June 01, 2017


Nurture the thoughts that will help you in your life. Thinking is already power, what you think about will play a major role in your life. If you are thinking about losing then you will lose, if you think about winning (all the time) then you will win. Your thoughts is your reality. You may think that it is not true because those are only thoughts. But your thoughts plays a major role in how you act, how your body reacts, it plays a major role in your actions. If you are thinking about getting rich all the time... your body will be forced to take actions to become rich. For unknown reasons... you're moving without even thinking. It's like automatic, you're in an auto pilot mode for taking actions to become rich. You will become motivated if you're always thinking about getting rich. You will have an unlimited energy and you will keep moving forward.

But if you're thinking about poverty, hardness of life and problems... all you will have is problems, you will not be able to produce some solutions for the betterment of your life. That is why broke people can't escape the rut that they are in... they were always complaining and whining about life. They don't want to take actions, they don't want to change they way they think.

Powerful people, successful people have rich thoughts, their brains were full of hope, positivity and solutions. They never entertain negative thoughts. All they think about is making their life better. All they think about is success, that is why success is easily attracted to them. They were focused on taking actions instead of frustrations.

So if you want to change your life... study how you think, be mindful of your thoughts. Control your thoughts and make sure it is all about abundance, patience, actions and positivity.  Take care of your thoughts, treat it like a garden and never let any weed of negativity grows on it.

Have you ever see a successful person complaining and talking about negativity? Have you ever see someone winning make excuses? of course not. Only losers play the victim role, only losers are making excuses. Winners may lose but they accept it and do something about it, they will take full responsibility of their loss and they will not blame anyone. It is simply because they know that if they let their thoughts become negative... they will never win again.

So if you are thinking about problems instead of solutions... you will attract problems, you will never be happy. You will not be able to change your life, your life will become full of stress and obstacles, it is true because I am a negative thinker before, I always attract adversities because I created it by myself because of thinking too much negative.

Learn to harbor positive thoughts, learn to always feel abundant even if nothing is going on with your life. It is your thought that molds your life and reality, be aware of how you think.

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