June 27, 2017


Success is much better if you will make it in silence. Stop talking about it, stop bragging about it, stop being proud about it... just keep quiet and do the work. Because you will have a lot of haters if you're so loud and proud. There is nothing wrong with that if you can handle it, but what if you are so sensitive and you are barking at anyone who is making a nasty comments against you? you will only get distracted if you're too loud, too much people will join the noise, too much people will ride the hype but none of them are true, most of them were also wishing for you to fail.

You will feel lesser pressure if you're not that loud, you will have peace if you're working on your craft, pursuing your goal and making success as the noise maker itself. Don't let your mouth run your show, let the results and success silence the people. Let success be the noise, granted that it is a true success and not just a hyped success.

It is lovely if people were counting you out and not giving you any attention but in the end they will be surprised that you are winning and making it n life. It is like you're a darkhorse and then you keep on shining in the end and surprising people how big you've finally become. Be ok being an underdog, be ok not getting all the attention and hype because at the end of the day... even if you're making a lot of noise, it's the results that matters and not the noise that surrounds you.

There are lot of people who are making hype for themselves, they are telling the world about what they're doing. They are telling the world how big they will become but in the end... they were all about talk, they didn't accomplish anything. They fall short, maybe because instead of making themselves better... they were focus on looking good and impressing people that is why their efforts were not good enough to become successful.

Being silent will never attract enemies. It is hard to work on your game and become better if you have a lot of haters, if  a lot of critics is bothering you. So the best thing to do is be quiet, even if you're gaining a small amount of success already.. stay quiet and just focus on becoming better each second.

There is a time for celebration, there is a time for being loud and that is... if you already became successful. So if you haven't prove anything yet... keep quiet and just focus on your work.

But if you're this type of person who really can't shut his mouth... then go ahead and make noise, go ahead and tell your plans, go ahead and expose what you're doing, just make sure that you will win in the end because if not... every noise that you created will back fire at you.

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