July 23, 2017


What stresses you... don't shy away from it, attack it and you will be able to conquer it. Usually, what stresses people is the things that aren't happening, it's the things that they want to do but they can't do for whatever reasons. For example, the traffic... your vehicle is not moving, it's not happening and that stresses you, you need to attack it, endure it and just face it. You will become very mentally tough if you will not shy away from the situation. Accept that it is traffic, accept that your vehicle is not moving, after all... all you can do is wait.

If you have a task that you need to do and you can't do it because you feel lazy... you feel stressed right. Attack it, attack the task, do it and your stress will go away, you will become mentally tough because you conquer that laziness, you push yourself and you move despite of feeling heavy. Attack the pending work, attack the stress and you will be able to become a master of your own brain, you will be able to command your brain, you will become really mentally tough.

Fear is also stress so you also need to attack it to become mentally tough, what scares you... do it. If you need to confront your boss because there is something you don't like about your work... do it. Because if you will not do it... your suffering will become worse. You will think about it everyday, it will make you crazy and mentally weak.

People who have strong mental game loves stress, they love pressure, they love tight situations. They are not scared of the pain because they knew that if they didn't face it... they will have regrets in the end. So once you feel that there is something stressing you... attack it and confront it. Never put it off until tomorrow, do it now.

Whatever is stressing you, whether it is about a pending work or any situations that makes you hesitant... attack it. Attack it and you will become really mentally tough, your mental game will elevate, you will be able to control difficult situations and most of all... you will be able to control yourself and your emotions.

July 23, 2017


Your journey is different from other people's journey so don't ever feel bad for yourself if you're not doing good and your progress is very slow. There are no identical journeys in life, even if you are doing exactly the same process as what successful people are doing... there are chances that you may still fail. Because even if you do the same process.... you may experience a different situation, there are random things that might happen to you, more difficult challenges may arise. I am not saying that you will not become successful, for sure you will but there are chances that your journey may be more difficult than other people's journey.

So don't get jealous if other people are getting it faster than you, they have a different journey and you should focus on your own journey.

There is a also a big possibility that you will become successful faster than the other people. Because just like I said we all have different journeys and you don't need to compare your journey with other people because that will only leave jealousy and envy.

It's not how many trophies, money or achievements you get on your journey to be labelled as successful. What matters is you enjoy your journey and you gave your best. If you're not happy then you are not successful. Emotion plays a big role to be labelled as successful. The more happy you are, the more successful you are.

Don't copy other people's journey because that will give you regrets in the end. You are depriving yourself from celebrating who you really are. It is your duty to discover your own journey and make the best out of it. So if someone is already succeeding and you are not even if you are working hard... it means it is not yet your time, and your time will only come if you will never give up.

Whatever you are experiencing right now... be happy with it and try to keep moving forward. Don't feel jealous with other people because that will only make your journey harder.

Be completely with what is happening in your life because success will come to you in just a matter of time.

July 22, 2017


Sometimes planning is just making you stuck, it makes you unable to move and do the first steps to make a progress. Making plans sometimes is playing on your mind and it is building doubts and fears inside of your head. You list the details, you build your game plan, you hope for the best and when things gets rough... you're in a panic mode, you don't know what to do, you think that your plan is not working and you want to change it right away.

The best thing to do to get ahead in life is forget planning and keep moving. Develop  your ability to adapt so that when things are not going on your way... you will not be stunned and you can make adjustments easily.

I know a lot of people who keeps planning but is not executing. They were all talk, they can't even draw the first blood. Sometimes they will even tell you that their plan is not finished yet so they can't start. They were planning for months and they can't get started? how crazy was that?

Don't plan, don't think.. just move and do it little by little. Because you can always correct your mistakes along the way. Because even if you have a detailed plan... it may not always work for whatever reasons, you will still need to make adjustments.

You need to become flexible, you need to have a lot of variations. You need to be ok course correcting along the way because luck will not always be on your side. There are times when you will become unlucky and unfortunate events may occur. How ill you react if you are not comfortable with the randomness of life?

Just have the mindset of always moving forward no matter what happens, because that is the best thing you can do. That is what will give you progress and make you closer to your goal.

You can whine all day, you can cry all day if your plan is not working but how does that help you? Tear your game plan and have a mindset that you will just do what is necessary for the moment, it is your ability to adapt that will make you thrive. Your plan is useless if you can't adapt to change.

July 22, 2017


You will make mistakes no matter how good you are, even if you are the greatest, even if you're the most talented and "gifted"... you will still make mistakes. Don't ever forget that you're just a human being and you're allowed to make mistakes as much as you can.

A lot of people can't even get started, they were jailed by the idea that "they need to become perfect" before they start. They were so scared that people might judged them or laugh at them. And that makes them stuck, that makes them unexpressive and hesitant.

If you want to become free.. buy into the idea that no matter how many mistakes you make... you will still be forgiven, I am not saying that you should do bad things, reckless decisions or stupid acts. This idea only applies if you are dreaming about something, if you want to start a journey or any kind of goal. You shouldn't handcuffed yourself with fear, move now, make a bold decision and allow yourself to fail, make mistakes and get embarrassed by failure.

It is better to make mistakes and be free rather than being afraid to not commit one and not being able to execute your ideas.

Sometimes if you are so confident in what you're doing... you will not even feel that you're making a mistake, people will not even notice it. It is because you're so free, you feel so confident and that covers up the flaws in the process.

So don't make it  big deal if you made a mistake. Accept that you're not a genius or special and you don't feel bad for committing one.

Always remember that you're not perfect, you are free to try things even if you fail. No one can stop you from trying, you are the only one who is stopping yourself. Fee free now and do what is necessary even if you're not sure about it. Life is so short to hesitate, you have a lot of freedom more than you think. It is better to make a lot of mistakes than to not try at all.

July 22, 2017


This is a process that will force you to move and do something. This is called the "ten minute magic". All you need to do is get a timer and set it to ten minutes then after that... do something productive, do what you are supposed to do. Never stop until the timer stops. Very simple and easy, just do your best for the ten minutes and after that you can stop if you want. Give your best for that ten minute mark, work as quickly as possible. It will give you momentum and your focus will be developed.

After that ten minute mark, you will feel good, you will feel that somehow you did something right. After that you can rest and do it again. Do the ten minute magic again and again and see if it is effective. I am very sure on that ten minute mark... you did something good, it may not be a lot but at least you started something and you gain a little bit progress.

Do it a lot of times and see how your life will transform. You can do it on anything... you can be productive by using it. You will see how easy it is to move. You can use it on exercise, writing something, studying a skill, doing your daily tasks etc.

People are having a difficulty to start, it is really hard to start, I don't know what is it with starting that makes it really difficult. This ten minute magic will help you. Just set the timer on, work right away and see how far can you go.

July 22, 2017


BE PLAYFUL. Feel loose, enjoy every moment of your life. If you are happy then you are yourself, if you are scared and holding yourself back then it means you are hiding who you really are. Be playful because life is a game. You may win, you may lose but the beauty of life is through trying a lot and being not afraid to fail. If you are playful then you will know your side of being relaxed, you will experience the state where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be child like, don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to get embarrassed.

BE EXPRESSIVE. Express yourself, if you want to be yourself then express yourself. Express your ideas, show your creativity. Never hold back, never think that you are wrong. Express yourself and be natural and spontaneous. Genuinely execute all of your ideas and always speak up whenever you have something on your mind. Always remember that you are free and you have the right to do what you wanted to do.

DON'T BE NORMAL. Sometimes you need to unfollow the crowd because that is what your heart tells you to do so. They will label you as not normal because you are doing the things that they don't like. But what can you do? you are just following your heart. Don't be afraid to look like your not normal because of being unique and has a different mindset. You can become who you are if you are doing the things that you love without giving attention to what people say.

MAKE A LOT OF MISTAKES. You are not yourself if you are not making any mistakes because you wanted to look perfect. You need to remember that you're just a human and you can afford to make a lot of mistakes. Not being afraid to make mistakes will make you look super authentic, it will make you look very original and one of a kind. You are revealing the real you, you are so loose and free.

DON'T TRY SO HARD. Don't try so hard just to get some attention, that is not who you are. Always stay natural and don't do things that you don't like just to get some attention or money. Trying so hard will make you look like a fool.

Being yourself is not easy to do, it takes a lot of courage to be yourself but once you mastered it.. you will feel so happy and free. You will feel invincible, secured and life will become super amazing.

July 22, 2017


"All I have is time" say this mantra when you're pressured and you will feel better. Because that is the truth... all you have is time. You have time to process what is going on, you have time to feel the pressure and let it go, you have a lot of time to make things right. You feel pressured because you think that someone is waiting for you, you feel that someone is pressuring you to make a move, you also think that someone is watching you and guarding all of our actions.

If your boss is pressuring you to finish all the work today... say this "all I have is time" It doesn't mean that you have a lot of time, it means that you have some time to do what is next and be in the moment. If you will think deeply... you really have a lot of time, you may not beat the deadlines, you may disappoint your boss but you still have a lot of time left in your life. There is no point in rushing here, you may move fast but don't ever rush because you really have a lot of time for yourself. You have time to breathe, time to think and time to do what you wanted to do without the pressure of the other things outside of yourself.

If you are causing a heavy traffic and a lot of cars were beeping you.... say this again "all I have is time". You have time to think slowly, move your car little by little and be in the moment. Because if you will rush... you will make a lot of mistakes even more, you may cause heavier traffic and the worse is... you might even cause some accident. You can afford to move slowly, they can't do anything, all they can do is get mad at you but they can't touch you.

If you set a goal for yourself and the deadline for reaching it is almost there but you haven't made a significant progress yet... say that again "all I have is time". You can still do a lot, there is still hope, forget about the time remaining because you still have today. You still have time and that is your greatest weapon.

Everytime you feel pressured... say that mantra, it is very effective, you will feel relieved, you will realized that there is nothing to worry about because your time will only ran out if you're not breathing anymore.

July 22, 2017


1. Time. If you want to enjoy life even more, if you want to lessen your stress... don't worry about time because you have a lot of it. You have a lot of it especially if you are moving and prioritizing the most important things first, don't worry if your day will end and you haven't finish all of your tasks yet. You must rest if you must, you can do the pending tasks tomorrow but you must do it right away the moment you wake up. You have a lot of time left so don't you worry about it. Time will still run no matter what you do, even if you are wasting it or using it the right way... it will still run. It's how you feel about the time that makes it fast or slow, many or less. Time is really fast but don't worry about it because if you are still living you still have a lot of time.

2. Money. You can earn money anytime you want if you have the right mindset and right attitude. Money will come and go, don't worry about it but be responsible when handling it. You can have more money or less money, it is up to you how to do it. Don't worry about it because the truth is you can still become happy even if you don't have it. Money is just a thing, it is not life so don't ever be scared if your money is running out because if you are willing to work... you can have it as much as you want.

3. Reputation. If you are not worry about your reputation or name then you will become free even more, you will experience such freedom that not all people can experience. A lot of people were so scared to put dirt on their names especially if they already have big names, they are so scared to take a risk. Example... a boxing champion with big name is scared to fight a new boxer who is making a name on his own because he doesn't want to lose. He is so afraid that his legacy might get tarnished, he is so in love with is reputation that is why he doesn't want to fight unknown fighters anymore.

4. What other people say. So what if they tell you that you're no good, so what if they call you a lot of things that are unpleasant. You must not worry about what people will say because if you do... you will not be able to express yourself to the fullest. You must be free, you must only focus on what you're doing. What matters is how you feel and not what they feel.

July 21, 2017


The only problem you have is you can't move and you can't finish. That's your main problem and if you can solve it then you will be happier and you will have a better life. All of your sorrow and stress will go away just like that, you will feel lighter and it seems like magic strikes your life because you're doing the right things and right things are coming at your life.

You're thinking too much, analyzing too much, you feel like you're a scientist or something that needs a lot of details before you begin. All you need to do is move your ass and work the hardest you can and that's it, very simple yet you can't do it. But why is that? why are you having a difficulty to move? It is because you want a perfect result, you want to become great but you're not willing to pay the price. You want to do it fast, you want shortcuts and when you can't find one... you don't want to move anymore.

You want the perfect feeling before you move, you want to feel motivated, you want to feel perfect and secured but it will not happen... ever.

You have to be ok with chaos, you have to be ok feeling uncomfortable because that is the only way to get started. If you want a perfect start then you will never start, you will keep on waiting the rest of your life.

So if you can just force yourself to move and do the things that you need to do then you're problem were already solved. Results will come int your life, you will see a lot of improvement. You will become a better person, you will become an achiever and someone who keeps growing everyday.

You can only solve your problems by moving, you can only feel good by moving. Just do something, take actions that will improve your situation.

Life is very simple if you will not complicate it, you just need to do what is necessary and you will never feel worried anymore. Just move and take actions, never stop yourself. If there is something you need to do and want to do... just do it period.

July 21, 2017


You don't need to compete with anyone, you don't need to get better than anyone because the only competition is yourself. Yeah, you heard me right... the only competition is yourself. You don't need to place your focus on anyone, you need to focus on yourself and how will you be able to get better than yesterday.

How will you work harder than yesterday, how will you run faster than yesterday, how will you earn more money than yesterday, how will you have a better attitude than yesterday. Those are the only things that you should be focusing. You are so focused on others and would love to compete with them that is why you are distracted, that is why you can't spend your time for yourself.

It doesn't matter if they are better than you, it doesn't matter if they are more successful than you. The most important thing here is you are doing your best and you are working hard to become better than yesterday. Because you cannot beat anyone if you are focusing on them, you will not become successful if you are competing with others because that will only build jealousy and negativity. You will not be able to concentrate on your own process, your attention will be focused on other people and that is such a waste of time.

Compete with yourself now, make a self assessment if you are better than yesterday. Work harder than yesterday, be a better person than yesterday because that is the only thing that will make you successful... being able to look at the mirror and can honestly say to yourself that you give your best and everything you've got.

Because if you will compete with others and guard what they are doing.. you will be lost, you will lose confidence once you see that they are doing better than you. You will be in a panic mode, you will lose motivation because you will feel that you already lost once you see that they are making bigger progress than you.

July 21, 2017


What you feel is all in the mind, what makes you feel bad is based on your perspective about the situation.

TIREDNESS. It is true that your body is getting a little bit tired, but the truth is... you can still move even if you are tired. Most people make it a big deal, they dwell on "being tired" so much. They feel that once you're tired then you're already entitled to stop and rest. Of course you need a rest but you must only do it once you're done. Don't rest too much because you have an eternity to rest once you're dead. So while you are still alive, do your best and become big as you can be. Your tiredness will doubled if you are thinking about it every now and then. Don't be scared of being tired, it is normal, don't think about it when you feel it. It's all in the mind, you can have a tired body but if your will is still fresh... you can do awesome things, you can finish a task no matter how hard it is.

FEELING BEING OUTCLASSED. It's all in the mind too, if you feel being offended or overpowered by someone... it becomes a reality when you think about it. No one can make you feel inferior if you don't allow it on your mind. You can still look classy even if you're just smiling and not saying anything.  Don't ever belittle yourself, don't ever think that someone is better than you, everyone is equal.

FEELING UGLY. It's all in the mind too, beauty is how you feel honestly with yourself. If you feel then you're ugly. If you feel beautiful then you're beautiful. It's not how you look, it's how you feel and think about yourself. You will radiate and emit a very powerful energy if you feel good about yourself.

MONEY. Money is all in the mind too, if you think that you are rich even if you have only one hundred dollars in your pocket then you are rich. It is because you have an abundant mindset. Richness will be attracted to you, and of course it will happen if you are working. But most people who have a rich mindset were hardworking people, they never stop until they become rich. Look at those people who are experiencing poverty... all they have in mind is complains, scarcity and what is lacking in their life. They can't even appreciate what they have.

July 21, 2017


Just do the first step and that's it... you beat the laziness right away. Once you take the first step... Boom! there you have it. congratulations to you because you're on the right path again. Beating laziness is very easy, all you need to do is force yourself to take the first step and never stop until you finish the task. Even if you feel sleepy, even if you feel lazy... do it, just do it because if you will not do it... you will become stressed even more, you will feel tired even more. You will feel like there is something that is sucking your energy even if you're not doing anything.

Laziness is just a feeling, it is not your trait nor personality. You are not lazy when you're young. You begin to develop it because you think you have a lot of time, you think you can always do better later or tomorrow, you think you can double your effort tomorrow but that idea will never happen. If you can't do it now then what makes you think that you can do it tomorrow? you will only repeat the same pattern over and over again until you become crazy.

Just start even if the feeling sucks, even if you feel like dying once you move. Once you start it then it is game over for laziness, you already beat it, you already buried it to the ground.

You can always do something, just be patient because the feeling of laziness will go away in a while once you are moving and having the momentum.

Movement will get rid of the heaviness in your body. Find what you can do and do it, it doesn't matter if you are slow in the beginning, it is ok to move slow for as long as you are moving and progressing.

You will become faster and faster as you move, motivation will start to kick in, the excitement will raise to another level because you are feeling better. That is what movement does, it gives you energy to keep going.

Never believe in the word tomorrow because it will never happen, do what you can do now. Never think about finishing fast because that will make you even slower, just take your time and always enjoy every step that you make.

July 21, 2017


To thrive in life.. all you have to do is learn a few skills and that's enough. You don't need to learn a lot of skills, yeah it is better if you know a lot but what if you only like a few skills? what if you're just a simple man who wants simple process? don't be like others who wants to know everything, you only need to know what is needed. You only need to know what will make your life better and be very good at it.

Once you learn a skill... you need to take it to the highest level, you need to make it extreme, you need to make it one of a kind so people will be interested at you. You need to become very good with your skill so they will hire you, contact you and give you opportunities.

Lean a skill that will give you money and that's it, you can have a very decent life with that simple skill that you have. All you have to do is work super hard, be consistent, disciplined and try to become better each day.

There are some people who can't start because they want to know everything, they want to become a genius, they want to look really good and that makes them confused, they are lost and they don't know where to start.

It's not about how many skills you have, it is about utilizing the skills that will make you successful.

You can know everything, you can know a lot but if you don't know how to make those information work then all of it are useless. You just wasted your time studying those skills.

Because at the end of the day, it is not what you know that matters, it is what you can prove. If you can prove to them that you can do it, if you have the numbers and the evidences that you did something great then they can never deny you.

So start developing a skill now, be very good at it, grow with it and try to become rich with it. It's never too late to learn a new skill, all you have to have is dedication, patience and the willingness to learn and grow.

July 20, 2017


If you ask someone on a date and she rejected you... don't feel bad because you only got humiliated for ten seconds, you will only feel bad for ten seconds, after the simple asking and answering... she will walk away. It feels like nothing happened, it seems like it's just a simple question and answer portion and that's it. It is not even a big deal, the money in your pocket didn't diminished.

If you ask your professor a silly question and he answered you sarcastically... don't feel bad, don't feel low because the class will only laugh for ten seconds or let's say maybe it will last for a minute but it will not last for so long. Never let your confidence go down, what matters is you express yourself and you have the courage to ask. A lot of students cannot even ask even though they want to know something from the professor, they were so scare that they might look stupid. The reality is... you will look stupid even more if you will not ask.

You should ask or else you will not know the answer, you should express yourself and do what you need to do in order to get some results. the results may not look good as you are expecting it but at least you release the resistance of holding yourself back.

Any humiliation will only last for ten seconds, twenty seconds but the time span of humiliation depends on you. If you don't feel anything about it then it will not affect you, it will not even make you blush. The key here is to always stay cool even if people are laughing, always stay calm even if you made a mistake, don't feel bad if you've been rejected because it is normal, it is not a big deal.

Keep expressing and living life because that is what life is all about. You need to ask, you need to try or else the answer will always be no.

July 20, 2017


If you want a different result, if you want to have something that other people don't have... look at the crowd and stop doing what they're doing. You have to become very unique, you have to create your own energy, rhythm and timing. 

A lot of people were working in a corporate world or if not... they have a boss. They follow orders that is why they can't be free, they can't decide what direction to move on. They can't establish their own business, or maybe they have something on their mind but they cannot implement it because they are too scared. That's it... most people are scared, the crowd is scared, they cannot stand on their own that is why they need a leader to follow. 

The crowd is lazy, they want things to be handed to them for free or if not, they just want an easy work. They want less work but they expect big results, they expect big pay even though their work is not enough. So if that is what the crowd does... stop doing it, stop following them. Build your own strong work ethic, learn to work the hardest so you will stand out. The crowd wants an easy work so you need to go to a different direction, you need to work super hard to the point where you exhaust yourself too much. Take massive actions, never stop until you get what you want.

The crowd wants to quit, they want to make excuses so you must not follow them. You must persevere and keep working until the end. Quitting is easy that is why most people want to do it. 

The clue is already there if you want to become successful, stop following the majority and create your own life. Build your own empire, it doesn't matter if you are the king and the slave of your own empire, what matters is you are living on your own terms. 

The truth is... what they are doing is not fun, it is easy but not fun at all. Yeah, maybe it will give them happiness for a while but in the end... their lives will become miserable. 

July 20, 2017


Any kind of process is right for as long as it is pushing you, for as long as it is forcing you to move. Any kind of process will give you results if you are really working hard and pushing yourself to the limits.

You don't need to find a well refined and complicated process, you just need to find what pushes you and gives you the pressure to do the things that you don't want to do.

I've been a writer for ten years and I am always looking for a process that will make me motivated, consistent and productive. I've been searching for a lot of process, I've been trying a lot of things but none of them forces me to move everytime I needed to. I am so glad that one day I invented this simple process that makes me move even if I don't want to. It makes me write even if I don't feel it. I called it the "ten minute whatever". I use a timer, I am timing myself for ten minutes and I will just write whatever my mind can think of. Under that ten minute... I have to finish an article. Even if the article is so short I will still submit it to this blog. And it pushes me, it gives me result. I am so happy that I was able to discover it.

You too can find a process that will push you. You can find something that will make you move right away even if you don't feel right because the truth is... you will never feel good before you start, you need to start in order to feel good.

July 20, 2017


Success is always a fight, you fight for your dreams, you fight the things that are stopping you.

You fight yourself, I mean the bad version of yourself. Because you are the only one who is stopping yourself from succeeding. You are the one who is doing useless things, you are the one who is wasting your time. Don't ever think that your environment has role for your failure. Maybe they have but you are still the one who is making decisions, you are the one who is making mistakes from the very beginning. The choice is always yours, the people and things around you cannot choose for you.

You will fight the temptation if you want to become successful, You will fight the things that will give you temporary and short time pleasure but will give you long term pain. You will fight the thoughts that are making you slow and weak, you will fight the thoughts that creates fear and stop you from moving.

You need to be a fighter if you want to become successful... a very strong and disciplined fighter. You need to fight doubts, you need to fight the voices that are telling you that you can't do it.

Success is like fighting for your life, you need to give everything to have it.

Some people were coward, they were not true fighters, they easily quit and give up the moment they feel that they can't do it. They never fight for their dreams even though they know what they want. They take things for granted, they let other people or some situation kill their own dreams.

You need to fight hard and give everything you have to become successful because success doesn't want a pussy. It will never show itself to someone who is half committed and cannot even make a single and risky move.

So if you want to become successful... learn to be a fighter. A fighter doesn't need to be brave, a fighter doesn't need to be special. A real fighter is someone who is willing to fight despite of being scared and lacking the resources or skills to become successful.

July 20, 2017


Never accept your situation, never accept that you are on a bad spot, never accept that you are dying or losing because once you do it... it is game over for you. You will have regrets, you will have an uglier life, you will lose and you will never defeat the challenge that is infront of you.

You have to keep moving and keep finding solutions because that is the only thing that you can do. You have no choice but to believe that you can still win, you have no choice but to keep moving forward and at least try something that will make your situation better.

Any adversity can be defeated if you don't believe in it, you can make a comeback, you can have a better life if you don't accept the reality.

Sometimes you don't have to be realistic if you wanted to survive or stay on the game. Because if your hope is gone then you will never be able to survive what you're going through.

Never believe that you are badly ill, never believe that you don't have time anymore, never believe that your business is falling down. It is what it is but you have to keep moving forward if you want to have a chance.

Never believe that your opponent is stronger than you, never believe that you are tired, never believe that you are weak and losing.

You have to put your mind on a different dimension so that you will still take actions despite of the big challenge that is infront of you.

The best thing about life is you can survive any problems or challenges if you are still alive. No problems can kill you, even sickness... it can't kill you if your will to survive is very strong.

Just think of what you wanted to happen and think about it every second. Don't think about anything else that will damage your belief. Never entertain stupid thoughts that will make you feel weak, it's all in the mind. Learn to develop your mental toughness and you will discover how strong you are. Never make excuses... ever.

It is better to become unrealistic than to be a man that has no hope at all. It is better to believe that you can still win rather than thinking that you already lost. Don't pity yourself because that shit is for losers. Always remember that you are a winner and you can defeat any adversity if you will forget the reality.

July 20, 2017


Don't be afraid to mix things up, don't be afraid to add something to your process. Don't be afraid to try something new. It's ok to mix things up so that you will be able to produce a different result. If it didn't work stop trying it but if it works then good for you.

It's fun to experiment, it's ok to stick with your old process but you will have a lot more fun if you will try something new that can produce a different result. There is nothing wrong in trying something wrong, what matters is you try and you kill the thought of wondering if it will work or not.

It's like inventing a new recipe, you fry a chicken and then you add some lemons with it and some seasonings and there you go... there is a new lemon chicken waiting to be devoured. If it sucks then at least you know what to do next time.

You can apply this technique in any areas or process of your life. If nothing is working, if you are getting bored then try to mix things up, try something new and see if it will give you the results that you are expecting.

This kind of mindset will make you more dynamic, it will add some expectations and spice into your life. Don't be afraid to try, don't think that it might not work because nobody knows what will happen if you try something new. No one can predict a specific outcome so have the courage to try another process that might give you what you need.

You can always go back to your traditional doings if it didn't work so what is it to be afraid of? you can always go back to start and do it again.

Mixing things up is fun, it will give another dimension to your boring and stagnant life.

July 20, 2017


There are lot of time wasters that you don't know because you are entertained too much, you are so happy doing it that is why time is flying so fast. You didn't noticed that your day has passed and you haven't do anything significant for your dreams and goals. Time is gold, it is the only treasure you have if you're not yet rich or successful, all you have is time. So if you are wasting it... you are wasting your life. Here are some of the time wasters that you don't know and you must stop in order to have a more productive day.

1. Being a fan. Being a fan of a star player, a fighter, a musician or a celebrity. You almost waste all of your time knowing what they are doing. You are following them like a maniac, you don't have time for yourself anymore. You are so busy studying their lives that you don not know your own self anymore. You are so busy stalking them that is why you haven't done any significant move for your dreams yet.

2. Daydreaming. You do it after you wake up, you do it in school, at the office or every time you are alone. Daydreaming is only fun when you're not moving. That shit will not even give you any small amount of progress. You dream about your crush, you dream about the things you want, you dream about being a popular, What if you just take actions instead of dreaming? what do you think will happen?

3. Searching for something you already know. You keep on repeating surfing at the web what is the solution for hair regrow even if you already have enough information for that. You keep on asking people what is the right move when starting a business. You keep on looking for books that will make you a better person, and all of your time has been wasted searching for information that you already know. Once you get an information in something... believe it and try it, don't make a deep research because that will only make you stuck, that will not give you any momentum. You are just wasting your time studying too much instead of starting something. Once you get an info... go ahead and execute, stop doubting it, stop stopping yourself from trying it. You will never know if it is right unless you try it.

July 20, 2017


1. Never borrow money. If you borrow money you are only putting yourself in a worse situation. Some people, if they don't have money they will borrow some money from others, they think that it is the best option for them, they think that their problems were already solved if they borrow some money. This is not true, it will only be solved for a day or two but the moment you you already spent all the money you borrowed... you will feel badder, you will become worried again. Borrowing money will become a habit so don't ever do it if you want to make your financial situation better. You're only putting yourself in a worse spot even more everytime you do it.

2. Think of some strategies where you can earn some money. It can be working for a part time, selling some things, selling some second hand things, buy and sell etc. There are millions of ways to earn some money so don't ever make an excuse that you can't think of any. Just make a little money every now and then and you will be fine, don't think about making it big yet because if you do it... you will never feel motivated, just feel happy with the little earnings first and try to earn more each day.

3. Be thrifty. You need to cut some spending habits that are not helpful to your financial situations. Some people still spend a lot even though their financial situation is in trouble. It's ok to be thrifty at the moment, just fix your financial troubles first then you can spend again later once your situation is already good. Learn to be thrifty, there is nothing wrong with it. Buy cheap foods, cheap clothes, it is better if you will not buy at all if you don't need it.

4. Adapt. Learn to adapt, don't be too picky. Eat what is on the refrigerator, eat what is on the table. Use old things, don't go to several occasions if not needed. You are broke now so you must appreciate what you have. Learn to adapt with your situation so you will never have self pity or something. Adapt so you will never feel bad.

5. Stay positive. All you can do is stay positive, the storm will pass, it will never stay in your life forever. Do positive things, entertain positive thoughts, keep moving forward and soon you'll see that your life is better.

6. Don't repeat the same mistakes from the past. You already learned your lesson so don't do it again. You know what makes you go broke so it is time to change your spending habits and attitude in money. If you repeat the same mistakes then you will go broke even more. Be smart now and do what is best for your life.

7. Don't be lazy. Even if you don't have a job... still don't be lazy. Poverty loves laziness. If you will not move then you will become poor even more. Be innovative, always seek for something that will improve your situation. Just do something positive every now and then, don't rest until you solved your problems.

July 20, 2017


Accept your flaws, accept your ugliness, accept your lack of skills and don't ever think about them anymore, don't focus on them. The reason why you an't get ahead of life is because you are always insecure, you are always focusing on what is missing in your life, you are always worried about what you can't do and you don't think about what you can do or what you have. You never utilize your skills, you are so focused on your weakness.

Nobody is perfect in this world and you will never be close to perfection, all you can do is live a better life, all you can do is do your best and be yourself.

If you want to feel good about yourself... never feel ashamed of your flaws, never feel bad about what you can't do because even if you are ugly, even if you can't do something... you are still special. It is your duty to find your gifts and hone them everyday, it is your duty to feel happy about yourself and live life to the fullest even if you're not perfect.

Celebrate your life, you can always feel happy no matter what. It is your perspective that will will create the state in your system.

You are strong, you can always do something, there is part in your personality that is beautiful, you must focus on those things and be proud of them. Use them everyday, use them to give you an advantage. Don't look at other people and feel jealous of how they look, what they have and what they can do. You have your own gifts and you must appreciate them because they might fade if you are not giving them any attention.

July 20, 2017


Don't give winning too much importance because it is nothing. To some people, winning is very important, they can't stand losing, they hate losing and they feel bad being defeated. I am not saying that keep losing or don't give your best. I am not saying that just take things for granted and never be competitive.

My point here is.. don't ever feel bad if you lost. What I mean is don't make it a big deal, of course you will feel bad once you lost but don't stick with that feeling too much, you need to move on as fast as you can. You need to be on the right track, put your mind on the right position again and just come back stronger than ever.

There are some athletes that almost commits suicide once they tasted their first defeat. They feel like it is the end of the world, they feel like they were not perfect anymore. A true champion is the not the one who never lost, a true champion is the one who keeps coming back after tasting a bitter defeat.

Because even if you win now... there will be times when you will lose again, you will taste defeat again and that is the reality. Losing should never break your confidence, it should amplify your hunger.

If you lose today, you can lose again tomorrow or the next day. If you win today you can also lose tomorrow. There is no human that is immune to defeat, every human being will taste defeat, every human will hit the rock bottom and if you don't have the ability to come back and accept defeat... you will go crazy, you will never make a come back.

So don't make it a big deal if you win or lose now. It is just another day, you can celebrate if you win but don't let that go into your head, always remain humble, keep working hard because anytime adversity will visit you and test you again.

If you are losing in life... keep going, keep losing because victory is always on the line. You may taste a series of defeats but if you don't stop... you never know, the victory is the next.

Life is a rollercoaster, you can win and you can lose but don't ever forget that challenges will still come into your life even if you're already successful.

July 20, 2017


Why will you be scared of someone that you didn't even know? why will you be scared of the crowd if they are mocking you or making fun of you? do you know them? are they feeding you?

Why do you feel bad if a random guy offended you? why are you easily affected of the things that doesn't even matter?

Why are you scared to ask the rich looking sales lady about the price of the t-shirt or the items displayed at the mall? why are you so scared to ask her about the details? do you know her? is she feeding you? are you going to become poor or starve if you got rejected or humiliated?

Why are you so scared of the other people that you didn't even know? or maybe if you know them, you just know their names, you are not even close to them. Why are you so scared of the people that has no connection with your life?

Why are you so scared to speak infront of a lot of people? why can't you express yourself? why can't you be yourself if there are lot of people watching? do you know them? you shouldn't get intimidated at them because they are not even feeding you. You will not get hungry if you got embarrassed or made a mistake, you will not die if you made a silly mistake.

You should never belittle yourself, you should never feel low or feel outclassed because the truth is those people are just humans, they cannot touch you nor hurt you if you don't allow them.

You're a special human being too, you have skills, you know something they don't know, you have something they don't have. Don't be scared to ask something, don't be scared to speak, don't be scared to express yourself. Just be yourself and you will be fine, forget about looking perfect, forget about looking rich or powerful. Do what you must do and never hold yourself back.

Because at the end of the day, it is your life and you must enjoy it, you shouldn't be scared of something or someone that has no connection with your life.

July 20, 2017


If you are pursuing a goal, if you need to do something but you got overwhelmed... learn to start anywhere. Just start anywhere you think you can start. Because starting is the only way to get started, starting is the only way to make a progress. Don't get too systematic, don't follow the pattern of others, just start anywhere and let other things happen by itself.


Any start is a good start because you start and it means you wanted to do something. Never hesitate, never doubt yourself if you're right or wrong... just start and do something, never hold yourself back because the more you do it... the longer the delay will be. The more you delay the more you will become scared to start.

Whether it is about an impromptu speech or beginning a new project or business... just start. Use what you have, use every information or knowledge that you have and become a little creative. You can add a lot of things later, you can discover a lot of things as you are moving.


You are the only one who's stopping yourself, you are not giving yourself the authority to do something that will make your life or the situation better. Whatever you have in mind whether it is correct or wrong... you need to execute it or else you will never start forever. A lot of people have ideas on their mind, I mean great ideas but they can't express it or bring it to life because they don't know how to start. Starting is simply starting, you can start in the end or you can start in the beginning, you can even start in the middle. For example if you are writing a song... If you can't think of an intro then think of an outro or maybe you can think of an adlib, as simple as that. You need to do it little by little, whatever you can add into your composition.. do it.

The truth is... you can never always have a perfect start, sometimes the beginning is rough but you should learn how to adjust as you are doing the process. The good news is... you can always tweak your work, you can always adjust the process, you can always correct your mistakes. The most important thing is... you are moving and you are doing something to finish a task.

Just start now even if you suck, you will become an expert as you keep doing the process, you will become good as the time goes by. Every successful person start from the bottom with knowing a little information.

Always remember that you don't need to be perfect to start, just accept what you know, just accept what you can do and make the best out of it. Start now before it is over.

July 20, 2017


If you want to become a winner... focus on winners, focus on winning, think about the winners, act like them and talk to them. Never have some pity for losers because all they do is have self pity, all they do is complain and complain that is why they can't get what they want. They were so focus on losing, they were so focused on what is missing in their life and that is why they keep on losing no matter what they do.

Losers attracts losers so if you find a person with loser mentality... stay away from them, find someone who has a winner mentality and be friends with him. Don't stay closer with losers because you will copy their behaviors, you will copy their attitude and that is not good for you if you want to become successful.


1. The one who is complaining with a lot of things. Keeps complaining about traffic, low salary, unfair treatment etc. He only sees what is not happening in his life, he can't even appreciate the good things around him.

2. The one who's making a lot of excuses. he will make out of the world excuses why he is not winning in life but if you will look at this lifestyle... he is not even doing something to improve himself. He is so focused on misfortunes, he is whining like a bitch, he is hopeless and you cannot do something to change his mindset.

3. Someone who doesn't believe in hardwork. You can change your life through hardwork and it is true, really really true. If you think you are working hard and still your life is not changing... it means it's not real hardwork. A loser doesn't believe in hardwork because all he want is stuffs be handed to him for free. He doesn't want to sweat for something, he just focuses on what he can't do and what he want to get but will not work for it.

4. A loser easily quits when things gets hard. He will not even try the second time, he will simply quit everytime he wants to.

5. A loser is always looking for someone to blame. He will blame everything and everyone around him just to look good, just to prove that he knows something.

So if you don't want to become a loser... stop thinking about them and what they do, stop thinking about their problems, stop entertaining their complains and excuses, they are just spreading negativity around the world and it is your responsibility to avoid listening to them.

July 19, 2017


Success needs time, that's the sad part of it because if you are not patient then you will not achieve anything. You can't just work hard today or work hard for one whole week or month and expect to become successful. Success doesn't work out that way. You will become successful not because you work a lot but because of the person you've become. If you're already great, if you're already very patient, if you're already a workaholic, if you're already very fast in making decisions then that is the time that you will become successful.

Has it happened to you where you are really working super hard, you are really grinding and checking for results everyday but you can't find any result? You are getting frustrated because you think you deserve success but you can't even see the shadow of it. Then you will quit, you will think that it is not for you, you will think that you need to do something else because it's a complete waste of time.

The reason why you can't become successful is because you are chasing it. You are forcing success, you are so needy, impatient and you feel that everything you do needs to have an equivalent reward. That is why you can't make it... your mindset is not right.

You need to attract it, make success follow you and you can only do that by being great. Be so good that they can't ignore you. Build the personality of a successful person inside of you. If you always keep on moving forward and not looking for results then that is the time when success will follow you. Don't be too hot headed and impatient. If success is not following you yet, it means your effort is not enough, it means you don't have the qualities to attract success yet.

I am telling you, you will be followed if you have the right attitude and work ethic, they have no choice but to hire you or follow you.

All of the sponsors, job offers, business proposals, easy money activities will come at you if you're a great person already, if you have the skills that are one of a kind. Those things will come naturally if you have something to offer that is very difficult to ignore. In other words, success will follow you if you're valuable.

So don't ever chase success again, just try to improve everyday, be better one day at a time and success will be the one who is hunting you. Keep moving forward and don't get mad if you're not seeing results yet.

July 19, 2017


Fear is your guide to success so you should be aware what are the things that scares you the most. Because the things that scares you are the things you wanted to do and needed to do. The things that scares you are the ingredient for your success. So you need to identify your fears, forget about your goals and attack your fears because that is the most important step for making your dreams a reality.

You are so scared to make a move right? you are so scared that you might make a mistake, that is the clue.. you are so scared to move so you need to move. Forget about your goals because you can't even make a single step. Focus on your fears, what is the move that you are so scared to do? and then do it. Focus on doing what you fear the most because that is the key to your freedom. If the move that you are so scared to do is simply telling your parents that you don't want the course that you are taking because you are only forced to take it... do it, tell your parents that you want something else, that is your fear, that is what you must do.

If you are planning to build a business and you are so scared because you might not become successful.... again that is the path, that is what you should do... build it even if you are scared. Your fear is guiding you again and you must follow it. Build any kind of business and just do your best, forget the goal of becoming successful, focus on the fear... you need to defeat the fear, you need to build it now because if not... your fear will become bigger and bigger each day.

The key here is to always attack your fear, always attack what scares you. Always remember that it's just a feeling,

If you want to condition your body because you are competing... you are afraid to do the hardest drills right? so that is the best thing to do... do the hardest drills, do what scares you because it is the right path to condition your body. The things that are not scary will not even help you. Easy things like jogging, stretching and any other baby drills is not scary, it is not even hard that is why it won't help you but you want to do it because you knew from the beginning that you can finish it, it may give you a little bit progress but it will not give you the results that you want.

What scares you is always the right path because the moment you do it... regrets will die, you will never have any regrets for doing it, you will even become happier if you fail because you defeated your fears.

If you want to become a star player or impress your coach, what is the scariest thing that you think you should do? taking the ball and taking the last shot right? even if you're not the star player, you have to do it because it is the only thing that will give you a leverage. It is scary because your teammates, coach and fans will get mad at you if you miss, but what choice do you have? if you really want to reach another level then you must do what scares you the most, there is no other way around.

Fear is the right path, what you want is what scares you, so attack your fears, attack the scariest thing to do because it is the only key to freedom, it is the only key to success.

July 19, 2017


Be the man who did everything he could to become successful, be the man who doesn't make excuses and just keep moving forward to reach the level of life that he wanted to reach.

Use all your power, use all of your energy to make you dreams come true. The goal here is to avoid regrets in the end and you will only make it happen if you will give everything you've got and push your limits until you become successful.

Most people are making excuses, they were so focused on the things that makes them not capable of reaching their dreams. But if you will look at their lives... they are not even giving half of their best, most of them are only using 35% of their energy and still they are complaining and making a lot of excuses why they are not succeeding.

You can do a lot, be a lot and achieve a lot. The problem with you is you are so lazy, you take things for granted and you never push yourself to do more. In every second, there is always something you can do to be closer to your goal. If you can't reach your goal then just be at least make yourself closer to it. Be closer and closer until you finally touch it.

If you know in yourself that you did everything you can then you will be very happy, the main goal of people why they want to become successful is to become happy but a lot of people can't become happy because they are not doing everything they can, they are making excuses. They knew they can do more but they are not doing it. You don't need to become successful, the goal here is to give your very best, never hold back, go all out... even if you don't become successful, for sure you will become very happy because you were able to push yourself and see a different side of you that you thought was not possible before.

Only 7% of people around the world will give his very best to become successful in life and if you are one of them... you will reach a different level of success, you will become one of a kind. You will get things and opportunities that not everyone can get.

July 19, 2017


Why? the answer is very simple... running a marathon gives long term happiness while taking a vacation will only give you short term happiness that will only last for a few hours. Running a marathon will give you a sense of achievement, you will feel very good after finishing it because not only you will feel healthy... your body will feel very good, you will forget your problems, your mind will be decluttered from negative thoughts, you will feel younger, happier and more energetic.

If you will take a vacation... you will become very tired after it.. the travelling period sucks, the traffic, the expenses etc. You will only become happy for a short time but after it... you will go back being stressed again.

That is what will happen if you will prioritize having a good time first and trying to escape your problems. Most people are just taking a vacation just to escape problems, they think that they will forget their problems just like that, the truth is... your problems will only become bigger if you are not facing it.

You need to work in order to solve your problems, you need to face the pain. It is easier to feel good if you will work for it, just like in marathon... you will run, you will make your body tired, you will sweat but after that you will really feel good, you will feel rejuvenated energized and restarted. Unlike in taking a vacation... you will spend money which will give you worries in the end, sometimes you won't even like the place, you will become tired after it. The conclusion is... you are stressed even more. I am not saying that it's not good to have some vacation, I am just stating some facts that are true. Most people fooling themselves, they thought that taking a vacation is the only thin that will make them happy but the truth is... moving and becoming active will give you more happiness.

July 19, 2017


You think that there is no more door willing to open for you? you think that after being rejected for a lot of times then you will never get what you want anymore? no no no, success and life doesn't work out that way. There will be a door that will open for you if you keep on searching for it. It's the one who is willing to get rejected the most that will become successful. If you feel that all doors are closing, you should knock on every door you see and find out if they will let you come in.

Try the law of averages, try as much as you can, try every opportunity that you see even if it looks impossible to get it. Never get tired trying because life is only testing you, it wants to know if you are really deserving of something.

Some people can't see an open door for them because they are quitters, they never push themselves, they want to get it fast that is why they quit so fast. If you need to search forever, work forever then do it, let's see if you can't become successful if you are the hardest worker and most hopeful person in this world. It is impossible that you can't see something if you seek hard and do your best. Use all of your powers to become successful, use all of your energy to get what you want. Champions are made through suffering, they were never made through cotton candies, cottons, soft pillows or marshmallows. They were made through hardships and not with soft things.

If you want to see an open door for you... work for it, never stop until you made a close door open. Because if you really work hard, if you really give time for something, if you dedicate your life for something... someone will see your skill, someone will see your value, you will be given an opportunity, you will be given a break that you are waiting for a very long time.

July 19, 2017


Simple sacrifices can make you big, it can create a huge momentum, it is the starting point of changing your life. When you see an opportunity where you can make sacrifice... do it, don't hesitate, don't think about feeling bad. Never think that you are depriving yourself of happiness because you can become more happy later when the sacrifice is done.

The key here is to know the useless things that you are about to do and then don't do it. Instead, do something more productive that will bring you closer to what you want. That simple sacrifice is the beginning of your reign.

For example, if you are about to watch a TV show that has been aired a thousand of times... turn the television off and do something else that will give you benefits in the future, that is already a small sacrifice, that will bring you one step closer to success. Just be aware if you are doing bullshits and you will have a time to decide if you will do a small sacrifice or not.

You can find sacrifices anywhere around you, another example is your friends asking you to go out with them, the plan is go to the mall and just kill time, if you can just choose you just choose to just study at home because you have an exam tomorrow then you will be in a better position. You will not be scared tomorrow, you will become confident that you can answer all of the items and avoid the guessing game.


Because it will make you a better person. It will make you work harder, it will make you disciplined, small sacrifices is the start of the transformation of the better version of you. If you can't sacrifice then you will never go further, small sacrifices is the way to become great. All you have to do is practice delayed gratification. Ignore bullshits and do what is best for your life. It is simple but it is hard because your mind is conditioned to always look for what feels great. Your mind always seeks for comfort and pleasure that is why there are only small amount of numbers of successful people in this world... most people wants to have a good time, they never look at the bigger picture.

If you train yourself to make small sacrifices now then you can make big sacrifices in the future that will lead to better and huge results. Taking actions is the simplest way to describe it, taking positive and useful actions, never take actions that will never make you better than yesterday. Just force yourself, it is only hard in the beginning but once you get familiar with it... you will never regret taking that path.

The more you make sacrifices the bigger your prize will be, just be patient and embrace feeling the discomfort. You will feel better in a while, you will claim the prize in just a matter of time.

July 18, 2017


Success is very simple... it is just a feeling, it is just an emotion. If you feel bad about yourself, your performance or the outcome of your life then you're a failure but if you honestly think and feel that you did well and you made a little or huge impact in your life then you're successful.

Never compare your success with the success of others, the more you do that.. the more you will feel like a failure. Become successful in your own way, have your own definition of success because that is what success is all about. Success is freedom, success in enjoying life and everything that you do.

A lot of people can't become successful because they are thinking too much, they are complicating things, they are comparing, they look at other people's life and that makes them stuck, that makes them unappreciative of the good things that are happening in their life.

Just do what makes you happy, do what makes you feel successful and that's it. Never mind if people are not impressed at you, never mind about what people say... just do what makes you feel accomplished and be happy with it. Try to break your records yesterday and if you fail... try again, as simple as that.

A lot of people were already successful but they can't see it, they were not happy with the outcome. It is because they are looking at the success of others, they were greedy, they are always comparing. Success is not based on the outside, it is based on the inside of you. If you can look at yourself at the mirror and you can tell yourself that you're successful then you are, you don't need to prov yourself, you don't need to complicate things.

Success is all about progressing, improving and doing your best. If you are gaining a little improvement everyday then you're already successful, it is just a little success but keep on doing it and you will taste a larger success in the future.

You can feel accomplished by just doing 100 push ups day, you can also feel accomplished by just working a little hard today. Once you feel a little proud of yourself then you're already successful. You can also feel successful by just feeding your family and giving them the basic needs. You don't need to listen to what other people say... just feel good and accomplished and you're already successful.

JEALOUSY DESTROYS SUCCESS. Once you feel jealous with the success of others then you're already a failure because you feel bad, remember that success is all about feeling good, if you can feel good with the success of others then success will also come to you. Just focus on what you're doing, make it grow, make it bigger than yesterday, be consistent and never stop.. always feel happy... that is how to become successful. Because no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work.. if you're not happy then you're still a failure.

July 18, 2017


All work is an easy work if you will enjoy it. That is what Floyd the Money Mayweather always tell you, and it is true... All work is easy work if you are willing to work. A lot of people can't enjoy their work because they can't find the joy in moving. If you will only fall in love with your motions, if you will feel yourself, if you can convince your brain that what you're doing has significance then you will love your work, you will become excited, you will feel important.

Don't think about the outcome, don't think about what you can get by working, in other words don't expect for something in return because once you love what you're doing and you're really working hard... you will get the price in the end, you will get your reward and that is guaranteed. No need to become needy, no need to look for appreciation, just work and have fun and you will become successful one day.

The work is too easy if you will not think, if you will not worry, if you will just do it... the work is too easy. You need to focus, don't think about anything else while you're working, just fall in love with the moment and the time will pass by so fast. Sometimes if you're having too much fun.. you will feel that your time is not enough to do the work and that is a very good feeling.

Don't hate your work, don't curse it, remember that it is a blessing. Be appreciative of everything because if you can still move, if you can still do the work... it means you're not yet too old, it means you're still strong and can do a lot of significant things.

It's all in the mind, if you will think that your work is easy even if it is hard then it is easy, you will never get tired, you will have so much fun with it. But if you think that it is hard even though it is easy then you will feel a lot of stress, you will not be able to do it for a very long time.

Some people have a hard work, you even think that you can't do it for hours but they still manage to do it because they love it, because they think that it is easy. Time is very fast for them, they were not even looking at the clock.

Whatever you do, if you can't find the love in your work then you will not finish it, you will quit earlier, you will complain and look for some other things to do. It is your duty to become passionate, serious and creative with your work, learn to entertain yourself so you can defeat boredom.

So condition your mind now and learn to love your work... that is how to make your work very easy, don't complain, just keep moving and you will be able to finish it.

July 18, 2017


1. To make you fit
2. To make you very healthy and strong
3. To make your brain faster, quicker and more effective
4. To make you calmer
5. To lessen the stress
6. To increase self confidence
7. To look younger
8. To have a radiant skin
9. To eliminate the toxins in your body
10. To eliminate the unwanted fats in your body
11. To become more competitive
12. To feel good about yourself
13. To feel more accomplished than others
14. To have a better sex life
15. To become happier and more cheerful
16. To have a strong stamina
17. To have a stronger endurance
18. To put your mental toughness to another level
19. To live longer
20. To avoid different kinds of sickness
21. To have stronger bones and knees
22. To stay away from vices
23. To entertain yourself in a more productive way
24. To be able to wear the clothes that you wanted to wear
25. To become a good role model to your kids about healthy living
26. To feel guilty if you are eating a lot of junk foods
27. It builds your willpower
28. It builds makes you feel unique because lesser people are exercising
29. It makes you stay longer with any task
30. It makes you feel confident that you can do more and live longer.
31. You will begin to appreciate the simplicity of life, a simple exercise can make you happy.
32. It builds excitement in your system so you will feel lesser fear.
33. You will become more energetic.
34. You will have the ability to push through no matter what.
35. It builds muscles and abs that will make you feel proud about your body.
36. It will make you an achiever
37. You will master consistency that will help you in your career
Any exercise is an effective exercise for as long as you're sweating, having a hard time a little bit and most of all... it shouldn't injure you. Find an exercise that has some resistance but you will love doing everyday... that will give you the fastest results, that will change your life.

July 18, 2017


It's a very unique way to live life. A lot of people were so soft, they were making a lot of excuses when things are bad. They will not even go to their business appointment when there is a typhoon. A lot of people were so scared, when there is a big pressure... they crumble, they don't want to make things happen, they don't want to shine.

Don't you know that the best time to shine is during rainy season? the best time to shine is when people are counting you out, when all of people doesn't want to move because they already quit. You can shine, you can become successful when everything in your world is falling apart.

It's all about simply having the courage to move, defeat your negative emotions and giving your best... as simple as that. People were so blinded by the discomfort, they can't act when they feel powerless, they can't make decisions and make a stand when fortune is not on their favor.

Great success were built during hard times, have you ever heard a great story that was so easy? when it is hard... that is the time you should shine because you can make a very good story out of it. You can do it even if it is hard if you are willing to suffer and stay calm during the storm, it is all about weathering the storm.

A lot of people were so scared, they will not move, they will remained frozen during times of discomfort. People were so scared by recession, pressure, economic fall down, scarcity of jobs, heavy competition, strong competitors and any other things that scares them.

You need to fake courage to create courage. Just move and do something, never think about losing... ever.

Because that is the best time to move... when people doesn't want to move. You will standout from the rest because you did something and make something happen even if it is scary and the risk is too high. Rainy season, shiny season doesn't matter if you have to courage to act and forget about the results. Forget what might happen just do something and never regret what you just did.

July 18, 2017


1. You wish for someone's presence. You want a strong teammate or someone that will carry you, you are so scared if no strong individual is on your side. You want someone to protect you, to guide you or someone that will also make you look strong. You can't do it on your own, you're so afraid to carry your own life and forge success with your own hands.

2. You wish for someone's absence. You don't want a strong opponent around, you want someone that makes you uncomfortable evaporate. You don't want to be around with someone that intimidates you or overpower you.

3. You always ask for help. Even if you can do it, even if you think that you can do it somehow... you still ask for help. You want an easy life, you want things to be handed to you. In other words you don't want to sweat, you want an easy life that is why you attract difficult things.

4. You easily get bothered by something. Just a little sound of a barking dog easily bothers you, you get mad when random things surprised you especially when you are caught off guard. A very simple sound or thing annoys you when you don't like it.

5. When things gets hard you wanted to go to another place. Once you feel pressure, outclassed or out of place... you want to go to a different place that will make you comfortable. You hate looking weak, the truth is... mentally strong people doesn't even bother if they look weak or outclassed, they will stay with the moment no matter how uncomfortable it is.

6. You are refusing to accept pain even if it is the path to success. Any painful process that leads to success... you hate it, even if you know that it is the only thing that will make you grow... you hate it. You cherry pick things, you want situations that are very easy and will make you look like a winner even if you don't sweat for it.

7. You always think about the past. You wish you could change your past because you already knew what to do this time, but that thing won't happen anymore. Thinking about past is just a waste of time. You want to change past because you want to correct your decisions, you want to change past because you feel that you can't do anything about your present.

8. You think that everything is difficult. Even if it is very easy... you still think that it is difficult, you don't want to stick with the process for a long time. You want shortcuts, you want to become successful very fast.

9. You hate to get embarrassed. You want to be flawless, you want a perfect record, you can't accept losing, you can't accept that someone is better than you. Even if someone cracks a joke on you... you easily get offended. You can't control your emotions, you easily get carried with your emotions and that makes you make wrong decisions.

July 17, 2017


Visualization is true, it is shaping your brain to become successful, what you always think about will come into fruition, what you always think about will be yours if you will always think about it, see it on your mind and of course feel it, feel that it is already yours, feel that is  becoming a reality.

But some people visualize because they want to get it right away, they will just visualize for a few times and let go of that momentum. In other words... consistency is missing on their visualization process. They thought that it's just a matter of doing it once or twice, what they don't know is that they have to do it everyday. Because your mind will not change in just a blink of an eye, your mind will not change in just one week. You need to do it for as long as you can. Visualize until your get the prize, you still need to put in some time because it is not a magic... it is a process.

Another piece missing.... BELIEF. Once you visualize... you must believe it 100 percent, you must really believe that it will happen, you must never worry that it will never happen, you must have full faith and trust with it and never let any negative circumstance affects your belief. Belief is the fertilizer of your dreams, it is the base and foundation. It is better to believe it rather than not to believe it, you're a winner if you're a believer.

Another missing ingredient.. WORK. You must work like hell right after visualizing, your dreams will not come to you if you will not work. Work is the most important part so you shouldn't miss it. A lot of people keep visualizing, keep dreaming but will never work, so they are just wasting their time. Every work is easy work, there is no difficult work, all you have to do is enjoy every action that you execute and never rush for the outcome.

It is fun to visualize, you can visualize anything, you can have fun with your thoughts. You can become really creative, it is just a game, the more you have fun with it the more it will become effective.

July 17, 2017


You need to execute and take actions while you still feel something. You need to make a move right away while you still have a little appetite for working, while the little urge to move is still there because if not... you will never move anymore, you will just be satisfied entertaining a thought that you will just do it tomorrow.

If you feel a little something about it, if there is something on your brain that is telling you to do it then do it, follow your instincts, it is the rightest thing on earth. Your instincts to do the right thing is the right thing.

The time will come when you don't want to do anything about it anymore, the feeling will die and it will be harder for you to move. It will be harder to convince yourself that you need to do it even if you really need to do it.

So if you are a little motivated... do it, if you feel a little guilty for not moving... move and take actions. Use a little feeling to make yourself move. If you feel angry because you are getting poor results... use that anger to work harder, get mad... go all out, that anger will only subside if you're already successful or making a little results.

You can use any emotion to move... a little guilt for not working, being bad for not progressing, being excited because you have an idea, being inspired because of the good people around you, being motivated because you see other people succeeding, you can use that little emotion to make you move and become closer to success. Execute while the feeling is still alive because that emotion can change anytime soon.

Life is all about emotions, a lot of people were not aware of it that is why they cannot control their life. A little negative emotion is bothering them and treating it as a big deal that is why they cannot make good decisions and take positive actions. What they don't know is that emotions is always changing, you will feel bad now then you will feel good later. Regardless of whether you feel good or bad... move and do something.

The truth is.. you don't need any emotion to move, yeah emotions is a very good ingredient to spark you up and do something but you don't need it if your will is strong enough. Just think about what you wanted to achieve in life and do everything in your power to get it.

July 16, 2017


The special skill of successful people is.. they work well on chaos. They never crumble during pressure times, they can still think clearly when things are not going on their way. The are ok with randomness and they are not easily bothered by anything. Look at Floyd Money Mayweather... he is so comfortable with chaos. He can train even though there are lot of cameras on his face, he can train even though there are lot of distraction. He is so focused even though there are lot of social obligations, his mind is always on the price, he never lose his focus despite of many things happening around him.

The same as Michael Jordan, he plays very well during pressure times. He never crumble, he never commits a mistake. He is so calm like he knows what is going to happen and that is why he always hits the winning shot, that is why he is the greatest basketball player in the world.

Successful people are very good in handling their emotions, they never freak out in stressful situations, they can weather any kind of storm. They were so composed and always confident. They can handle random situations and adapt to their environment easily.

Just develop handling pressure and randomness and you will become great one day. A lot of people were quitters, they shy away from the moment the moment they feel the pressure and uncertainty. But the saddest thing is... you will never become great if you can't handle a lot of stress. It is what separates boys from men... the ability to play under pressure.

It applies to any aspect of life. If you can push further despite of feeling bad... you will achieve great things in life. You must learn how to love chaos, you must learn how to feel happy during stressful moments because you still need to move despite of feeling bad if you want to become successful, you still need to take actions and make things happen.

A lot of midgets in the game will never move anymore once they are stunned, their feet were lock on the ground once pressure is very high.

If you want to become really great...learn to adapt to any situation, learn to just enjoy the moment even if it is not enjoyable. That is the key to success... always having fun, always feeling cool when everything seems to fall apart.

The conclusion is... successful people are not skilled nor talented, they are just mentally tough and will do whatever it takes just to win.

July 16, 2017


1. Don't be too loud. If you have a goal, if you want to achieve something... keep quiet. Shut your mouth, it is better to become arrogant once you prove something else already. If you're just talking and talking then people will attack you, they will laugh at you and mock you. Some people will pretend that they like you and they support your dreams but deep inside they want you to fail. It is better to keep quiet and work hard secretly so you will not be disturbed and you will remain focus to your goals. You will feel confident and powerful if you are so focused on your goals and not forcing other people to believe that you can do it. Be secretive, even if you're making progress.... keep quiet still and never stop until you really become successful. Being arrogant even you haven't attained success yet will only stop you from working hard, it will destroy your focus because your concentration will go to the opinions of people.

2. Treat celebrities like shits. First of all... following a lot of celebrities and well known personalities will only waste your time, there is no money in there. Treat them like nothing because the truth is... they are only eating your time, they are moving you away from the bigger opportunities because all of your attention is focused towards them. Instead of focusing on your dreams and really living your life... what are you doing? you are supporting someone who will not even support you at all. If you want to become powerful, you should not even bother following other people. Don't follow them, make them follow you.

3. Learn to entertain yourself anytime you need to.  You will get boring if you need to do something for a long time in order to become successful. Great things needs a lot of time and if you can entertain yourself while pursuing a great thing... you will get it. People quit because they got bored, they can't take the situation anymore especially if they are not seeing any progress. if you can entertain yourself everytime you get bored... you are one of a kind, you will be able to achieve great things in life. The reason why there are only few people who are successful is because only few can stay with their work for a long time, only few are willing to become bored just to become successful. This applies in any areas of life, if you can entertain yourself then you don't have to worry anymore, you will become more patient. Life will be easier for you. Entertain yourself while you are at the grocery line, entertain yourself while you are waiting for your turn, entertain yourself while you are waiting for the business opportunity, entertain yourself while you are at the traffic.

It is very easy, people who lacks patience are the people who are broke, unhappy and always angry. You have the power if you can entertain yourself while you're in a bad position.

4. Be addicted with your own work. You're so addicted with the work of others that is why you can't see your worth. You are so hooked with the work of others that is why you feel so weak and can't be proud of yourself. Be addicted with your own creation, that is how to feel powerful more than ever. You will see how good you are, you will see all the shades of greatness in yourself. You will love yourself and keep growing everyday.

5. Ignore the weak people. Don't hang out with people who are full of shits and dramas, they are weak, they are complainers, they can't do anything with their life. Weakness is contagious, if you want to feel a lot of power... associate yourself with powerful people who keeps on moving and succeeding.

6. Master perseverance. The moment you wanted to quit, the moment you wanted to stop... keep pushing, keep extending, keep moving. Victory belongs to the most persevering. Powerful people are the ones who keep on fighting until the end, they never quit, they never give up. Perseverance is all about not stopping, it is very simple, just do what you can do even if you feel so weak and slow. The more you persevere... the more you develop some power that you can use in the future.

7. Don't get jealous. Powerful people are the ones who celebrate the success of others, if you can't be happy with someone's success then just shut up. Don't feel bad because you can't do it. The ones who always got jealous are the weak people, they want to pull someone down because they knew that's all they can do, they feel successful with someone's failure, it is a very weak character right?

 8. Learn to adapt. Adaptation is the most important skill that you must possess. If you can adapt then nothing will faze you. Strong opponent, big challenges, tough situations... if you can adapt then none of those things matter. You will still move and do your best. Some people... if they feel that they can't do it... they will never even try, they don't know how to adapt that is why they are always failing.

July 15, 2017


The more you stay away from temptation the more you are likely to become successful. The world today is full of temptations and those temptations are what makes life difficult for you. Those temptations makes you slow, lazy and not capable of achieving great things in life.

You are already weighing 280 lbs and diabetic yet you still can't resist chocolates, you dig chocolate bars like there is no more tomorrow. You can eat the biggest size of the cadbury bar and the funnier thing is... you don't even want to drink water after eating it.

You easily get tempted by the latest gossip in facebook, you know the cutest cat, latest pregnancy news, latest suicide bomber, the fight at the park, the newly confessed gay macho celebrity and any other news that will not even contribute to your growth. You easily get tempted when you see thumbnails that looks interesting. And that is why you don't have an extra time anymore to build your own business.

You've already been diagnosed with a high blood pressure yet you still eat a lot of fatty foods and meat, you love chicharon and any other cholesterolic foods. You're craving for meat even though it is forbidden to you. That is why you are scared and thinking that anytime you can have a hear attack, that is why you are so frightened when the nurse is getting your blood pressure.

You have an important business meeting tomorrow but you watched TV the whole night because it is the season finale of your favorite show. And when the business meeting is already there... you're in a state of panic because you're not prepared.

There is a sale item at the mall, you bought it even you don't have an extra money. And when you needed to pay the bills... you can't find something on your wallet, the result is... your electricity and water supply being cut, even the internet was also cut... what a life.

All you need to do is stay away from temptation and you will have a better life. Stay away from things that are seducing you but will give you a bad effect in the future. You're already a grown man, you know what is good for your life but the only problem is you're not doing it.

Just a little discipline will make you a little bit healthier, wiser and richer. Always think about the bigger picture, think about the future and not the temporary pleasure. You can go further with enough discipline, you can achieve more if you will avoid temptations that are bad for your health and career.

1. Weigh what is more important to you... is it a short fun or a better life in the future?. Choose smartly, you know better and you need to do it.
2. Remind yourself of the worse things that may happen if you didn't resist temptations. Always look at the negative side of that temptation.

July 15, 2017


This is one method that will surely make you productive and effective. I know you're watching TV a lot, I know you were so addicted to sports, fights etc. I know you've been wasting a lot of time watching TV and you are not able to work hard and pursue your dreams because of it. So this is the best thing to do... just watch the main event. It will make you watch your favorite show or any sports, the only difference is you will only watch the main part or the last part.

I know you will miss a lot of actions or scenes but the equivalent time of those misses can be used for a more productive activity that will make your life even better.

Just watch the fourth quarter of the NBA game, you will miss the three quarters but you will save a lot of time that can be used to pursue your dreams, to do more productive things that will give you a better life. It will also forced you to move because you don't want to miss the last quarter. You will act fast and do what you're suppose to do while it is only the first three quarters. The good thing about it is you will see the ending, you will still know the score and the best player. You save a lot of time, you also enjoy watching the game.

If you are watching an MMA or boxing... just watch the main event or simply watch your favorite fighter, forget the other fights, just watch one fight. You will save a lot of time, you will be surprised at how many things you were able to do by not watching the other fights.

Same in drama series, just watch the season finale. At least you still know what is the ending, you still know what is the story all about. Because you don't need the other details anymore, you only need the ending of the story. It is ok if you weren't able to watch the other scenes, at least you saved a lot of time and you do a lot of more important things.

Watching the main event or the last part is your prize for sacrificing and doing the right things first. The good thing about it is you are forced to take actions, you are doing the important tasks first while you are waiting for the last part of the show, you will move fast because you don't want to miss the last part of the show.

Watching TV is hurtful, it will affect a lot of things in your life, you will procrastinate a lot and you will waste a lot of time that could have been used to put yourself on a better position. So the best thing to do is just watch the main event, never feel sorry if you miss the other parts because the more you miss the earlier parts... the more you will become productive.