June 23, 2017


You're not perfect and you will never become. I know you have some bad habits that you can't remove in your system even if you know that those habits are not helping you. It's ok if you really don't want to get rid of those habits, just make sure you're a professional so you can support your bad habits.

If you're a drinker, of course you need some money to buy those drinks. But you can only have money of you have a decent job. So if you don't want to give up your drinking then go and look for a job. Make sure it will support your vices. Because if not... your life will suck, you will become very poor, your life will be misaligned. It's ok to drink but make sure you will do your job tomorrow on time, make sure you will still manage to give your best even though you have a hangover. Because it is not your vices that is the issue here, it is can you still do your job despite of not feeling well.

If you have a bad habit of staying awake at night because of doing a lot of useless activities... ok do it but make sure you will still come to the office tomorrow on time, make sure you will still be productive and your boss will not experience a problem from you. You still have to focus on your work and give your best to avoid losing your job because what gives you income will be your backbone for doing all the activities that you wanted to do.

It is better if you can remove those bad habits or at least try to minimize them because you will really have a hard time balancing your work and your bad habits. But some people, despite of having bad habits... they are still good in their work which is a good thing. Sometimes their bad habits fuels them and gives them energy... I don't know how they do it but it looks like they are very effective with their vices.

Professionalism should be your number one focus, you must act like a real professional if you want to stay on the game. You must do all of your responsibilities because if you got kick out of your job or your client back out because of your unwanted behavior... you will have a very hard time in your life. You will not be bale to do the things that you wanted to do. Your actions will be limited and you will be lost.

1. Always be on time. Even if you feel bad, even if your body is not on good condition because of being tired because of your useless activities... still work, still give your best and act like a normal person who is capable of doing something great. Endure the bad feelings because you are the one who created it for yourself.

2. Never complain. Never complain about the tasks that you think is hard. It looks had because you're not feeling well. Just do it until it is done and never try to slow down in work. 

3. Be a strong finisher. Always finish fast with high quality of work. Never make an excuse that you didn't sleep well or you have a hangover. It is your choice to do your bad habits so you have the price to pay. Finish strong and amaze the people around you.

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