June 19, 2017


Greatness simply means having the ability to do something in extreme or on a very high level. So if you can do something on a very high level... you are great. It can be anything, it can be bad or good. There are some people who are great in drinking, they can drink 50 bottles of beer in one day. There are some people who are great in loving, they can spread love around the world and ask for no return. There are some people who are great in athletics, music, business or even politics.

A simple greatness can create a big greatness. If you are great in persevering, let's say you can endure any challenges and obstacles in life then you can attract big greatness. If you pair your greatness in persevering with anything that creates success or money then you will become successful.

If you are great in talking and you have flowery words, you can also pair it with any kind of business that has something to do with dealing or transaction.

Greatness is everywhere, some people are simply great by just peeling a fruit, some people are great by just taking care of their children, they give the best love for their children they give the best care and affection, they were good providers. And in the future... their children became great because their efforts from the past were recognized and rewarded by their children. This happens to a lot of NBA players, some players like Lebron James and Kevin Durant have great moms, their moms have great way of taking care of them and that is why they became great. This is another example of small greatness turns into big greatness.

If you have a great work ethic and you can work really really hard then one day that great work ethic can produce another something great. You can produce great success, you can become super rich or super fulfilled. You're already great now, it's just a matter of attracting another level of greatness into your life.

The key to greatness is very simple, just give your best, do it everyday, give it love and always make sure that the passion is alive. You can choose anything to be great at, you can even become great in destroying your own life. Smoking 5 box of cigarette is already great, it is another level, it is extreme but the only difference is... it is bad for your health and may kill you. You can simply become great by being a great human, be kind to everyone, be generous, be part of the yes man society.

You can be great at reading books, selling something, loving your spouse, maintaining your fitness, ignoring something, appreciating everything. Greatness doesn't need to be popular, it can be anything that is on a different level, you have the freedom to choose where to be great at. It can be the simplest thing in life. Just pick something and make it grow everyday.. that is what greatness is all about, greatness is everywhere.

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