June 17, 2017


Being a small time is not bad because you have to become small time first before you become a big time. A lot of people wants to become big time right away, they don't want to be small time, they want it fast, they want it now but they are not willing to work for it. They are not willing to embrace the grind and stay with the process.

There is nothing wrong with being a small time for as long as you're making a small progress everyday, for as long as you're not dependent from anyone. A Small empire is still an empire, even if you have small salary, small net worth or small business.. for as long as it is growing everyday... you're in a good position. It's better to become a small time rather than nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with it for as long as you're serious in what you do and you're doing everything to make your goal come true.

Striving to become big time takes time, it is possible but it will not happen in one night, one month or even one year. But for sure you will become a big time if you have the tenacity and endurance to endure failures everyday. Just be appreciative of what you have for the moment and always try to make it grow. Be consistent and you will not even notice that you're already big time. Those people who are not patient and wants it fast never accomplish anything big in life at all. They become frustrated and they feel like a failure.

Your ability to wait, ability to do something for a long time is the reward itself because once you have patience... you can achieve anything, you will be good at anything. You can endure the hard times and keep your faith alive. You will not be like others who will quit right away. You will enjoy failing a million times because you know you can nail it in the end.

So don't worry about being big time or small time, don't worry about what status in life you are in. All you need to focus is the progress, you can be a big time but if you're no longer progressing then you will become a small time in the end.

Try being a small time and do everything you can do to make your life better. Do whatever it takes to win in life. Forget the people who is winning or losing, detach yourself from being the number one because that will only strengthen your ego, you're not yet entitled of something, all you need to do is work your way to the top and be humble.

The truth is... the most successful people starts being a small time first, there is no such thing as starting great, you need to experience a lot of difficulties because that is life, if you want something you have to work hard for it, people who wants it fast never made it because the work ethic of working for something for so long is not there, they easily get discouraged when things are not going on their way.

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