June 20, 2017


When you were young you can do a lot of things. You were reckless and you want to try a lot of experience. You want to go to different places, meet a lot of people, make a lot of friends and just be happy all the time. You were experimenting at your life, you want to see the world and be known to the world. You were dreaming of making it big but you are not taking it seriously, you fee like you have a lot of time and your adventure will never end. But when you were already old... you don't want to waste time anymore, sometimes you just want to stay home and spend most of your time with your family. It only means young is addition and old is subtraction. When you were young you keep on incrementing and when you're old you keep on decrementing to sustain your life.

When you're already old you subtract the foods that your body don't need because your metabolism is getting slower and you can easily get some kind of a disease if you don't take care of your diet properly. But when you were young you keep on eating everything you want, you want to experience a lot of food that you haven't eat yet, you're so aggressive and confident that you can't get sick because just like I said... you were still young and your body can regenerate and heal so fast.

When you're already old, you subtract the knowledge that you are putting into your brain to avoid stress, you just entertain the thoughts that are helping you. You don't care about other information anymore that is giving you a headache. While you are still young, you want to learn everything. You are so experimentive and you're like a helter skelter when it comes to trying things, you want to become a genius, you want to know different things that doesn't even matter.

When you're already old... you subtract the fake friends in your circle, you already knew who are your true friends, you don't want to be around with fake people. For you, spending time with people that you don't like is just a waste of time. When you're still young, you want to please a lot of people. You keep adding friends to your circle even if you don't like them. You want to be liked and you want to look friendly because you don't want other people to hate you. You associate yourself with people who you didn't even like from the very start.

When you're already old you need to lose weight to keep your health in check, you need to reduce some fat in order to stay healthy. When you're still young you don't care if you gain a lot of weight because you're confident that you can reduce anytime you want, you keep eating like there's no tomorrow and you don't care until you don't feel anything bad into your system.

When you're getting old, you lose your hair, you lose your teeth, you lose your drive and aggressiveness, you lose the strength of your body. It is part of change, sometimes you can't even accept that you're getting uglier. But when you're still young you keep gaining strength, your wisdom tooth is growing, you are even coloring your hair with different colors, you keep growing, you keep blooming.

When you're getting old, some of your family members die, it's a sad part but it is the reality. But when you're still young.. you are seeing that your family members keep adding, there are lot of babies born, you are even starting your own family and raising a baby.

This is just a reminder that time is fast, when you're already old and you don't love the changes in your life... don't fight it, learn to accept it because that is life. Learn to let go because you cannot do something about it anymore, all you can do is enjoy the moment and have some fun until the end.