June 27, 2017


The truth is.. you don't want to admit the truth, the truth is you are fooling yourself that you really want it but you don't really want it bad enough. If you really want it then you must be dying for it. The truth is.. you're just joking around, you hate to admit that you are wasting your life. You keep on telling everyone that you're changing, that you're working hard but the truth is you're bot doing anything to change your life. You're a bum, that is the truth but you hate to admit it for whatever reason.

The truth is... you're protecting your identity so much. You want to become perfect, you want everything to become perfect that is why you can't even move, that is why you're not taking any risk that will make your life better. The truth is.. you know the truth, you know what to do but you're pretending to be blind just to avoid taking actions.

It's hard to handle the truth but the truth is the only thing that will set you free, it is the only thing that will make your life better than yesterday. If you can accept the truth that you're not doing anything, that you're lazy, that you're an egoistic type of human being then you will have a bigger chance to change your life. Truth is very hurtful, it is very hard to accept it but you must learn to embrace it so that you can put your life on a better direction. Truth hurts but at the same time it is a life changer, it is an important ingredient to success.

Just accept the truth, accept that you are taking your life for granted, accept that you're wasting your time so that you will be able to make some adjustments to your life.

The truth is... you have a lot of time, you're still capable of succeeding, you just can't find that motivation and sense of urgency to take action. You need to accept the truth and change it, you need to make you present truth false, you need to reverse the course.

The truth is.. you're still pretending up to now that you are less fortunate, you are pretending that the world is unfair and the world owes you something, you feel like they should give you more even if you are willing to give less. It's time to wake up and do the right thing. It's not too late for you, you can still turn things around. You can make a big come back.

The truth is... you don't have the heart to fight for your dreams, you're making a lot of excuses, I don't know if you really believe your excuses or you're just using them to avoid feeling guilty for your failure and lack of effort.

If you will just accept the harsh truths in your life and have the courage to change them... you will be able to change dramatically, you will get that break that you are waiting for a very long time.

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