June 10, 2017


Try again because the next one is the one. It is the opportunity you've been waiting for. It is the biggest break that you've been waiting for. This should be the mindset that you must practice to become successful. Keep trying, keep working, keep hoping. The next one is the one, and even if you didn't succeed from the next one, keep hoping for the other next one again. The next one will never end until you succeed. There is always another try, there is always another hope, your chances will never ran out so don't lose hope, don't feel bad if you keep failing over and over again. You have unlimited chances and you must take advantage of it.

And what it is it to be afraid of if you know in yourself that you have another chance next time? if you're not afraid to take the whole process again then you will be fine. It's just a matter of moving again, doing the same thing again and hoping to win again. It's nothing new so don't ever feel bad if you have to take the same process again, or even if it is a new process... you will still move and exert effort so what is the big deal about it? you will just use your body and brain, you will just become tired... there is nothing uncomfortable with that, it is too normal.

So keep trying, keep working, keep grinding, hammer it till the bitter ends. The next one is the one, and even if it is not the one... you don't have any choice but to keep trying if you really want to win.

Only few people can try over and over again until they succeed and those are the most successful people in the world. So if you're not scared of failing then you will win for sure. It is just a matter of time before you win, if you need to fail a million times in order to become victorious... do it.

All of your failures will be erased once you win in the end, keep that in mind.

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