June 28, 2017


The greatest key to have a  very easy life is to fall in love with chaos, it's not that you want it, it's not that you are looking for it. It just means that you will set your mind being ok with randomness and out of nowhere events that will give you a lot of stress. It means you are upgrading your ability to adapt to any stressful things that will come into your life. It means taking full responsibility of your emotions and handling them like a real grown man. It means petty things doesn't bother you anymore because your focus is on the greater things in life.

If you're too busy working at your home and you don't want any disturbance but suddenly your "not so close" friend visits you and asking for a favor... don't worry too much, don't feel bad. It is what it is, random things happen and you should embrace what is happening in front of you. Put a fake smile on your face because that fake smile will still somehow make you feel better. Entertain your friend and give him the warmest welcome. Just deal with it and never treat him bad. Later you will feel happy because despite of being annoyed at him... you manage to control your emotions and you will somehow compliment yourself for being patient.

If suddenly your aircon was not working and the weather is so hot... don't feel bad about it, don't whine, don't destroy your day by frowning a lot. Lean to adapt with the situation, learn to feel ok not being ok. Because you will only feel badder if you complain in life, you will only become stressed even more if you will not control your emotions and burst in anger. Accept that life is full of unexpected jokes and if you're not a good sport... you will become a loser forever.

If you can learn how to just be ok with anything that you cannot control then you will be fine, you will become happier, you will fee more secured and less pressure. It is your reaction towards different things that defines your happiness and stability. Sometimes you're just over reacting, sometimes you feel like someone is disturbing you and you cannot go back to your work.

Life is very boring without distractions, it is a challenge. Distractions will test your willpower and discipline. It is still up to you how to finish your day, if you will finish it with bad feelings then you're the one who lost but if you will finish it being happy even though there are some things that you didn't like then good for you... it means you're mentally strong and you're ok with different random things that is touching your life.

Just let it be. Don't focus on what you can't control, focus on your emotions, learn how to manage it and tame anger and explosion. After all, the one who is more patient is the one who will become successful. So never let small things bother you, never let chaos destroy your day.

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