June 20, 2017


Don't be scared to push because by doing that... you will see the real you, you will be able to know how good you can be, you will see your purpose, you will see your prime, you will even be surprised by the things that you thought you can't do before.

If you want to reach another level... keep pushing because if you will not push yourself then you will remain the same person as yesterday, you will not level up, you will not grow. And the sad thing about not evolving is... you will feel like a failure, you will feel weak and hopeless. The feeling of stagnancy is always there, it feels like you're in jail and you want to get out but you can't because you don't want to face the pain of pushing.

You don't need to push hard so fast. Just push a little each day, make sure you are feeling a little bit of discomfort. Because if everything is easy... then it means you are not gaining something, it means you're just fooling yourself, evolution is not happening if you're not pushing.

You will be able to see the things that you haven't seen before if you're pushing, you will see the other side of yourself that you thought was not there. There is a kind of magic when you're pushing, it is like uncovering the power that was hidden for a long time, it is being able to see the magic and beauty of life.

You will beat mediocrity if you are pushing, you will not become like others who all want is to become comfortable, they want a very easy life that is why their life becomes hard. If you do what is hard your life will become easy. Pushing creates miracles, it beats any boundaries, you become something else, you will be able to upgrade your quality of life. Even if you thought you were already defeated... if you push yourself then you will be able to create a shocking comeback, the world will get shocked, they knew you were defeated but here you are... still putting yourself in the best position to win.

The key here is to don't be afraid to get tired, don't be afraid to make a little step even if you are gassing out, even if you are stressed... just find that one ounce of breathe and keep moving. Keep moving despite of pain, just imagine how successful you will be if you don't stop and outwork everyone.

I don't know but there is some kind of magic happening when you feel like you've already been defeated but you still move. The doors will start to open again, there is some kind of life that is going on. So don't ever lose hope, just keep pushing until something show on your way. It will never be over until you become successful, there is always a chance, you may never see it now but you will see it in the end.

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