June 28, 2017


It doesn't matter if you think inside of the box, outside of the box, side of the box, top of the box or bottom of the box. The term "outside of the box" is not real, thinking is nothing if you're not moving. So whether if you think outside of the box, if you're not taking actions then that thinking means nothing.

A lot of people are saying that they think outside of the box but they only produce mediocre results. They just say it for the sake of being told that they are great and unique. There is no such thing as outside of the box. It is just a metaphor and over exaggerating things. If you really want to become unique, if you really want to gain some advantages... just be yourself, do what you do best and forget about what people say.

If you will keep on worrying if you are thinking outside of the box or not... you will not progress. You will be stuck somewhere forever. The best approach in pursuing a goal is to stop thinking and just moving.. move outside or inside of the box. As long as you're moving you will be alright.

People are analyzing too much, they were so conscious in what they do, they are thinking if they're doing the right thing. And that is the main reason why they fail. Success is not about thinking, it is about moving. Don't think just move and feel.

You can start anywhere, you can do anything for as long as it is related to your goal, every step is the right step. And even if you are wrong, you're still right because you will learn a lesson.

There is no such thing as a perfect step, there is no such thing and the best idea. You just need to be consistent, you need to keep pounding until you find the right process for you.

Just follow your heart and never worry about anything else. Set yourself free, avoid thinking too much, don't worry if you're not thinking outside of the box because that is irrelevant, it doesn't matter if you're too basic for as long as your desire to win and will to become successful is always there. It is not your way of thinking that matters, it is your willingness to take massive actions to achieve huge results.

You have to start now and do whatever it takes to win in life, every start is the right start. Don't seek for approval because people will always see the wrong in you, they will always give you advise that you will not like or will just demotivate you. Follow your instincts, follow your gut, you can make anything successful even though your're not thinking outside of the box.

Success loves movement and little progress, it doesn't care if you're thinking right or wrong for as long as you're moving and your doing something to achieve your goals... you will attract it, you will win in life. Always count the actions, never count the thoughts.

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