June 08, 2017


You can be the most intelligent guy in town, you maybe the smartest, the one who knows a lot and can reach the highest heights as many people say but if your focus is not right then you will never go far. You can be the cum laude of your class, a dean's lister or a promising talent but if your focus is wrong then you will never get what you want. There are millions of teachers, professors, doctors and any other professionals that are not happy because their focus is wrong. Let's admit it, most people just finish a degree just to get a good job and get rich. It means they want money, they want to get rich and wealthy but sometimes their focus is wrong.

Some people were caught up on studying too much only to end up accomplishing nothing, they get frustrated, they get depressed. It is simply because they can't find a little success on what they're doing. It is ok if you're happy just simply studying, reading books and knowing a lot. But if you want a lot of money then you should focus on earning money and not reading books. It doesn't matter how you get it, of course you should still prioritize not being a problem to others but the point here is... if you want money then you should do something to get money, don't focus on other things that will only slow you down.

A lot of people thinks that by knowing a lot then you will be able to get rich fast. It is not the right mindset, if you want to get rich then you should do the very closest activity to get rich. Your focus should be the money, not on the crowded information that will only make you confused. You should be single minded, you should have a focused energy on money. That is why there are some confident people who wanted to become rich never finish their school, they immediately jumped in to their idea and make it successful no matter what.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that school will not make your rich nor successful. I am just stating a fact that sometimes you are studying too much but at the end of the day all you want is to become rich and wealthy. School is just another medium to become successful and rich but the truth is... not all the smartest students in class became the richest in their batch, they were even beaten by some average students.

There is nothing wrong in studying too much if that is your really focus, but if you are just doing it for the sake of money then stop doing it and jump on the process of creating money right away. You can become rich without studying a lot, all you need to do is know the basics of creating wealth and find the right process for you. This is not short cut or cutting corners, it is about placing your energy and focus on the right thing. You need to make a smart move and go to your goal right away.

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