June 17, 2017


Getting something is easy if you don't feel the lack of it. In other words... you can get something easily if it is there. Want you want can be in your life if you think that you already have it. In other words all things just exist in the brain. If you think that you have a car and you honestly feel that you have a car, even if you don't have one... you will attract a car and have it in reality because you feel that you have it. This is not a magic or something, it is real because all great things starts in the brain. Great inventors were able to create something great because they knew that it will work, they knew that they will become successful before they get even started.

Well it's true that it's hard to think that it is in your life if you can't see it, it is hard to trick your brain. But you need to do it in order to attract what you want in life. Look at those millionaires who keep on getting rich, it is easier for them to get rich because they already have a lot of money, they knew they have reserves when one of their businesses gets bankrupt, that is why they were so loose in making business decisions. But don't get me wrong, some of rich people started at the bottom having nothing in their pockets. But their vision makes them successful, they knew they will become successful one day, they never feel the lack of money, they never make excuses, they never use the "lack of money" to not move and pursue their dreams, they always feel that they have it even though they were just working for it.

That is why it will be easier for you to get your wife pregnant if you have no pressure, if you think that you already have the baby even if you don't have it yet... there will be no pressure for you to make a baby. That is why some couples who can't produce a baby adopt a child, and when they finally adopt a child... the feeling of lack is not there anymore and that is the time they were able to produce a biological baby.

That is why is easier to get another house if you already have a house, you know you already have it so having it again is not a big deal anymore. You knew what are the mechanics of getting it, you already knew the whole process and the emotions that runs when you are pursuing it so it is easier for you, it is very familiar and you're already on a comfortable position.

So if you want to earn a lot of money... you must feel that you have some money in your pocket, it doesn't necessarily need to be big. It should be enough for you to feel security and growth, you must keep your initial money and you shouldn't spend it no matter what. Once you feel that there is something there, you will feel lesser pressure and you will experience freedom to make reckless decisions. You can take risks that will get great rewards because you knew even if you lose you still have something to use.

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