June 15, 2017


If you're getting depressed because you think that the world is treating you unfairly, if you think that you're the unluckiest person in the world... look that the people who have worse situation than you. For sure there are some people who have worse situation than you but still they are thinking more positively than you, they are experiencing more traumatic experiences but they are doing better than you because they're taking actions and doing everything to make their lives better.

You have no excuses for not thinking positively, you have no excuses for not taking actions. If other people who have lesser means, lesser support and uglier fate can do it then why you too can't do it?

If you're just earning 500 dollars a month, you don't have the right to complain because there are even some people who are just earning 350 dollars or less but they are very happy of what they have. They are completely satisfied of what they have and they are still hoping for the best, they are still giving their best without complaining, they are working their way on top little by little. So you have no choice but to work hard too because some people are suffering more than you yet they are still staying positive and hopeful.

If you are not feeling well and you don't want to work... look at some people who are seriously ill but still working, some are almost even dying but are still working and doing their share for the world. A little headache or flu like symptoms should not stop you. You're not a baby anymore so stop acting like one. A little discomfort is nothing, if you can still move then work. You may need to slow down a little bit but don't ever make an excuse that you can't work because that will become your habit in the future, once you feel a little discomfort then you will just lie in bed and do nothing.

If your house is just small and you don't like it... look at those people who were just sleeping on streets, look at those people who are squatting because they can't afford to pay a rent. Once you have a roof above your head and some food to eat... you are very lucky. Don't complain because there are people who have lesser than you but can still afford to smile.

It's all in the mind, if you feel scarcity then you will always experience the lack in everything but if you feel abundant then you will have more and attract more, as simple as that. Thoughts are things, if you feel poor even if you have some money then you will become poor even more, just feel good about your situation because you are still lucky, you just can't appreciate it.

The best way to destroy your excuses is to always look at the people who were less fortunate that you, you will see that you have eveything in the world to make your life better.

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