June 22, 2017


Some people will tell you that taking a bath after exhausting yourself is bad. I don't know if it is true, some people say it's bad, some people say it's not. But the truth is... it is only bad if it is affecting you. If it is not hurting you then it is not bad for you. Sometimes you have to see it for yourself, sometimes you have to take the risk in order to know something because at the end of the day... you will never know unless you try.

Some people say that it is useless to keep going if there are no results that are showing. But how you will know if you will not keep going? How will you know if you will not go to the extreme? sometimes the result will only show at the last try, at the deepest place, at the most frustrating day. You have to keep trying because it is not bad if it is not affecting you, if you're life is still in good place, if you can still eat 2 or three times a day, if you can still find that hope to keep going... you need to pursue that dream, it is only bad if it is killing you but if it is not... then you have to keep continue doing it. 

A lot of people were very good in judging a situation, a lot of people knows what is best for you but they don't know what is best for themselves. If you want to try something because you need to try it for some reason... try it. Don't ever think about the traditional information that will stop you from doing what you need to do. You will only know that it is bad if it hurts you in some ways. But if you feel like it will not affect you and your life will become better after trying it then try it. don't hesitate, don't think about anything else. You will only know it after trying it so go ahead and do what you need to do. 

The truth is... if it is bad to other people it doesn't mean that it is going to be bad for you either because your life is different from them. Your body, mind and energy is unique. What works for you might not work for them vice versa. 

So go ahead and try, follow your instincts, follow your heart that is telling you to do it. There is no harm in trying unless you're harmed. There are lot of mysteries that you need to solve, you need to conquer your fear if you want to experience life even more. 

Have the courage to try it but make sure that you will not get disappointed if you didn't like the results. The key here is prepare yourself to not get disappointed once you try something risky. It's a 50/50 ball game, nobody really knows what will happen unless you push yourself and take chances.

And even if your decision is wrong... you will not regret it because you try and you didn't take things for granted, you did your best to get what you want and you didn't hold back.

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