June 21, 2017


If you want a new life then you should redefine your life. Change they way you look at your life, change your behaviors, perceptions, habits and initial thoughts about different things.

If change can't be done then you should completely wash away your past, summon a different perspective and different type of energy that you haven't experience from the past. It's all about reprogramming your mind and traveling a different path. If what you're doing in the past is not working, if you're so frustrated in your life then it is time to redefine your life. You can change the people in your circle if you want to especially if they are not helping you out to become a better person, you can change job, change home, you can change everything. Your life will change if you change 90 percent of it, that includes behaviors, routines, thoughts and the people in your circle.

Because if you will not do it now then when? when will you redefine your life and experience the better things? time is running out, you thought that you can change next month or next year huh? how many times you told yourself that lie before?

Become the director of your life, don't let others direct it for you because you will not like the result. You have the power to change, you can always make something happen. You just don't have the work ethic and tenacity yet to change but you can have those qualities if you are willing to commit.

Do some harder and more exciting things, push yourself, become the best that you can be. You can be someone else, someone who is a winner and succeeding in life. It is just a matter of wanting it so bad that you don't consider any adversity as a problem anymore. You consider everything as a challenge that you must overcome in order to reach another level.

If your past is bad.. forget it, what matters is today, what matters is what you're doing today. You can always make a dramatic change in your life, forget everything bad that happened to you, forget your mistakes and shortcomings.

Project a self image that you really want in your life and never change it. Live with it forever, don't be afraid of what people say because they will always have something to say no matter what. Even if you're the kindest person in the world... they will always say something nasty about you. Just live yourself image and let the transformation happen.

Be disciplined, you know what habits and actions that will make you successful, you know what type of pace and cycle that will give you the best things in life. If you wanted to change you must have rituals and habits that will at least improve your current situation, you can make it happen, discover the flow, redefine your life now. It is only difficult in the beginning, once you repeated it a lot of times... things will become very easy.

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