June 30, 2017


Time management will not work because you always think that you have lesser time that is why you want to manage your time. You think that you are experiencing a time scarcity, you want everything to be under control but the truth is... you can't control everything.

You need to be spontaneous with your time, you don't need to rush but you need to keep on working towards your goals. You just need to decide what you're going to do today and then do it no matter what, do it anytime, do it even if there are lots of obstacles from doing it. 1am, 2pm, 12, pm... time doesn't matter, just do it and never sleep until you're done. Use priorities instead of time management because managing time is like depriving yourself from enjoying your freedom. What if you still want to work on your project and it is already 8pm and you need to do some other things because it is written on your "planner" that you need to do this and that? of course you will feel bad, you have a momentum going on but you need to cut it because you are forcing yourself to do some other things.

Just have a spontaneous ride, prioritize what you need to do and just do it anytime, the time for doing what you need to do will come. You don't need to make a time management. You need to create time for things, you just need to know the things that will give you results and just do it everyday. Stop managing your time... just create time for the things that are very important.

A lot of people who have a busy schedule can't follow their schedule because it is really impossible to follow a lot of things. There are lot of random things that will happen and you should be ready to accept it. You need to create time for things to work, it doesn't matter if you're tired or over fatigued, once said you will do it... just do it and stop running thoughts inside of your head that will only make things difficult for you. Just show up, do your best to avoid being late and don't worry about the time. You will have a lot of time if you're not worried about it.

Time management will only give worries to you. You will always look at the clock, you will always check the tasks that you need to do, you will always rush, basically it feels like someone is choking you because there are lot of things on your list that you need to do and you feel like your time is running out. You feel suffocated, you feel you're running out of air. More stressed, more frustration.

Don't worry about time, just create time, you can do it if you really want it. Stop following your busy schedule, just give time for important things and you will be able to live an easier life.

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