June 09, 2017


Of course you need to enjoy the process if you want to become successful, you need to enjoy it if you want to work on it for a very long time. But not all process is fun, some process are really boring, some process is very stressful and it makes you tired so fast. But what will you do if you need to process the process that is in front of you? All you need to do is dissect the process, divide it into different parts, study it. Once you dissect it and find some parts that you really love then it will be easier for you to do the whole process.

Just like in exercise, for example in running. Running doesn't mean moving the legs alone. You are also doing some other things while running. You are breathing, you are thinking, you are looking at some other things, you are also swaying your hands. If your legs were already hurting and your willpower is already weakening because of pain... look at some other parts of the process that will make you forget the pain. Me, personally, I do not like the running part but I have to do it because I want to stay in shape and competitive. So when I am running and my legs were getting tired, I am focusing on breathing, I am enjoying breathing, I am feeling the air in and out of my lungs and that kind of move makes me forget that my legs were already hurting. Sometimes I am even thinking about some other things while running, I am thinking about the happy thoughts, the happy memories from the past and that also makes me forget the pain in my legs. I didn't even notice that I am already finished. If you are running outside and you want to forget the pain in your legs, just simply look at the people, things, places around you. Just be observant and you will forget the boring process.

Just like in the office, if you hate your job and you are having a hard time dealing with it everyday... just focus on some other parts of your job. Look at the enjoyable parts and  focus on it. I was an encoder for more than 4 years, sometimes the job is really boring, what makes the job harder is the salary was very low so you will really lose motivation doing your job. But what makes me stay longer with the job is I am very good in enjoying some parts of it. I was an encoder so I always use the keyboard for typing the data, I begin to enjoy pressing the keyboards, I love the sound of it everytime I press a single button. I enjoy typing fast, I feel like a real professional everytime I am rushing to type a single word. I imagine that I am doing a very important thing, that makes me enjoy my job a little bit. I find a part of the process that thrills me. It may sounds corny or not realistic to others because how come that somebody may enjoy the sound of the keyboard?

But we are different individuals, some people can find the joy in the simplest things and I am one of them. I simply love using my keyboard and that makes me stay longer with my job, that makes me enjoy my job even if it is boring. Sometimes I am even listening to music while typing and that makes me enjoy my job even more. Sometimes I am even competing with my co-workers, I wanted to be the fastest typist so I am practicing my typing skills everyday.

There are little things inside the process that are fun, that will make you finish the whole process. It is your duty to find the fun inside of it and focus on it so the whole process will become easier. Sometimes all you need to do is be with the moment, enjoy every second and the process will become easier than it was. So if you are having a hard time doing the process... just look for some parts of it that are enjoyable and focus on it... that will make your life easier.

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