June 11, 2017


Sometimes you need to feel a lot of pain, depression, frustration and stress in order to become successful. I don't know why but it seems like the universe is always testing you, it is testing you if you are strong enough not to give up. It is testing you if you really want to win and when it sees that you can't take it anymore then that is the only time that it will give you what you want. But it is ok, it is more fun if you will experience a lot of adversity before you win. A victory is sweeter if it is harder to get.

So be aware if you wanted to give up, if you wanted to quit. When you feel that you can't move anymore and you wanted to go back... just slow down, rest if you must then keep going. If life is getting harder and harder for you... it means success is almost there. It means something good is about to happen.

Look at those people who persevere, when they were almost defeated that is the time when help comes, that is the time when they were able to figure out what to do to win in life. If it looks really impossible, it means the victory is very near, you will make it so keep going and fighting.

The beauty of life is it is very tricky. Sometimes you  think it is already over, sometimes you think you can't make a come back but suddenly... some kind of a miracle will happen. You will be able to find a way to win, you will be able to find the missing piece to your puzzle.

So keep working even if you're suffering. Just find a way how to extend your journey, you can always stay in the game. It's all about focusing one step at a time, one breathe at a time. Find a thought that will avoid you from quitting.

WINNERS WILL STAY IN THE GAME NO MATTER WHAT. Miracles always happen in the end, there is no such thing as a miracle in the beginning. So if you want to see miracle and a great turn around... you should never quit. Just move slow if needed, what matters is you are still progressing, what matters is you're still alive and your will to win is still there. Do everything you can to avoid from quitting. Think about the happy thoughts, entertain thoughts that will entertain you and will make you a little bit stronger. There is no winner that quit so if you want to win, if you want to become successful.... don't ever quit.

Look at the greatest stories of success... all of them were paired with adversity. There is no such thing as a great story that has no pain nor suffering. A journey that is full of challenges will produce a very sweet victory.

Just focus on what you can do, fill your mind with hope and positive thoughts. Your strength will never ran out, your body will not be depleted. It is your mind that is wanting you to quit so you must find a way how to silence the voices in your head that is telling you to quit.

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