June 20, 2017


There is no right or wrong when it comes to getting results, if it is giving you results then keep doing it but if not... then just stop.

Because if you will keep on thinking about the process that will give you results... you will be stuck, you will always worry, always think and that is a bad thing if you are trying to forge some progress in your journey. Just look for something that is giving you a little result and keep doing it. It is ok to have some flaws in your process, it is ok if your process is not perfect and not sound, if it is giving you a little result then don't be shy to repeat it over and over again.

A lot of people can't make any progress because the moment they see that their process is not working and not perfect.. they will stop it right away, they will consider it as a bust or failure, they will not give it a chance and do it for a long time. And that is why there are lots of failures in this world, a lot of people are quitters. And even if they are making a small progress... they don't want it, they want something big so fast that will only lead to failing.

If something is giving you just a little progress.. don't get tired of using it, it will improve in the future, you will be able to figure out how to upgrade it. So keep trying, keep working, it's only just a matter of time before you win in life. It is a matter of staying with your grind and finding ways how to become better each day. Long hours of work will result to long term success, be patient and do your best while waiting.

Don't ever stop until you reach that different kind of level of success. Don't stop even if the pace is slow, this is a marathon not a race. Some people get it fast then they also fall down fast, it's ok to become slow, there is nothing wrong with it for as long as you are consistent and the drive is very strong.

Because you will get faster and faster each day if you keep on doing it, you'll get better and better and that will make you attract success, that will make you move to the higher ladder. It's all about repetition of the process that is giving you small amount of success. Repeating it over and over again until it brings you huge success in the later stage.

You have to trust your process until the end, you have to go harder each day, beat your records yesterday and simply enjoy the boredom of repetition. Sometimes it is really boring but you will become even bored if you will start another process again from the very beginning.

If it is giving you results then continue using it, don't look for another complicated process that you will not even stick until the end. Just make it simple, make it consistent and keep working and believing.

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