June 28, 2017


A lot of people thinks that business is just about passive income, once you build it.. you don't need to work anymore, you will just sit down on your couch watching TV and money will come naturally. This is what most people think about business that is why any business that they build is not clicking.

Yes, business is a passive income, it will give you money even if you're not employed but you still have to work really really hard for it to work. You can't just be investing some money and money will work for you. That is a traditional thought, it won't work trust me. I have a friend who is very good in business and of course he is super rich. I thought that he is having an easy life because he have a very strong business but later I found out and I was in complete shock that he is working for 11 hours a day, excluding the time he is spending while traveling back and forth from their home to the business area. I learned that even the richest people are working hard. They were also suffering, they were also dying to survive their business.

So if you think that just investing thousands of bucks for a specific business and doing nothing will make you earn money... you better think again because you will just waste your money. Your business will go down in just a matter of time. You still need to guard your business, focus on it, take are of it and treat it like your bread and butter. Never get lazy or else you will get bankrupt easily.

Any kind of business should be taken seriously, it is not some kind of a game that you can quit whenever you want. You should treat it like your life depends on it so that you will become successful for sure, so you can do the impossible things.

Any kind of business will succeed if the right amount of hardwork and dedication was exerted. There is no way you can't succeed if you really give everything you've got. You will only fail if you are making excuses. You will only fail if you didn't do the right thing.

You can't just be relaxing forever if you establish your own business, you still need to work like an animal if you want to succeed. It is what it is, even Bill Gates and Elon Musk work like hell.

A lot of people wants to establish a business so they don't have to work anymore but they end up working for more because of that kind of mindset. If you are wishing to cut your work, it means you are already setting up yourself for failure. It means you want to take shortcuts.

Business is something to die for if you want to survive it and make it successful, at first it is difficult, really really difficult but in the end you will have an easier time but it doesn't mean you don't need to work anymore.

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