June 07, 2017


Your life will not become perfect... ever, accept that. Adversities will come, different problems will come. It's not about being negative, it's about accepting the reality and if you will be alright with those problems and treat it as just a challenge then you will be alright. If there is a perfect life then why are there millionaires that has depression problem? why are there rich celebrities who do drugs? why are there successful businessmen who commits suicide?

Some people who get it fast, some people who became successful fast, some people who were not so used to losing and suffering were stunned the moment they experienced a big adversity in their life that is why they freak out, that is why they don't know what to do.

If you got sick, if the illness is severe... no need to panic, you just need to process the adversity. Do everything to make you a little bit better, do everything that makes you stronger than yesterday and that's it. I know it's easier said than done but if you will not face the adversity, if you will not process it then nothing will happen to you, your situation might get even worse.

You only need to face it, talk about it, make a game plan and then stick with it. Don't ever shy away from it, don't ever make excuses for not facing it. If you're not afraid to process any adversity then nothing can ever put you down. You will always thrive, you will survive any storm that may visit your life. It's all about enduring it, doing something for it and waiting for it to pass. Any adversity will end, it will never stay in your life if you're positive enough to do everything in your power to surpass it. The reality is... you can always do something, you can always do something to solve your problem. There is no such thing as impossible. The key here is to face your emotions, don't try to numb it by drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods and doing stupid things that may entertain you for a while.

Process the adversity now because it will become bigger the more you postponed facing it. Once you decided that you are going to process it then you will be able to end it, you will come up with solutions that will make your life better.

After you process any kind of adversity... you will feel better, you will feel like a different kind of individual, you will feel that you became better, stronger, smarter and braver. Because all the adversity does is make you a better person. So don't be afraid of it, process it and grow from it.

Strong and successful people will never run away from any adversity, they face it like a real man, they never make excuses, they never blame anyone, they are not looking for an easy way out. The process it until it is done, they do everything in their power to make their situation better again.

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