June 20, 2017


You were already focused on their movements, their situations, you know them better than you know yourself, you watched their actions and sometimes mimic them, you have lesser time for your dreams, you have more time for what is happening on them. You don't know yourself anymore because you are studying other people and loving all of their actions.

But how about yourself? do you still know yourself? are you still willing to see what are your real strengths? are you still willing to see how good can you become? if you focus on other people's lives... you will get lost, you will not be happy, you will feel depressed because you will not feel the growth in your eco system.

There is no benefit from caring about other people's lives. There is no point in knowing what is the favorite color of your idol because it will not even give you a single penny. It's ok to admire someone but it is not ok to spend most of your time studying other people's lives. You are guarding their actions, hoping for their reply, you basically know every single detail of their lives but you almost forgot how to take care of yourself.

To be yourself is to simply focus on yourself. Forget about their reactions, forget about what they say, forget about how they feel. Just simply focus on how you feel and what you want to happen in your life. It is more fun if you will see yourself growing from challenges and pain, you are living your life to the fullest if you are simply doing what is best for your life and your family. It's none of your business how other people think, what matters is you are in control of what you're thinking and you are progressing everyday.

You have to become better first before you think about other people. Why will you think about them if you can't even make your life great? you are so concerned about how other people feel and what they're doing. You are so concern about their activities and that is why you almost forgot that you have a life to live and it is your responsibility to reach your full potential.

You will become very creative if you will focus on yourself, how you feel and how you think. You will experience more freedom and aliveness if you are so engaged on what is happening with your life. It is not about separatism or being a loner. The point here is... celebrate your life and do what you wanted to do. If other can become successful so are you. You can become big like your idols, just express yourself to the fullest and never hold back.

BE ALIVE. Don't act like you're dead already, don't act like you can't do something great. This is an opportunity of a life time. While you're still alive feel alive. Most of you were not pushing yourselves that is why you can't see the best in you. Do everything in your power to become successful. Forget about what other people say, just do what makes you feel happy and successful. It is time to focus on yourself so you can be yourself and you will be able to see the real you.

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