June 09, 2017


You have to accept that you will not like everything about your life. You have to accept that your life is not perfect and that you will see a lot of flaws on it. If there is something that you don't like in your life and there is nothing you can do to remove it... just grow with it, see something that will make you a better person from it, because there really is.

If you don't like your nagging mom because she's always making a sermon to you and shouting at you... what can you do? you can't remove her from your life because no matter what you do, even if you change the world... she is still your mom. All you can do is grow from it, just endure it. I am pretty sure there will always be words that comes from her that you can learn something. Yeah, her voice is hurtful to your ears but I am very sure you can still learn something from her sermon. Listen to her closely, grow from her words. But if all she does is shout at you and say hurtful words at you... you can still grow from it. Your patience can grow, your ability to ignore can grow stronger. Just don't listen to her and don't argue with her. Your ability to accept something will grow stronger if you don't argue with her.

If someone gives you a gift and you don't like it, you can still grow from it. Learn to appreciate it, learn to love it, learn to see the beauty of it and try to make it nicer than it was. You can grow from anything, all you need to do is feel lucky, feel blessed. Just make adjustments to your perspective and see anything that you don't like as an opportunity to grow.

Because the truth is... You're just focus on what you don't want that is why you easily become irritated and bothered. Don't be sensitive and emotional. It is What it is, you can't choose your life but you can do something about it.

Always remember that everything about your life is still part of your life. If you can't accept it then you will have a hard time living your life.

You can always find something good in any kind of situation. You just need to open your eyes and accept any ugly part of your life. Good or bad... accept it because if you will not... you will have a hard time dealing on some other things. It's all about controlling your emotions and looking for some positive parts of the bad part.

Because growing is your only option, no other else. If you can't grow with it then just ignore it and even if you just ignore it... you are still growing because you are becoming good in ignoring. And one more thing, don't ever underestimate the power of enjoying a bad situation, you can always have fun in something bad if you will just become a little creative in playing with your emotion.

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