June 22, 2017


Some people are programmed the right way that is why they can do things easily, they make the hard things looks easy as 1 2 3. They can work things out, they can find solutions to any problems. Because they were programmed that way, they have the habits, they have the mindset that makes them successful at anything.

Some people are very good in sports because they came from a sports family, their parents trained them to become an athlete, they were supported by their parents. It is already on their blood, it is their life that is why they are so good. They are program that way, their beliefs were already strengthen since they were young, their skills were already sharpen since day one, their environment is basically about athletics that is why they were so good and everything looks easy for them.

So if you find yourself having a difficulty in something and you're so jealous at other because they can do it easily effortlessly without sweating... don't feel sad because you're just not programmed that way. You are programmed differently, you can do other things easily, there is a skill that is matched with your DNA.

But don't worry because it is not late for you, you can also program your DNA the way you want it to be programmed. You can practice, you can work hard in anything that you want to be good at. You can visualize and work for it everyday until you become great at it. Everything that is hard in the beginning will look easy in the end if you are consistent enough and serious at your work. It is just a matter of dedication and relentlessness. The more you focus on something, the more you become better at it.

Don't be scared to try, even if you are overwhelmed,... still try it, try and try until become a little bit better. Getting better is all about practice and pushing yourself a little bit than yesterday. You will not notice that you are getting better because it is really a slow process, you will notice it in the long run.

So forget about how good other people were, forget about if you're behind and you're on the last line. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Start fast and finish strong. You better make yourself better now because every second counts, every effort will make a huge contribution to your success.


1. Think about what you wanted to be and take massive actions to become it.
2. Consistency and patience. You need to endure a lot of tough challenges and stressful situations while you're on the process of programming yourself. Again, forget if it is hard, just do it and never care about what may happen next.
3. Always be closer to what you want, you need to vibrate with the same energy of your dreams.
4. Take risks, always find a way how to level up, even if it is just a small progress... take it.

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