June 01, 2017


Some people can get it in 1 year, some people can get it in 2 years or three or 5. Some people can become successful fast while some people cannot. It doesn't matter how fast you get it, what matters is you still get it. If it takes 20 years to get it, so what? Use time the right way, value it, treasure it and never waste it but forget about the length of the time to become successful. Life is not a race, success is not a race, it is a matter of staying on the journey, giving your best and keep working until you become successful. If it takes 20 years to become successful.. do it. Would you rather stop working and not become successful? or would you rather be patient because you will still become successful in the end?

Forget about how long would it take to become successful, forget about the people who are making it fast, good for them if they are making it fast. Never copy their face, never get jealous with their rapid success. You will have your time, you will also become successful if you never give up.

It doesn't matter if your progress is very slow, what matters is you keep moving forward and you stay with the process. It's not about time, it's not about speed... it is about getting it.

People who are rushing will never make it. It is because they will quit in the long run once they didn't see the results that they are expecting. Success is all about having a strong patience, it is about waiting and working, it is not about checking for the results everyday. It is not about celebration, it is all about action.

You can get anything you want for as long as your patient enough and you are willing to work until you get it. You don't need to compare yourself with others because that is the most stupid thing that you can ever do. You don't need to compare your timeline with their timeline. If they are fast so be it, if you are slow, accept it. Forget about the time, just keep working until you become successful.

Because if you really want it then you will never stop, you will never quit, you will never think about the time you spent for getting it. Your belief will never die and you will still do whatever it takes to win in life.

Just get it no matter what, just keep on grinding and persevering.. make it simple an consistent, don't look for the results, forget about the progress, just keep working until you become successful. Never get tired of believing, never get tired of working.

Only few people can wait for a very long time and those are the most successful individuals in this world. If you will look at the most successful stories in the history, those people who succeed has wait for a very long time and they never get tired working. They were so focused on their work and they don't care about anything else.

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