June 22, 2017


There are lot of motivators out there, they will tell you what to do, some are fraud, some just want to become popular or get some money. But a real motivator is not someone that can force you to move but someone who will show you the reality and another dimension in life. He will give you some inputs that you can use and is very effective. Anyway, enough of my shitty intro, I just wanted to move and finish this article, but these people are really good and will give you some advises or information that you can use in your life. Just search them in you tube or something and you will see their names.

RSD (Real social Dynamics) - Talks about reality, fighting your emotions, tricking your brain, speaks the truth, their main focus is to simply make yourself move and stop being lazy. They don't care about getting rejected, all they want is for you to take actions that will put you in a better position. Sometimes they use harsh words but it will wake you up. They don't care about making mistakes, they want you to become confident and have the authority over your fears. They also give dating advise. They were so unique and can really make you feel guilty about not taking actions.

Tony Robins - Brain programming, peak state, massive action. He is one of the most successful motivators in the world. He is a millionaire, he also have great materials and references. He can inspire you. He is the real deal because he is rich, successful and known by many. His voice alone can make you believe, he has a very nice tone that is full of boldness and deepness.

Jim Rohn - Law of attraction, law of averages, has biblical touch, he is funny too. He mix spirituality with success. He is also very successful that is why a lot of people believe him, he has the life to back up all of his teachings. Tony Robins know him well, this guy can make you take actions and reflect on your life.

Abraham Hicks - Easeness and flow, not trying hard, focus. She is funny, for other people who can't get what she's saying... she will look weird but it is proven that her words are effective and can be use in your daily life. She is so unique, she talks about vortex and momentum a lot which is really true if you will apply them in your life .

Elliot Hulse - More of your body, strength, mental toughness. He knows all the solutions in life, he will even answer your questions if he accidentally picked it in the section comment on his you tube channel. He is very entertaining and can inspire you too. He is one of the modern motivators that can give you wonderful advises in life.

Eric Thomas - Talks about pain, sacrifice and dedication. He is so energetic, he has a lot of powerful words that was not heard before. He is so charismatic and has a lot of powerful quotes, listen to him and you will see how weak you are.

Les Brown - He has a very nice voice, very powerful motivator, talks about his experiences in life. He is so successful too, if you listen to him once, you will never say that it is the last.

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