June 29, 2017


There is only one direction that you need to follow and that is moving forward. Not backward, not sideward... just forward.

Life will be very easy if you keep on moving forward, it is very simple. You just do what you know and make sure every action that you execute will make your life better, make sure it will make you a better person. The direction is always forward, never look backward, never think about restarting.

And even if you made a mistake.. if you have the option to not repeat it then don't repeat it, just keep on moving forward and be one step closer to your goal. Be aware if you are moving forward or stopping, the moment you find yourself being stagnant... move right way, find what it is that will put you on a better position. You don't necessarily need to make a fast progress or make a long jump, just take a baby step and you will be fine.

Moving forward is very simple, you will just shut down the fear that is stopping you and then forget about what will happen next. Just do it and do it and do it. Don't stop, don't listen to the silent voices in your heard that is telling you to stop. Even if you are slow, even if you feel tired and heavy... you still need to keep moving forward and do what is necessary. Willpower alone can take you there, just find what is working and stick with it no matter what, stick with it until the end.

Find where you are good at and keep doing it, find your strength and focus on it. Never focus on your weakness, never focus on what you can't do. There is always something you can do and you have to focus on it, do it everyday, produce results from it. You are enough, your resources are enough, you just need to trust yourself and trust the means available. Never underestimate your skills and knowledge.

When things go hard, don't entertain the thoughts of going back, remember that there is only one direction you know and that is moving forward. Regardless of the circumstances, keep moving forward. Moving forward is the only way to discover the unknown, it is the only way to make a progress so keep taking baby steps and never stop until you're done.

You can rest but only for a very short time, never let your momentum die, never stop, never think about hiatus or something. You can regain your energy in just one sleep, once you feel that you can move again... move forward as fast as you can. fatigue is only in the mind, it happens if you don't want what you are seeing so don't look for what is happening around just focus on taking actions and push forward until you become successful. It's easy to become relentless, just don't think and make a small move every now and then.

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