June 29, 2017


If you are so confused and you can't find a clue what to do in life, the best decision is to focus on what you need, as simple as that. If you need some money then focus on money, don't do anything else other than making money. Look for a job, sell some things, provide some service, apply a loan, borrow some money from your closest ones but make sure you will return it. Because if money is what you need then why are you so focused on things that will not give you money? is watching a lot of TV series going to give you money? is talking about your problems going to give you money? is complaining in life going to give you money? you have to focus on getting it and not on why it is not there. 

If what you need is happiness then just focus on being happy. Find the activities that gives you happiness, associate your life with people who makes you happy. Never join the company of people who is making you feel bad, you have to focus on what you need and stop going the other way. 

What do you need at the moment? look for it and focus on it. If you need is peace of mind then stop watching news, focus on meditation, focus on strengthening your spirituality. Getting interested with gossips will never get the job done because it is the opposite of what you need. You don't need to complicate it, just focus on what you need at the moment and you will have an easy life. 

If you are so stressed and you need a rest then why are you drinking a lot of beers with your friends that will just give you a hangover tomorrow, you will be stressed even more. Just go home and take a rest, don't think about anything else, just close your eyes and sleep as much as you want until your energy comes back.

Focus on what you need and do something to make it happen... that is they key to a more lighter life. If you need to study for your exams then just focus on reading your books and studying your lessons. It is easy as 1, 2, 3. No sweat if your focus is right. 

If you need to eat then just eat, if you need to drink then just drink. It is all about making your life simple and doing things one at a time. If you need to finish your task then finish it, don't stop until it is finished. Stop watching at you tube, stop texting your friends, just focus on what you need and you will have an easy life. 

Don't entertain any other things other than what you need. If you need confidence then stop entertaining thoughts that are making your self esteem go down. Stop engaging with activities that will never level up your confidence. Just do the things that will make you confident. 

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