June 14, 2017


Expanding is ok but contracting is also ok. Sometimes, you think that just because your numbers decrease or your circle decrease then you're already losing or weakening. It is not true, there are also lot advantages you can get in contracting if you will look carefully and feel what is going on.

Because sometimes you need to decrease in order to increase, you need to contract in order to expand. A good example is your circle of friends... if you have a lot of friends, you need to get rid some of them in order to grow. Because not all of your "so called friends" are real friends, some of theme are just accessory, some of them are just using you whether you like it or not. Just keep the friends that makes you feel better and will support you no matter what. Even if your friend is not that popular, successful or rich... if he is supporting you and not making your life harder then he is helping you to grow. If a person is not a hindrance to your dreams, even if he is not giving you something that will help you, he is somehow helping you to be a better person.

Let's say your number of friends are getting bigger but most of them are fake... that huge number is useless, you are only making your life difficult. If you will contract the number of your friends and just keep the good ones then you are growing, you will have a better life, you will have a better circle that will be there for you for the rest of your life.

Just like in your business, if you have 5 different businesses but if most of them were just giving you stress and there is lesser money that is entering into your pocket because of lack of focus and separate attention then those businesses were useless. It is better to just focus on one business and focus all your time and energy there, for sure that business will click. Lesser stress, more money, more fun.

So if you don't know what to do and you want to elevate your life... don't try to expand, expanding will only happen if you're already too much comfortable and secured. If you're not stable yet and you are still on the coping period... try to contract. Try to become simple as much as possible, try to get everything under control first before thinking about the big things. You must make your foundation very strong first and you can achieve that by simplifying your life and being specific to what you really need that will give you success.

Make your world a little smaller, make your mind a little bit quieter by removing the thoughts and problems that is making your mind wanting to explode. The key here is to find what gives you peace. If you were able to find that peace and you know exactly what you want and needed then that is the time where you can expand.

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