June 30, 2017


You can always produce numbers anytime you want. You can produce it anywhere, anytime. One is always better than zero. It is better to produce something than to produce nothing. Numbers will guide you, numbers will make you evolve. If you were so addicted to making your numbers high then you will become successful, you will evolve in a different way, you will reach the top. all you have to do is choose something to do and try to produce numbers for it as much as you can. Big numbers will attract big numbers too, that is one of the basic rules for success.

If you are an aspiring you tuber, of course you want to have a lot of subscribers so you can earn a lot of money. A lot of people wants a million subscribers or more, but what if you can't do it? what if no one is subscribing to your channel? don't worry there is a solution for that... PRODUCE A LOT OF VIDEOS, produce as much videos as you can. Produce a million videos if you can, make sure that your video is not just a bullshit video, make sure that it has a topic and some people will watch it. It doesn't need to be an amazing video, just make sure it has sense. Play the numbers game, produce as much as you can... you will see that some people are watching it, little by little you will gain progress. You just need to be patient and you will get there. The point here is you can produce numbers on a different area, if no one is subscribing to your channel then just produce videos, watch your number of videos grow instead of watching your subscribers grow. Just keep doing it and you will see that your number of views are growing. It is impossible that you can't get any result if you are doing something massively.

The numbers game is all about producing numbers, it's all about being better than yesterday, it's all about beating your own records. I'ts all about having the mindset to evolve and evolve until you become great. So if you do a 100 pushups yesterday and you want to become stronger then just do 101 pushups today then do 102 pushups for the next day, make it evolve as much as you can. You need to be consistent and committed. The more it gets harder, the faster you will evolve.

You can produce unlimited numbers, numbers are infinite. You can always reach another level, there is no stopping here. The more numbers you produce, the more you will become successful. It's all about repetition and falling in love with the process. It may not work in the beginning but once you produce numbers that are unbelievable... you can succeed in life, you can conquer anything. Keep producing numbers until you win, don't get frustrated if you are tired because even if you are tired... you can still produce a little number, you can still evolve in small ways.

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