if you didn't succeed. Even if they tell you that you're no good... it is not your fault if you disappoint them because you didn't promise anything. You were humble from the start, you're not saying anything. It is their fault why they are disappointed and angry. They were expecting a lot from you and guarding all of your actions.

It is good if you are humble in the beginning and just simply working hard, this will lessen the pressure from you. Less people will criticize you if you fail. Just work hard secretly and let success be the noise.

You will feel free to be yourself because you didn't told them anything, you didn't hype yourself, you are simply working your way to the top and doing whatever it takes to become successful.

A lot of people were so talkative in the beginning, they were so proud of the little momentum that they have, they were so loud and feel like they already won but when the time comes that they are losing... they don't have the face to show the crowd, they can't handle the pressure, they can't handle the critics.

So work hard in silence and never hype yourself. If you will not talk and just focus on your work then you will become really successful.

July 26, 2017


It is what it is, you must become a dream crusher if you want to become successful. If you want to become a very good musician or an an artist then you must disappoint the dream of your parents for you of becoming a doctor or something.

If you want to become a superstar in your team you must take the risk and disappoint your coach for not following his orders, because if you will not do it then you will be in the same situation forever. You will not shine, you will not standout because you're following the system forever, and if you're following the system... you will not be able to express yourself.

You disappoint your friend because you didn't go to his party because you have some important things to do... it is ok because you want to become great, you really need to make a sacrifice if you want to become successful. This not bad, you have to become hard, don't go soft or else you will not achieve what you wanted to achieve. Just say sorry because you can't make it. I am very sure your friend will understand it especially if it has something to do with the transformation of your life.

You can also miss your sibling's birthday because you're trapped in a special project or something, there is a big chance that it might happen. But what can you do? you can't leave what you've started, you have to act like a professional.

Because what they feel is none of your business, they can handle their feelings if they are mentally strong. Don't feel guilty if you disappoint someone because it is not your intention to do it, you just have to make a choice and that is your dream.

July 26, 2017


People will call you dumb because you're working but they ain't seeing results yet. Well, the are the ones who are dumb because they are impatient and they want fast results. Do they know that success takes time? do they know that if you want something then you have to pay the price?

Let them mock you, let them laugh at you. Just keep working and grinding because it's your only ticket to success. It's the only thing you have.  It's better to be dumb but working rather than trying to look smart but cannot even execute any single movement.

Take your time, you have a lot of time, it takes time to become great so don't ever rush it. It's normal that people will laugh at you and will contradict your ideas. Forget them because all they can do is talk, you're a doer, you're very different from them. If they look at you as dumb now, it will change once you become successful, they will admire you in the end. They will be the ones who will look dumb.

And you can only become successful by ignoring looking like a dumb now, embrace the dumb role but still working hard.

A lot of people were pretending to look smart, they were acting like they know a lot but the truth is they can't even work, they can't even make the right decisions in life. They are the real dumb because all the can do is judge people, they don't know how to change their lives.

The truth is you're not dumb if you're working, any kind of work is special especially if you are passionate about it. Not producing huge impact is what makes you look like a dumb but your situation will change in just a matter of time, all you need to do is persevere until you become successful.

July 26, 2017


1. Take massive action. If you are taking massive action then you will be entertained, you will forget about the bad memories from the past. Keep yourself busy, don't ever let your mind think. Just keep moving and moving, if that bad memory is still showing up... keep working again. Substitute sadness with work and you will see how your life is transforming and heading into the best direction. Action will erase depression so keep moving.

2. Appreciate the best thing that is happening in your life at the moment. For sure there is, not everything in your life is bad. There is something good that is happening in your life and it is your duty to appreciate it. Always look at the bright side of life, focus on the positive things.

3. Be passionate. Being passionate at something will make you enjoy life, it will give you excitement, high expectations and hope. If you're passionate then you will forget you problems and bad experiences because you know that there is still something good happening in your life. Choose something to be passionate about. It can be business, arts, music, work.. anything that you will love doing... do it.

4. Focus on growth. Focus on your progress, check yourself if you are getting better everyday. Growth is what everyone needs, if you are growing then you will love life even more and forget the bad memories from the past. It can be growth on money, spirituality, muscles, business, knowledge, skills. Just keep growing and you will be happier than ever. You can make anything grow if you are committed and dedicated. Just take your time, relax and watch yourself grow.

5. Focus on your work and take it to the highest level. It doesn't matter what work you have, you can be a street sweeper or an simple clerk. If you want to be happier in life, focus on your work and be the most badass person on your field. Be the hardest worker and see what are the things possible on your work. See where it can take you, find some other things that you can incorporate on your work that will make your life better.

6. Join marathon. Just simple running will make you very happy. Moving your feet will give you a different feeling. It maybe hard but you will feel proud for yourself once you do something that not everyone can do.

7. Have more time for people that really care about you. There are people that cares for you, you just need to look at your life and be selective. You don't need to waste your time associating with people that doesn't matter. Be with people that really cares, be with people that truly appreciate your value.


July 26, 2017


After months and years of hardwork and dedication... you will shine, of course you will shine. You will become better than others who were better than you before. And the funny thing is... the can't accept it, they can't accept that you are better now and you're the one who is owning the spotlight.

It's not your fault if you are shining, don't feel guilty if you are outshining a lot of people because you deserve it. You work hard for it and you didn't cheat the system. It is their fault if they are no longer stronger than you because they are lazy and they think that they were already great.

It's your time to shine, you've been waiting for this for a very long time so don't ever feel guilty if someone is getting jealous at you, just be yourself and do everything you can to keep growing everyday. Keep getting better everyday, forget about what people say, you already have a very strong momentum so keep the ball rolling.

They have their time before so it is your time now, don't let any distraction bother you, stay focus and keep winning.

July 26, 2017


Some people are pretending to be winners, they will just stay close to a winner and will pretend that they are winning too. For example in NBA, a lot of players are not playing but they won a championship. Do you really believe that they feel like a winner deep inside without even playing a single minute? If they really feel that they are a winner then it's good for them but some players feel like they are useless even if they won because they do not even sweat.

Winning has something to do with pride. If you are fighting even if you're losing then you're a real winner. If you give everything, if you were able to use all your power then you're already a winner because you will feel really good in the end, you will have no regrets in life.

Just be a fighter and you're already a winner, just be a mover and you're already a winner. It doesn't matter if you are getting trophies or not, it doesn't matter if you're getting recognition or not. If you know in yourself that you'r a fighter and you never quit then you're already a winner.

That makes winning very easy... you will just fight and give your best, you will just make a bold move, you will just take massive actions.

So don't pretend that you're a winner if you're not even fighting, don't pretend that you're successful if you're not even sweating. You know in yourself if you are pushing or not, stop fooling yourself and acting like you're winning if you're not doing anything.

July 26, 2017


Just look for a simple process that you think will make your situation better and do it for a long time. If it is giving you little results then that is the right process. Because that little results will become big in the future, it just depends on how hard you work and how long you are willing to continue it.

A lot of people are complicating the process that is why they can't produce the results that they want. They were expecting too much once they do something that is a little bit hard and detailed.

If the process is too much complex there is a big chance that you will quit in the future. You will look for an easier process. That will make you go back to zero again, it will make you begin another journey again which is frustrating.

Make the process very simple and go hard and fast as you can. It's the repetition that will make you great not the details and complexity. Find what it is that is working and giving you a little bit of an edge, do it everyday, do it forever, as simple as that.

If you will look for a complicated, detailed and popular process... you will only have a hard time mastering it, you will even get overwhelmed. Just do the very basic thing that you can do and take it to the highest level.

Simplicity is the name of the game, you don't need to  think so deep, you need to execute. Thinking is for losers because they engage with that thing too much, they never take actions. If you will just do your best and become consistent then you can go very far, you can become the best version of yourself.

You can create your own process, you are allowed to do it. Stick with it and never stop until you see greatness in your life.

July 25, 2017


The process is easy, just beat your records yesterday. If yesterday you run for 30 minutes, try running now for 31 minutes. It's a forever improvement even if the improvement is only .001 percent. MAKING YOURSELF BETTER is very simple, you just need to force yourself a little bit, make it hard for yourself, do something that you haven't done before. You can always improve if you keep working hard. No matter what your age is, no matter how young you are or how old you are... if you want to make yourself better then you will get better.

Even if you are weak, even if you are sick, if you have a willpower to improve and willing to put in the work then nothing is impossible to you. You will grow, you will soar, you can become the best version of yourself. And people will be stunned, they will be shocked at how good you've become.

It's all about consistency. Try to at least make yourself a little bit better than yesterday, never stop working, never stop improving. Don't ever make an excuse that you don't know how to improve, if you are patient and you believe yourself a little bit then you will improve. As you work everyday, as you improve a little bit... your belief will become very strong.

MAKING YOURSELF A LITTLE BIT EVERYDAY WILL MAKE YOU VERY HAPPY. After all, everyone wants to grow, everyone wants to progress. So even if you don't have money, even if you're not successful yet... keep growing everyday. If you keep on getting better everyday then success will be attracted to you. You will feel fulfilled, even if you are suffering yet you are growing... you will never feel poor, you will never feel weak, you will have this belief that one day... you will become victorious.

Just practice, just repeat and that's it. It is better if you will feel experience a little difficulty because that is where growth happens. The key here is to never get tired of repeating, even if you feel that it is not making any result... still do it.

MAKE YOURSELF A MASTERPIECE. Your life is one of a kind, no one is the same as you. Try to make your life a masterpiece, keep getting better everyday until you reach a different level that is incomparable to anyone.